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Product • By MarazziOltre


Oltre - a refined wood look with unique performances. Announcing the birth of Oltre, a collection of plank tiles that propels porcelain stoneware towards unexplored horizons, where the amazing naturalness of wood meets ground-breaking Marazzi technology to provide the authentic, exquisite effect of the finest, rarest oak. Four colours (White, Natural, Sand and Caramel), three large plank sizes (22.5x180cm, 20x120 cm and 30x120 cm) completed by skirting (7x90 cm and 6x60 cm) and step (32.5 x 120 x 4 cm) tiles, for finishing indoor and outdoor surfaces. More



Colour at the service of creativity More

NewsMaterialization • 23 Jul 2020

Unified spatial concept accented with Mexican craftsmanship at Santomate

In the city of Morelia, Mexico a 19th-century colonial-style construction that integrates 3 different properties via a central patio with a great variety of vegetation forms the basis of new restaurant concept Santomate by Daniela Bucio Sistos. Credit: Dane Alonso The three spaces that now form the restaurant are almost monochromatic both inside and outside to avoid the distraction that comes from a variety of textures and materials. The range of colours selected - right down to the bathrooms -  is inspired by shades of green, blue and yellow, which are found in the region's glazed pottery. Credit: Dane Alonso The restaurant is entered through a narrow street door, upon which visitors are greeted by a dark green foyer. From... More

NewsNews • 24 Jun 2020

Moscow’s Grechka Lab Bakery peels back layers to reveal an eclectic pre-revolutionary atmosphere

The Grechka Lab Bakery by Veter Architects aims to recreate the pre-revolutionary atmosphere of a Moscow bakery within an existing building dating back to 1914.    Mikhail Loskutov With its bright interior and high ceiling, the building originally contained a bakery that was part of a large chain of Moscovian bakeries called ‘Titov and His Sons.’ Although a grocery store subsequently replaced the bakery, the building façade still retains an antique sign from the 1920’s reading ‘Bakery OTD M.G.K.I.O.’ Mikhail Loskutov Working to keep and restore what has been found under layers of finishing materials applied over the years, the space conveys a natural uniqueness, rather than delibera... More


MIYA | Fast Casual Oriental Restaurant

Miya is a fast casual restaurant located in the historic center of Florence, a few steps from the Santa Maria Novella station, specializing in oriental cuisine.  Characterized by a fresh image and energetic colors, it draws the attention of the locals and travelers who frequent the street that connects the station to the Central Market of San Lorenzo.  We have taken some typical elements of oriental restaurants (such as the use of ceramic coating, wood, bamboo, hanging lamps, vertical signs), rereading them in a contemporary key, with a captivating and impacting color palette, far from stereotypes.  The challenge that we were called upon to face was on the times, the restaurant has opened to the public in just over a month... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAOffices

The Motor & Sport Institute

The Motor & Sport Institute is born with the great dream of facilitating future engineers and mechanics with a solid practical training in the best facilities, and thus meet market needs. Its spatial configuration and flexibility create a unique building that integrates the main areas of sports car racing and automotive engineering, included in its over 12,000 square meters.   The building is articulated from a great hall that connects with all the spaces thanks to the visual continuity provided by the double-height, the amplitude of the large windows with mirrored glass, the circular connection stairs, and a wide white canvas on the flooring that brings even more life to the firm’s corporate colors in the details and furni... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAApartments


The iconic “Berkshire House“, situated in the business centre of Maidenhead (Berkshire, United Kingdom)  has been fully converted into a residence of maximum comfort.    The Essential Living estate agent, has breathed new life into the 1960s building  with a comprehensive refurbishment designed by the architectural office of Goddar Manton Architects with the idea of offering some exclusive apartments in a prime location.   With special care, the comprehensive coverage of the building is a clear example of the project deliverables. Thus, with the objective of creating an eco-efficient insulation that would provide energy savings and sound-proofing, a ventilated façade was designed by XLIGH... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAPrivate Houses


