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Project • By Kengo Kuma and AssociatesPrivate Houses

Suteki House

This “wooden home” located in the suburbs of Portland, Oregon, which is known as a model city for compact sustainable homes, blends in with the surrounding greenery.   American homes which became the model for suburban homes in the 20th century were isolated boxes that were built on plots with grass surrounding them.The objective of this project was to create a prototype for 21st century suburban homes by designing a sustainable human home that is integral with the environment.   The L-shaped plan that is open to the creek in front of it is an hommage to the Fallingwater house designed by Frank Lloyd Wright.The veranda space that faces the creek represents a proposal for a third type of living space that is neither... More

Project • By Olson KundigPrivate Houses

Blakely Island Artist Studio

An intimate study in scale, this compact 450 square-foot cabin makes the most of its remote site on a forested bluff overlooking the water in the San Juan Islands. Consisting essentially of a single room, the wood-framed cabin offers flexible space as a painting studio or a guesthouse. The back of the structure gently nestles into the hillside bounded by existing trees and boulders, enclosing a micro kitchen and bathroom. The front side cantilevers out over the slope, its open studio space circumscribed on three sides by floor-to-ceiling glass walls. The front wall breaks the square with a “magic” window that angles out to a point, opening the cabin to sweeping views of the water and islands beyond, along with creating an inspir... More

Project • By Vastu Shilpa ConsultantsPrivate Houses

Black Perch

Black Perch is the extension and refurbishment of an existing, 40 year old bungalow, located in a tight urban fabric, using most of the permissible ground cover before the extension was added.  As no other space was available, the extension is placed on top of the existing, split level building. It adds a large living room with a kitchenette and a study cum guest room to the top of the house.  All spaces overlook a large open to sky courtyard, which steps down the existing sloping roof.   Alien-like this clean, black cube is perching on top of the old structure, as if landed from the sky, pushing on all sides up to the margin line, cantilevering far over the entrance side of the old house. All four outer sides of the cube a... More

Project • By SGA (Strachan Group Architects)Private Houses

Bay House

This three level home on Auckland’s North Shore consists of three stacked box forms, staggered to supress the bulk of the house, coloured to recede into the landscape. A glass roofed atrium fractures the deep basement level allowing sun and natural light to permeate all living spaces despite being recessed into the hillside.This double height entry space leads up to open onto the living areas which in turn flow out to a generous north facing terrace. Timber flooring outlines the circulation routes and references the quintissential seaside boardwalk, whilst providing demarcation to different spaces. The third level is comprised of a timber lined master suite with exceptional views of the surrounding beaches and bathed in light due to i... More

Project • By Feldman ArchitecturePrivate Houses


The clients of The Sanctuary, recent empty-nesters planning ahead to retirement, hoped to downsize and simplify in the design of their new Palo Alto home. When the clients purchased the property, an old wooden fence across the front yard and original house closed off the site from the street. Behind this rough and aged presentation however was an urban refuge of lush vegetation throughout the deep lot. This sense of discovery served as the original inspiration for the design of the house and directed both architect and client to its culmination.    The proximity of the downtown Palo Alto area by foot and bike was fundamental to the clients’ decision to purchase this lot, and their belief in building to a higher density in... More

Project • By Collective OfficePrivate Houses

Lake Geneva Residence

We’ve created a modern farmhouse that extends into the natural prairie landscape, providing a humanistic experience in natural light underneath vaulted ceilings. The interior experience is intended to mirror the exterior feeling.   Our client purchased 19 acres of land in Southern Wisconsin with the goal of spending their time surrounded by the native prairie that they themselves had rehabilitated. The couple wanted a single-story home that would not dominate the restored prairie, but rather enable the interior experience to be an extension of it. We conceived the project as a modern farmhouse, a building typology centered around the outdoors, to meet the needs of the client. The residence consists of three vaulted shapes nestl... More

Project • By Robert Edson Swain Architecture + DesignPrivate Houses

Phinney Residence

A native NW landscape and two urban cabins create retreat in the city, this project is the reclamation of a 1/10 acre property and upgrading of a tiny 720 s.f.bungalow into a modern 1860 s.f.refuge.  Two modern cabins house separate purposes, one is primarily social with kitchen, dining, guest quarters, lower level entertainment cantina, and utility functions.  The second is a private loft-like sleep/work studio.  A transparent covered outdoor passage connects the two structures, and benefits from the comfortable year-round maritime climate of the Pacific Northwest.A 10 minute drive from downtown Seattle, this home inextricably links landscape and architecture, editing neighbor views to create a secluded home retreat in the c... More

Project • By Joeb Moore & Partners ArchitectsPrivate Houses


This project is conceived as a series of concrete retaining walls and escarpments that traverse and cascade down a steeply sloped site. The building strategy is to deploy a series of straight walls that act as “jetties” into the landscape and respond as a counterforce to the topography. Hovering above and anchored to these concrete site walls is the “House” proper, a “primitive” conceived and constructed as a series of smooth extruded volumes of differing lengths. Symbolically and strategically, the first of these “boxes” presents a gable-front facade to the street and helps conceal the scale of the overall house beyond. The second container-box rotates 90 degrees and runs parallel to the street and site walls. The perpendicular orientation... More


