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Project • By Surfacing SolutionRestaurants

Santo Coffee

Floor to ceiling black tambour panels give this local coffee shop a modern, sleek appearance while the large store front windows create a perfect balance between the natural light and an open floor plan. More

Product • By VOOODDragon Shell

Dragon Shell

Our nature has dual character, so does the light. Particle or wave, maybe both! This shade present willingness to achieve balance between very subtle and in the same time really tough and durable piece. With only 1 mm wall thickness it looks fragile like a sheet of veneer. In other hand it's surprisingly strong due to it's structural pattern which gave also production advantages like avoiding any support material and usage of less material as possible. This wooden filament is blend of PLA and PHA (Polyhydroxyalkanoate) an biodegradable polymer produced by bacterial fermentation of sugar or lipids + 30% fine pinewood fibers. Amazing mixture of ingredients balances strength, elongation and transparency making it the ideal choice for ligh... More
Sakkho Wood Tiles | Partition Wall
Sakkho Wood Tiles | Suspended Featured Ceiling
Sakkho Wood Tiles | Featured Wall

Project • By SakkhoApartments

Ceiling, Wall Lining, Partition Wall | Sakkho Wood Tiles

Sakkho tiles are available in multiple patterns and create amazing visual effects. The tiles are versatile in their application suitable for interior or exterior residential and commercial projects. Sakkho tiles can be installed and used as decking, ceiling, partition walls, wall covering, facade and furniture design, and are manufactured with high-quality hardwood. More

Project • By Furumoto Architect Assosiates co., ltd.Apartments

House with Shining Wall

"Windows are not necessary. I want a closed house." In addition to this unique request, a difficult situation was that the permissible building area was only approximately 13 tsubos (approximately 43m2). While not giving an impression that the house opens toward the outside by installing the least number of openings, our main subject was to provide a spacious chamber and create a richness of appearance in the house. We devised and utilized the three-dimensions of the building to meet the demand. That is, we clarified the role and pattern of each opening and related the openings to the cross-sectional development of the building. Cross-sectionaly the house consists of three cores: space for get-togethers, stairs, and kitchen and bathroom,... More

Project • By LAND arquitectosPrivate Houses

Rambla House

Rambla House, is a weekend house located along the central coast of Chile, at Zapallar City, about 175 km from Santiago City. The site is next to the coastal pedestrian promenade linking the Zapallar downtown area with the ZapallarCemetery, with a privileged view of the Pacific Ocean. The Rambla´s house interior spaces were designed so that there is continuity and a direct connection between indoor spaces and the outdoors spaces, while protecting the main spaces from harsh local coastal climate, characterized by strong south winds and excessive sun exposure from the west. The barbecue space ceiling opens up with a skylight to vent fumes and to capture the northern light into the interior spaces. The house is constructed on concrete... More



From a small lot with it’s unique implantation, this project has raised early on a couple of challenges… and along with them, ideas emerged. The box housing deviates from the gable to create a vertical yard (glass box), with a straight ladder connecting all floors, an allusion to the famous stairs of Alfama, running between the all 4 floors walls and linking the various dimensions. This courtyard is the heart of the house, bringing light to the interior, enhancing the main entrance and creating a real exterior/interior relationship. In terms of material, we chose to polish the rectangular form and give the block the face of a tree, making it one more element of the square, which resulted together with the existing tree and water fountai... More

Project • By Alvaro Fernandes AndradeSports Centres

Rowing High Performance Centre in Pocinho

The guiding principles and strategies of the project for the Pocinho Center for High Performance Rowing play their part in a dense and inextricable mixture that includes the peculiarities and identity of a pre-existing, specific “place”; the characteristics and demands of a very recent program; and the needs and wants of the architectural act. The first ones, about the specificity of the site, taken in a broad sense, as a "cultural being", it concerns mainly the Douro River Valley as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and the correspondent ancestral expression of men´s intervention and transformation of the landscape. Regarding the second, being a new program demanding architectural attention (the High Performance Sports Centers), in many ways... More

Project • By Frank la Rivière, Architects incCultural Centres


Nebuta-no-ie Warasse / molo + d/dt Arch + Frank la Rivière Architects inc A Home for the Nebuta Festival and its floats Text by Frank la Rivière (FRA inc) April 2011 In August, Nebuta Festival (origin 8th century) fever descends upon Aomori. Nebuta, created anew each year, take the form of huge (9 x 7 x 5.5 m) paper lantern like floats showing warriors from Japanese and Chinese history and myth in dramatic poses often showing battle scenes. Roughly 20 large Nebuta are paraded through the streets accompanied by drums, bamboo flutes and hordes of revelers in traditional attire, dancing and chanting. The Nebuta-no-ie Warasse is dedicated to all aspects of the Nebuta festival. Located in front of Aomori train station, there were the c... More

