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Product • By ARRELARTTerrazzo Sink Brown

Terrazzo Sink Brown

€319 The Terrazzo Sink Brown is made of terrazzo stone and resin. Handcrafted polished finish on all surfaces. Standard size hole. Height 12 cm x Width 54 cm x Depth 36 cm Real image. Washbasin made with a mixture of resin and terrazzo. With this composition, hardness, resistance and a very soft texture are achieved, resulting in a piece as elegant as this one. Its taupe color is very fashionable in the world of design. It is a neutral color, elegant and easy to combine. A modern washbasin that you can use with many decorative styles. More

Product • By ARRELARTPetrified Wood Washbasin Zambia

Petrified Wood Washbasin Zambia

€350Petrified Wood Washbasin Zambia. Made from a fossilized wood trunk. Soft handcrafted polishing on the inside and maintaining the natural texture of the fossilized log on the outside. Height 16 cm x width 37 cm x depth 30 cm More

Product • By ARRELARTTeak Wood Washbasin

Teak Wood Washbasin

€290Teak Wood Washbasin in wild shape. Handmade polishing on all surfaces. Standard size hole. Height 19 cm x Width 42 cm x Depth 34 cm If the baths could dream, this would be without doubt the most wonderful of their dreams. Looking at one of these wild pieces to wash your hands is like touching the soap every morning ... And you have it here ... at your fingertips. More

Product • By ARRELARTPetrified Wood Sink Nairobi

Petrified Wood Sink Nairobi

€450 Petrified Wood Sink Nairobi Natural stone sink made of petrified wood. Handcrafted finish with a bright and smooth polish on all surfaces. Piece from a trunk with an age of thousands of years. The combination of its texture and color is simply spectacular. Nature transformed into art for your bathroom. Height 15 cm x width 39 cm x depth 32 cm More

Product • By ARRELARTStone Sink Mediterranean

Stone Sink Mediterranean

€395The Stone Sink Mediterranean is made with a precious Onyx stone in white and different shades of sand. Smooth polishing inside and with the natural exterior of the stone. Standard size hole. Height 13 cm x Width 54 cm x Depth 41 cm Exclusive washbasin made with a precious Onyx stone in beige and earth tones that make you fall in love. One of the most marked trends in recent years is the natural beauty reflected in interior design. Natural stone sinks are a key piece to create warm, elegant and exotic environments. Each piece is unique, that is why we photograph each of our sinks. Natural art in your bathroom. More

Product • By ARRELARTMarble Washbasin Lyon

Marble Washbasin Lyon

€199 Marble Washbasin LyonBeautiful round sink made of natural white marble stone. Polished interior and exterior finish. An elegant piece ideal for a Nordic style decoration. Height 13 cm x Width 40 cm x Depth 40 cm More

Product • By ARRELARTTerrazzo Bathroom Sink Gray

Terrazzo Bathroom Sink Gray

€285Terrazzo Bathroom Sink Gray Basin made of Terrazzo stone and finished in glossy dark gray. Height 15 cm x Width 53 cm x Depth 34 cm Standard drain hole.This washbasin is made of terrazzo stone, with a polished and shiny finish on all its surfaces. Ideal for an elegant and minimalist decoration. Possibility of making it to measure. More

Product • By ARRELARTMarble Sink Coralia

Marble Sink Coralia

€350The Marble Sink Coralia is made with natural marble stone in a natural pink color. Finished with a soft handcrafted polish. Standard drain hole. Height 15 cm x Width 40 cm x Depth 40 cm Actual product photography. Beautiful round washbasin made of pink marble. Marble is one of the materials most associated with luxury due to its soft and crystalline texture. Apart from being a material with an important aesthetic value, this material is very solid and very resistant. With this piece you will be able to illuminate your bathroom thanks to its ability to reflect light. A pink marble washbasin is a very exclusive and unusual piece. More

Product • By ARRELARTCopper Metal Washbasin

Copper Metal Washbasin

€395Round washbasin made of copper metal with small external recordings that enhance its elegance. With a diameter of 45 cm decorate your bathroom like you've never seen it. Height 15 cm x Width 45 cm x Background 45 cm More

Product • By Objets ArchitecturauxAcqua | Lavabo

Acqua | Lavabo

A natural honed stone basins collection to daily experience the relation between stone and water. Simple forms, refined lines sculpted in a single block. Light reflections, the sound of water. More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGArchitectura Vita and ViCare

Architectura Vita

Accessible bathroom design does not know barriers.   Washbasins • Excellent wheelchair accessibility and plenty of knee clearance permit  personal grooming while seated  • Selected models available with the AntiBac anti-bacterial glaze    Toilets • Wall-mounted toilets, also available with the anti-bacterial AntiBac glaze  • Selected models are available with the innovative DirectFlush technology -  easy cleaning for maximum hygiene  Toilet seats  • All toilet seats can withstand Ioads of up to 240 kg, more than the 150 kg  required by the standard  • Special buffers prevent the seat slipping to the Sides wh... More

Product • By IOSA GHINI ASSOCIATI SRLKALOS with pedestal


The washbasin designed by Massimo Iosa Ghini, being the result of Devon&Devon's collaboration with this prominent figure in contemporary architecture, reinterprets sophisticated retro inspirations in a contemporary twist. The design, with its soft and sinuous lines, refers to the organic shapes of a flower corolla. A large circular mirror hangs naturally over the basin. The Kalos body is made entirely in White Tec, a mixture created and processed exclusively for Devon&Devon, which guarantees excellent impact and mark strength, and complies with the highest standards in terms of quality and sustainability. DIMENSIONS ~ cm 112 x 54 x 185h More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGCollaro


Nowadays there is more to modern design than just aesthetics. Indeed, Collaro creates a welcoming living space of timeless beauty for feeling good. Defined by a delicate elegance yet still cosy. The striking recessed design edge gives the collection its distinctive look. Experience a bathroom that knows how to unite characteristic shapes, high-quality materials and practical functionality in a stylish way. More

Product • By Bartoli DesignO-O, Bartoli Design first family of washbasins for Rexa Design, is born.


The O-O project sees the coming back of Bartoli Design to the world of bathroom design and the start of the collaboration with Rexa Design, specialized in creating products made of solid surface materials. With this family of basins, the Studio expresses some of their peculiar design features: clarity and harmonious forms bringing about an understated elegance.As Bartoli Design explains, “O-O implements our design research to reach both a structural and aesthetic balance: in this case, two cylinders with very different proportions are combined to result in a family of washbasins. A wide basin, placed horizontally, stays on top of the column with a remarkable overhang”.This leads to a studied balance of forms which, in their simplicity, take... More

Product • By Arlexitalia s.r.l.Lay


A compact bathroom setting, but dynamic and fully equipped at the same time; elegance and innovation coexist in a perfect symbiosis. Considering the important upcoming meeting Il Salone del Mobile 2018, Arlexitalia, in cooperation with the architect and designer Marco Zito, has developed some new projects that can be considered as a 'new-reading' of the whole bathroom area, focused on the most required features in the reference market, that is personaliza tion, modularity, innovation. A stainless steel frame, similar to a bookcase, is the way to a customized bathroom, that takes its shape through a Layout composition (the abbreviation of the name comes from here) giving rise to different combinations, from the "Naked" one, only made up of w... More