Grandview House

The owners of this San Francisco residence brought on Ryan Leidner Architecture to re-imagine an original house from 1941 in order to make the most of its expansive views of the city. Due to strict zoning requirements, the footprint of the house could not be expanded nor a deck added to better enjoy the view. In response to these limits, the second story living room space was re-conceived as an outdoor space, with a wall of floor-to-ceiling sliding glass doors that open and dissolve the interior/exterior separation. Working within the existing footprint, the architect opened up the top floor by removing walls separating the kitchen and the living room, and reconfigured the 1st floor to accommodate a new master suite. In the new ki... More

Project • By Behnisch ArchitektenUniversities

Karl Miller Center, Portland State University

Located in downtown Portland, the new Karl Miller Center is uniquely integrated with the city’s rich network of public open spaces and diverse urban uses. Questioning the full-block archetype that dominates the typical 200’ x 200’ city block of Portland, the building design appears as two distinct structures sharing a city block - the renovated existing building, a 100,000sf 1970’s structure retrofitted with a metal panel facade system broken up by an irregular composition of punched windows, and a new dynamic, shifting 45,000sf addition, clad in regionally sourced Alaskan Yellow Cedar. This approach, coupled with a series of terracing external green spaces and new circulation pathways linking the urban center, local parks, transportation s... More

Project • By Huang Iboshi ArchtecturePrivate Houses

Inverness Retreat

Intended to be as light on the land as possible, this weekend retreat is sited to have a minimal footprint while maximizing spectacular views of Tomales Bay in Northern California. The orientation and layout of the structure maximizes energy savings on cooling and heating, which is provided with a radiant floor system controlled by smart thermostat. Large windows and an open courtyard help increase natural light and allow for panoramic vistas.Before construction, the two-acre site had been left vacant since it was severely damaged in the Inverness Ridge Fire of 1995. Native trees, shrubs, ground cover and meadows were included in the master plan to regenerate and restore the land.The owners brought their children to camp on-site for years b... More

Project • By Randy Bens ArchitectOffices

RBA Office

Completed in the winter of 2016, this modified shipping container is our new office. The practice was formed in 2005 to focus on small, well-crafted buildings. After working in my home office with one staff member for many years, we decided to expand the practice (a little).Lifestyle is important to me and my wife, so the decision was made to expand to the back yard rather than to a remote commercial space. The goal was to have the benefits of working from home, while having an independent space for staff, a place to conduct meetings with clients and contractors, and to simply have more room to do our work. The self sufficient building contains a kitchenette, washroom, printer / network cabinet and an open studio space. The small meeting sp... More

Project • By Spring ValleyStadiums

TD Place

The towering wooden veil that surrounds the new south stands of TD Place at Lansdowne, creates an iconic image for the new stadium complex, setting it apart as a unique legacy landmark and connecting it to the surrounding natural environment of the Rideau Canal. Eric Sommer of Spring Valley translated the inspiration of architect Robert Claiborne into an intricate and precise lattice of timber and steel. The structure, which incorporates more than 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) of glue-laminated Alaskan Yellow Cedar contains more than 750,000 parts and is 154 metres wide by 25.5 metres high (505’ x 83’ 6”). 24 inverted L-shaped frames project vertically from the ground and bend more than 90° towards the field creating the structure’s com... More

Project • By PELLA CORPORATIONPrivate Houses


A 2,370 square foot, 3-bedroom, 3-bath house in coastal Connecticut has multiple personalities. SHAPE A dead simple shape inherently facilitates energy efficiency that’s enhanced with extreme insulation and zoning of a high-efficiency, fine-tuned variablespeed HVAC system, summer shading/winter gain, and enhanced airflow via a cupola. SKIN A tapestry of salvaged and plantation-grown solid wood products including reclaimed redwood, red cedar and Alaskan yellow cedar all left to age naturally, stucco appointments and soffits as well as lead-coated copper roofing and flashing to keep coastal weather at bay, all materials specified to minimize maintenance. CONTEXT Registered tightly to the context of the coastal buildings that surround... More

Project • By Studio 804, Inc.Private Houses

New York House

There has been a trend toward empty nesters and retirees moving from the suburbs back to the urban amenities and proximities the suburbs do not offer. This house is on a north facing corner lot in a historic neighborhood a short walk from a grocery store, grade school, a community center and the cultural vibrancy of downtown Lawrence, Kansas. Vacant lots near downtown are expensive but this site was more affordable because it is surrounded by marginal properties. It also had once been a gas station and the old gas tanks were still in the ground and required removal. This triggered a string of EPA requirements to develop and sell the property. It fit studio 804’s mission to develop a brownfield site. The house is a modern, sustai... More