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Product • By MarazziWork


Work is a floor and wall tile collection inspired by industrial concrete, available in 3 delicate colours: White, Beige and Grey. Two different sizes, 30x90 and 25x76, which can be combined with fascinating 3D structures and with a range of decors inspired by traditional cement tiles, for wall coverings in modern, sophisticated taste. The stoneware floor tiles in 60x60 size dialogue to perfection with the matching wall coverings. More

Product • By MarazziWhite Deco

White Deco

The White Deco collection establishes creative dialogues between minimalism and decoration, with the absolute purity of white in the large 60x180 and slimline thickness defined in linear horizontal elements in the Mikado 3D structure and enhanced with the Botanica, Heyday and Jungle macro decorative motifs, with floral and jungle themes, where the use of the latest digital technology and the in-line application of grits reveal unusual expressive potentials for ceramic coverings. More

Product • By MarazziStream


The Stream collection combines surfaces inspired by natural stone for floor and wall coverings, offered in 5 colours with a delicate look and in 60x120, 75x75, 60x60, 45x45 and 30x60 sizes, the last of which is also available for outdoor surfaces. 2 different wall covering sizes, 25x76 and 20x50, enhanced by 2 three-dimensional structures and decorations with geometric patterns, are a perfect match for porcelain stoneware floors. More

Product • By MarazziMystone Travertino

Mystone Travertino

Mystone Travertino - Classico, Navona and Silver: three colours – light beige, light grey and cream – are matched with three patterns to reproduce types of stone that differ in appearance and feel, with two decor options – Classic and Botanic. Three mosaics and four sizes – 90x180, 60x60, 60x120 and 30x60 cm – are ideal for juxtapositions and contrasts between colours and geometric effects, covering the floors and walls of modern, elegant spaces. Two finishes, one softer and warmer and the other more glossy and sophisticated, highlight marble’s expressive potential, allowing new design possibilities for the most classic of materials. More

Product • By MarazziMomenti


Momenti - matt, non-reflective surfaces and sculpted three-dimensional structures emphasise the sophisticated, contemporary shades of a white-body collection, 6 mm thick in the 40x120 size, in which colour and decoration regain their central role within spaces. An assortment of dense, vibrant colours – Blu, Bianco, Avorio, Salvia, Terracotta, Ocra and Tabacco - expands its compositional potentials thanks to the Duo three-dimensional structure available in two shapes, which can be applied in alternating strips or across the entire wall. The sophisticated decorative motifs in floral, botanical and Art Nouveau style are offered alongside the Art Deco patterns of the Puzzle mosaic, and provide a unique creative mixture for highlighting st... More

Product • By MarazziMarbleplay


The eternal elegance of the finest marbles meets contemporary design in a Marbleplay collection of ultra-durable porcelain stoneware for floorings and slimline thickness white-body monoporosa for wall tiles. Eight different marbles in the 60x120 cm and 60x60 cm sizes in matt finish and 58x116 cm and 58x58 cm in glossy version dialogue with six exquisite wall coverings in the 30x90 cm size. The glossy surfaces of the wall coverings are completed by three-dimensional structures and geometric decors, which establish an attractive contrast with the veining of the marble, defining a new modernity. More

Product • By MarazziChill


Its colour, its subtle materic texture and its semi-matt surface are the distinguishing characteristics of the new Chill wall covering in the elegant 25x76 size. The six colours - White, Grey, Ivory, Pink, Clay and Blu - are also available in three-dimensional diamond version, ideal for creating panels or covering whole walls of rooms, with the added beauty of two floral decorations: Melody, with a watercolour effect, and Foliage, a leaf motif with slightly iridescent tactile details. More

Product • By PORCELANOSAPAR-KER® Liston Oxford

PAR-KER® Liston Oxford

The Liston Oxford collection is a wood effect range of ceramic tiles from Porcelanosa. Scored with a linear design, this range is available in four authentic, wood shades - perfect for anyone seeking to add a rustic warmth to their home.Tradition in natural wood floor tiles has always been linked to the concept of art.‎ Over the years, there have been many masters who have done some great original handcrafts and masterful authenticity, combining pieces of different sizes, orientation, species and geometry.‎ That perfect imperfection of crafts, is now transferred to the present, through collections such as Liston Oxford, the new PAR-KER ceramic parquetfrom Porcelanosa.‎New ceramic technologies, nowadays, have enabled much more co... More

Product • By PORCELANOSAPAR-KER® Liston Madera

PAR-KER® Liston Madera

Listón Madera (45cmx120cm) provides any space with spaciousness and stability. Its horizontal-lined canvas makes it possible for small atmospheres and low ceilings to seem bigger and higher. This optical illusion is enhanced through the texture created by the combination of lights and shadows. In terms of symmetry, Listón Madera stands out because of its rectified design. The cutting of the pieces has been improved, so there is no joint space at all. This technique creates a dynamic and aesthetically innovative composition which is characterised by its high decorative potential. The Listón Madera texturized skin is available in three colour tones. Firstly, we have Listón Madera Roble and Gris which are suitable f... More

Project • By MosaPrimary Schools

Public Elementary School Jean Macé

Project Public Elementary School Jean Macé, published by Mosa. Location: Les Pavillons sous Bois, France Category: Education - Elementary School Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By MosaPrivate Houses

Private House Ellermanstraat, Antwerpen

Project Ellermanstraat, published by Mosa. Location: Antwerpen, Belgium Category: Private House Connect with Mosa for more information More

Product • By MarazziChalk


Chalk, just one size of 25x76 cm in 5 neutral colours, responds to the contemporary trend for use of the concrete-look not only as an industrial material but also as a surface covering for public and private locations. The Origami decor tile, the Fiber and Brick 3D structures and the mosaics make this collection ideal for a variety of styles. More

Product • By MarazziSistemC Città

SistemC Città

SistemC Città - A collection of satin finished tiles mainly intended for interior wall coverings of size 20x20 cm. The wide-ranging palette composed of 33 refined shades supports and gives ample scope to the designer’s creativity, allowing for tone-on-tone installations or original colour contrasts. The tiles can be coordinated with wall tiles from the Architettura Comuni Quartieri series and with the new SistemA crystallized porcelain stoneware. . More

Product • By MarazziGrande Metal Look

Grande Metal Look

Grande Metal Look - The mineral charm of metals in two colors with a striking iridescent surface, emphasized by large slabs that offer even more seamless design possibilities. The ideal conditions for freely creating infinite shape compositions and captivating furnishing solutions including tables and kitchen countertops. More

Product • By MarazziZellige


North African tradition meets industrial ceramics. The hand-crafted look tiles in the Zellige series are produced in 12 shades with glossy finish and visible variations in tone. Random installation creates a blend effect, in which the colours vibrate strongly. More