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Project • By ayami takada architectsSculptures

Bending Forest

We forcused, first and foremost, on expanding the possibilities of molding. Bent plywood rings are used to create walls, roofs and other parts of buildings, as well as benches, sinks and other structures. It gives a rich look to places that everyone uses on a daily basis. By combining various sizes of looped wood, it made by industrial products creates various scenes like nature that give a random impression. It brings merits of outdoor in parts of the building. The void between the roof and the wall enables natural ventilation. The natural light pours in from the translucent roof frames, and the sounds of the forest creatures and the wind can be clearly heard inside. Even those who do not use the toilet can sit on the benches, take shelt... More



Understated bathrooms, subtle bathrooms. Modern bathrooms in which simplicity is prioritised. This is the “essence” of the collection, bathroom fittings with pure, straight lines in which practicality and the comfort of the user in daily life are predominant. More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGArchitectura Vita and ViCare

Architectura Vita

Accessible bathroom design does not know barriers.   Washbasins • Excellent wheelchair accessibility and plenty of knee clearance permit  personal grooming while seated  • Selected models available with the AntiBac anti-bacterial glaze    Toilets • Wall-mounted toilets, also available with the anti-bacterial AntiBac glaze  • Selected models are available with the innovative DirectFlush technology -  easy cleaning for maximum hygiene  Toilet seats  • All toilet seats can withstand Ioads of up to 240 kg, more than the 150 kg  required by the standard  • Special buffers prevent the seat slipping to the Sides wh... More

Product • By RocaNexo


Two ostensibly conflicting objectives, converge in harmony in NEXO: aesthetics and economy. Pieces wrought in several dimensions so that they adapt to all spaces. A contemporary and perfectly-proportioned design that blends subtely into all types of spaces. More

Product • By RocaDama Senso

Dama Senso

The signatures of the Germans Schmidt & Lackner appear on DAMA SENSO, which offers a large number of solutions for the contemporary habitat. Their proposal enables one to make the most of the space and it easily merges with any style. More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGViClean-I 100 Black Edition

ViClean-I 100 Black Edition

Black is the colour of many timeless design classics – and it is the interior trend. At ISH 2019, the innovative ViClean-I 100 shower-toilet was shown in the trend colour black. As the first black shower toilet, the ViClean-I 100 Black Edition makes a real statement and is predestined for exceptional, contemporary bathrooms. The Black Edition can be combined to great effect with the surface-mounted washbasins from the Memento 2.0 collection in Glossy Black More

Product • By RocaHall


A design ideal for complex and virtually impossible spaces that adapts perfectly and faces up to the challenges posed by modern-day interiors to achieve a maximum adaptability whose only contribution is positive, without compromising on design. More

Product • By RocaIn-Tank


In-Tank is the first toilet that does not require the installation of a cistern, neither built-in or conventional, because the tank is simply integrated within the bowl. An all-in-one solution that makes installation easier, as well as minimising maintenance thanks to a joint-free design that guarantees the perfect condition of the product over time.To ensure the maximum efficiency of these models, we have developed the innovative Soft Air technology, which is exclusive to Roca. This specially designed air injection system directs water from the tank to the upper part of the bowl, providing a highly effective and silent flush. And that is not all. As no separate cistern is required, the new In-Tank toilets take less space and therefore a... More

Product • By RocaBeyond


The interplay of volumes defines one of Roca’s most exclusive vitreous china collections, for those who wish to take a step further in the search for innovation and design. More

Product • By RocaW+W


Innovation and technology join forces to the benefit of sustainable progress. This concept is synonymous with saving water and optimising space. Its innovative system filters the wash-basin water so it can be reused in the toilet. A unique, distinct and original design that brings elegance and sustainability to the bathroom. This product's innovative technology is totally sustainable.Find out more: More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGViClean-I 100

ViClean-I 100

The most beautiful things are often the most discreet. With ViClean-I 100, Villeroy & Boch has created a shower toilet whose revolutionary design is a continual source of pleasure. Its refreshingly elegant exterior conceals a high-quality shower toilet integrated almost invisibly within the ceramic, to bring you the gentle cleaning experience of fresh water. Discover the first stylishly discreet shower toilet.   Revolutionary design   ViClean-I 100 is setting a new design standard for shower toilets: The elegant toilet seat conceals a high-quality shower toilet integrated almost invisibly in the ceramic, to bring your customers the gentle cleaning experience of fresh water.   Intuitive operation   The ViClean... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGMemento 2.0

Memento 2.0

The edges are sharper, the shapes more clearly defined and the design options have never been so immense – Villeroy & Boch is taking the popular bathroom collection Memento to a whole new level with Memento 2.0. Thanks to the innovative TitanCeram ceramic material, the range combines precise contours with extraordinary stability. With eight different washbasins, a bidet and a toilet, the complete bathroom collection adapts to any layout and opens up extensive creative scope thanks to the seven colour options.Find out more: More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGViFresh


VIFRESH: EASY. INVISIBLE. FRESH The innovative ViFresh technology combines a fresh fragrance and hygienic toilet care in one novel system. It is based on a simple principle: place a conventional fragrance block or gel in the integrated and almost invisible compartment in the WC water inlet. Each flush distributes a controlled quantity of active ingredients throughout the toilet bowl together with a fresh fragrance. ViFresh technology combines a fresh fragrance and cleaning action in a very user-friendly system. ViFresh ist Available for the Vivia Standard and Subway 2.0 Standard wall-mounted toilets. HYGIENE The optimum solution for combining the latest toilet technology (DirectFlush) with a rim-block. VieFresh guaranteed clean fre... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGLegato


A bathroom that's as unique as your style   Clear-cut and timelessly modern, Legato is a complete bathroom collection of uniform elegance for sophisticated tastes. Straight-lined ceramics perfectly complement the expressive design of the successful furniture programme. The washbasin, in particular, appears to hover: an effect that can be further heightened at night with the optional LED lighting. The handle-free, commodious Legato furniture offers new design options.   LED lighting and bevelled edges - impressively clear forms   Clever details such as integrated LED lighting and the bevelled edges create the impression that the Legato countertop is actually floating. The handle-free fronts underline the elegant design w... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGViClean shower toilets

ViClean shower toilets

ViClean – intimate hygiene at the press of a button   Water stands for purity, a pleasurable experience for body and soul. It is invigorating, refreshing and reviving. And, of course, we also use its natural cleanliness for our daily hygiene routine – on all but the most sensitive area of our body. Yet nothing is more restorative for the body than a relaxing bath or a long shower. So why don’t we apply this knowledge to toilet use?   In Europe, too, more and more people are discovering the benefits of cleaning with water after using the toilet. The new shower-toilets from Villeroy & Boch bring modern lifestyle into your bathroom. With ViClean-L, we are now adopting what has long since been the norm in Asi... More