Product • By PLANKTON”MOCAP “ wall clock > time is an illusion

”MOCAP “ wall clock > time is an illusion

Product: ”MOCAP “ wall clock > time is an illusion Design: J.P.Meulendijks for Plankton description: Most wall-clocks have the same basic shape: round. Also the same looking time-indication by numbers or stripes. "MOCAP" steps away from the basic.. It's appearance leans more to a piece of conceptual art ,then to a basic time-telling clock. The big wall clock will catch your eye by changing shape when you walk around it. When you stand in front of the clock: the numbers are clear and visible. When you walk around it: numbers slowly dissolve, and seem to fall apart in little floating white balls. This optical illusion results in a striking and intriguing piece of wall-art. Inspired by "MOTION CAPTURE" technique used in movies suc... More

Product • By MosaMurals Blend

Murals Blend

Seamless interiors, where architecture and ceramics come together in perfect synergy; this is the essence of Murals. This dynamic wall tiles collection comprises layers of carefully composed colours, formats, finishes, and textures, designed to coexist in harmony. At once subtle and extraordinary, the transformative power of Murals lies in its ability to secure pure design freedom and material authenticity, while perfectly complementing a project’s architecture. The four series of tiles that make up Murals - Blend, Fuse, Change, and Lines - draw on the same principles, but each one is clearly distinct. Blend works with colour blocking and different tones; Fuse plays with impressions of movement through subtle colour gradations; Change makes... More

Product • By Cult of Design3D wooden panels

3D wooden panels

The brand “PANELLI” created by “Cult of Design”. Creative and purposeful studio team strives to constant self-improvement and services-improvement. This was the primary cause of creating a new brand. After studying Ukrainian and international market, analyzing trends and demand studio “Cult Design” has developed a new product such high level that Ukraine hasn’t seen yet. “PANELLI” offers a wide range of quality, affordable, environmentally friendly decorative panels with the volumetric effect that conquered the world of design! Unique 3D panels create an atmosphere of extraordinary space. Your interior will enchant everyone with elegance, originality and comfort. The panels are made of high quality material that has a high aesthetic v... More

Product • By Studio Marc TrotereauWIRESHADE 2.0


Studio Marc Trotereau presents ‘Wireshade 2.0’, a modular system made ofconnectors that allows the creation of bespoke lampshades. It results in a collectionof light fixtures that can marry any types of walls, ceilings and corners. Based on its previous work entitled ‘Wireshade’, Marc Trotereau developed a new version of lamps resulting of its ongoing research regarding the various possibilities of adapting lighting to space. Marc is interested in the lampshade as an artefact. Even if this object may appeartrivial and common in our daily life, it is an unnoticed and yet familiar object that is an exciting way to shape light. Marc is fascinated by the fact that the in substantiality of the object does not matter. He believes that its s... More

Project • By Parque HumanoRestaurants

Casa Club Bosque Altozano

The building resides effortlessly on a soft slope with privileged views to the valley of Montaña Monarca, in Morelia, Mexico. The building has been conceived as a homogenous stone mass, hollowing out a huge opening with an inviting forced perspective effect caused by the asymmetric glassed walls that frames the natural panorama (meant to evoke renaissance perspective drawings). The amber atmosphere created through the filtering of the natural light through the stained glass, blends with the colored space, generating a chromatic continuity that during the course of the day moves imperceptibly through an endless scale of oranges, red and yellows. Light also enters through two wooden skylights located in the middle of the room, helping to... More

Project • By amanodesignofficeOffices

Dear Jingumae Project

This is a conversion project that totally renovated a 25-year old office building, located on a back street of Omotesando in Tokyo, in order to facilitate commercial functions. The client requested a design that would have a façade expression differentiated from the surrounding buildings, and that would be a part of future tenants’ branding. We aimed at a design with a soft expression that would be favorably accepted by passersby, while standing out from the surrounding buildings that tended to have physically hard expressions. By removing the out-of-fashion decorative frame structure on the existing building frame as much as possible, the primary shape was exposed. Then, metallic louvers were placed by using computer design to add a m... More

Project • By Laboratorio de Arquitectura [mk]Residential Landscape

Aguazul 162

This house is the intrinsic result of the material that it is built from. Entirely structured by a striated concrete block, Aguazul was an exercise of reinterpretation of materials and construction techniques that create a volume interrupted only by the need for light and ventilation for the spaces it contains. Orienting all areas to the south and controlling the views towards the changing atmospheres provided by its materiality, the program reflects a conscious analysis of the contemporary needs of a family in Mexico. Likewise, its aesthetic speaks of an object that will remain intact over time, sustaining itself and whoever inhabits it. More