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Project • By GDGRestaurants

Flagman Restaurant/Cafe

The “Flagman” restaurant-cafe is located in the Ring-shaped Park bordering the small center of the capital of Armenia - Yerevan. This complex was implemented in 3 phases. The initial phase was designed in 2002 as an open-air cafe. During the second phase, an adjacent zone with sofas has been added. The final phase has been completed in February 2019.  It is designed as a restaurant with transforming storefronts, blending with an outside sitting area in the warm season and at the same time by providing an operating possibility in the winter. The major challenge of this project was finding a concept to adapt the new restaurant addition to the existing cafe infrastructure, which existed and been operating on the site, and to... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTHeritages

Fort 4 - Mortsel (near Antwerp)

This sail sculpture, designed by architect Amandus Vanquaille, was designed for a specific military building dating 1862. The typical architecture of that time does not allow any access to the inner courtyard (called the ‘reduit’ in military terms). The widest entrance was 98cm. At the outside there are moats, ramparts, ditches and fortifications, all built to protect the inner courtyard from intrusion. But how to build a roof over this large courtyard, if anyone can access with building materials or cranes? The answer is simple: making a flexible roof that one can carry in, like a large worm, through the inner corridors and through the narrow porches. The complete membrane roof exists of 8 parts (8 separate vaults) each small enough to be... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTHeritages


ContextGooik is mentioned as belonging to the Abbey of Saint Gertrudus as from the 9th century. The church of Gooik is a registered building. In front of the church the parking space is in fact the centre of the village, which had in previous times a much more prominent meaning in the settlement. With input from the inhabitants a reconversion was planned.VisionIt was the aim that this central location of Gooik should have again its prominent role in the life of the community: covering friends and families at weddings when accessing the church, allowing the emplacement and linking the individual market stalls during the annual market, sheltering the benches, designed for this location, to allow the villagers to sit and talk together…It was t... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTParks/Gardens

Playgarden restaurant 't Schalienhuis - Loenhout B

It’s true: children need serious architecture too. But the reverse is also true: adults need playtime too.The aim was to cover this playgarden both against rain and sun. But a sand playground does not function when the sand is too dry, as the sand gets fluid. To make a sand castle, one needs sand and moisture. And what about too much shadow on the sand? Certainly, in spring and autumn it can be nice to play in warm sand. In summer time it’s dangerous to play in full sunlight because of UV.Nomad Concept created an interesting shade sail, with 2 large loops in the tops. Those loops have many advantages:-         extraction of heat. The heat does not remain trapped in the tops of the tensile structu... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTParks/Gardens

public parks and squares

Nomad Concept is a design office that specialises in architectural sails and shade technology and has meanwhile developed into the benchmark for tensile structures and architectural sails. Both at home and abroad, Nomad Concept built up a solid reputation with its ultralight, translucent sails, inspired by Tibetan nomadic tents. Here we give some examples of sails covering public spaces in parks or squares. In al those examples, the covered space can be used by the public for barbeques, festivities, weddings or simply gatherings of the youth. Is there anything more beautiful than a free covered place in a nice park that people can reserve for their wedding? Is there anything more nice than a free place you can reserve for your family p... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTParks/Gardens

Private projects Tensiles

The graceful sails created by The Nomad Concept (Belgium) fit into almost any environment, from the intimate atmosphere of a private garden to the more public character of offices, public projects or events.Whether the aim is mainly to create shade or to provide protection from rain or to create a secluded area away from the world, architect Amandus VanQuaille always looks for a solution with high artistic value. MaterialsThe architectural sails are made of high-quality, innovative materials, with every detail being literally worked out to perfection.  The masts are made of anodised aluminium, stainless steel or standardised wood. The cables and cable parts (tensioners, bolts, nuts) are made of standardised stainless steel, of the... More

Project • By ECOSTEELPavilions

China Corporate United Pavilion (CCUP) @ EXPO 2015

The image of power that arises from the breaking of ground to the sprouting of seeds has inspired the design of the China Corporate United Pavilion (CCUP). The life that comes from the green heart, that contains the auditorium space, transforms into the spiral of a DNA chain tracing an upward path, to then take on an elliptical form: the ramp gently accompanies visitors upwards towards the open spaces of the Italian-Chinese garden and the terrace. The pavilion is a temporary construction for these six months. Its simple geometric shape of an outer rectangle – aesthetically lightweight and breathable thanks to the breathable membrane and glass walls – covers the harmonious inner curves that represent the vitality of Chinese enterprises. More