This amazing contemporary design residence, located in the heart of Aspen, was designed by the team Connect One Design. It is a discourse that plays with the contrast of rocks, wood, cement, and black lacquer on the profiles and front panels of the facade. All in an unrivaled setting that required connecting the indoors with a lush garden surrounding the house. The flooring patterns follow a design using a combination of colors from URBATEK – PORCELANOSA Grupo’s DEEP line, creating a harmonious and vibrant surface that intertwines with the garden area through lines of lawn. Thus, at the entrance, the two flooring colors create color bands through which the first lines of lawn make their way. Next, closed garden spaces are cre... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAHotels


Located in one of Kansas City’s most elegant and historic commercial areas, Country Club Plaza, the iconic InterContinental Kansas City hotel has been the center of the most exclusive events since 1972. The renovation, carried out by “Dash Design”, has transformed the hotel’s grand lobby and its over 300 rooms, suites, bathrooms, halls, and public areas, without losing its original essence. An interior design that has elevated the space to reflect a more sophisticated elegance using a classic palette, using spacious rooms with the essence of white marbles, bright white subway tiles, bronze details, wood finishes, and touches of color. The essence of marble is transmitted thanks to one of the most spectacular polis... More

Project • By MIEL ArquitectosApartments


Piso PereIV44 was reformed with the idea of using it as a tourist apartment for short but vibrant stays. At first, two double bedrooms, white and calm, have their own built-in wardrobe-desks. As second course the bathroom on a burgundy technical floor and separated fom the rest by a mirrored wall broken by two cosy doorways with a soft GREEN FLUORESCENT ambient. And for dessert, the natural light reflects from the mirrors to the white painted brick walls and floods into the kitchen, which seems more like a raised DJ booth than Grandma’s cosy cooking corner. More

Product • By Coronado Stone ProductsChiseled Limestone

Chiseled Limestone

These alluring oversized tiles were created to mimic the elegant stone adorning some of the most stunning architectural wonders of the world. The exquisite textures included in this series range from finely detailed limestone to deeply eroded travertine. Each profile flows well with both Classical and Modern design styles. More

Project • By MosaShops


Pure cosmetics meet pure ceramicsFirst it's the smell that lures you in. Once inside a Lush store you're struck by the contrast of natural materials and neutral tones against the rainbow colours of Lush's natural product range. Over the years Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has grown as a global brand, not only through its exceptional products but also its attitude and processes towards environmentally conscious design. It's no surprise that Lush chose to use Mosa ceramic tiles in over 40 of its stores worldwide - we share the same goal in getting closer to nature and feeling responsible for the products we make. We spoke with store design buyer Nick Gumery of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics to learn more about the design and product philosophy... More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Villa Ocean

The design of this modern and gentle smooth stone is perfect for terraces with straight and architectural lines. The light colour enables creating dream minimalist and timeless swimming pools. More

Project • By Cerámica MayorSwimming Pools

Gennadi Grand Resort Rhodes

CONTEMPORARY MEDITERRANEANThe Gennadi Grand Resort of Rhodes is called to be one of the reference hotels of the Island of Rhodes.The luminosity is the protagonist in this space dominated by neutral colors and warm environments. Our Stromboli Light serie, in 75x75 format, offers this complex elegance, sophistication, simplicity and luminosity with Mediterranean airs.Together with the Stromboli Light color we find our Creta pool coronation system and RJ67 drainage grid, both with straight and simple lines, also in the same color with which we create the "integral aesthetic" effect that so characterizes our collections.We enclose in this email a photographic summary of this impressive complex. We hope you enjoy them. More

Product • By ROUVIEREVieille Demeure range pavements

Vieille Demeure pavement

Vieille Demeure pavements collection offers several models : Bourgoise, Bastide and Magnanerie. All those models are made with concrete and have old stone aspects, as we can find in "Manoirs", Provencal or Italian old houses, churches, etc. They are native colored and special effects can be done to give an older aspect. These pavements are available in thicknesses of 2 cm (for indoor usage, available on a heating underfloor), 4 cm for outdoor usage. They also can be used as stair steps and swimming pool surrounds with thicknesses on demand from 4 to 20 cm and special shapes as L or U pieces with falling parts. More