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Project • By MosaHotels

Clarion Hotel Malmö Live

Project Clarion Hotel & Congress Malmö Live, published by Mosa. Location: Malmö, Sweden Category: Hotels  Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By AARTSecondary Schools

Hedda Anderssongymnasiet

The Hedda Andersson college adds a new chapter to Lund’s long history as a city of learning. It will become one of Sweden’s largest colleges and is based on social sustainability with focus on actuating the students and enriching the surrounding city. Caption Opens up towards the cityLund’s green surroundings are used actively and incorporated into the building as a central park with inspirational outdoor space where the students can study, eat their lunch and be together in an informal way – a large, south-facing outdoor area, which opens up the college towards the city. Thus, not only more than 2,000 students but the whole city will benefit from it in a wider perspective. "It is a sculptural, beautiful and c... More

Project • By AARTChurches

Strängnäs Cathedral

With the restoration and further development of Strängnäs Cathedral, a new chapter is added to the history of the church and the surrounding area, known as the hilltop-cathedral, which for more than 1,000 years have been a nerve centre for religion and culture. A new chapter that aims at embracing the many players of the cathedral and facilitating a living, culture-historical environment. Caption A culture-historical environment As the winning piece, the cathedral is restored with respect for its proud history while creating more space for it to hold more activities than it does today – including exhibitions. Simultaneously, the outer spaces are brought into play again, while three new buildings are established to giv... More

Project • By Nordic Copper from Aurubis FinlandHotels

Clarion Hotel Post

Architects Semrén & Månsson’s deceptively simple strategy in designing the Clarion Hotel Post was to close up the gap in the original building’s horseshoe-shaped plan with a new intervention. This comprises of one wing clad in patinated copper, the other slate – both materials used on the old Post Office roof. Where the wings meet, they rise up together as a pair of monolithic forms separated by a vertical sliver of glass. The resulting 13-storey tower creates a new landmark for the city. The architects selected three different copper surfaces. As well as the solid patina colour, ‘living’ surfaces provide various intensities of patina flecks revealing some of the dark oxidised background... More

Project • By Nordic Copper from Aurubis FinlandShops

Royal Design

Within its shopping centre location the ‘Royal Design’ project is insular but surrounded by many larger and taller buildings. Our design concept aims to create contrast and respond powerfully to these surroundings. Because of the central location of the building, the key consideration was that all sides of the scheme matter: walking around the building will reveal different architectural experiences, ranging from minimalistic façades to complex architectural forms. The parking lot frontage is open with extensive glazing in black frames following the sharp angles. The side elevations are calmer but still exciting with irregular windows continuing the black edged theme. All the facades and sloping roofs are clad in golden... More

Project • By Kaminsky ArkitekturNurseries

Preschool Lärkgatan in Bjuv

Project preschool Lärkgatan in south Swedish county of Bjuv aims for a building with strong connections to local brick building traditions.  The site is part of an old mill community, and the building will speak the language of local tradition. With brick as a characteristic building material for this region, it turned out to be the natural material of choice. We have also focused on highlighting the county´s  tile manufacturing heritage, expressed in the use of locally connected CC Höganäs tiles in the building´s bathrooms. The Lärkgatan preschool project meets the standards of Swedish environmental certification Miljöbyggnad Silver, calling for high performance solutions in ventilation and... More

Project • By Jonas LindvallApartments

Brf Leanderklockan

Brf Leanderklockan is a residential project consisting of 18 apartments, designed by Lindvall A & D. The project is part of the first phase of Ystad's new Trädgårdsstad (Garden City) district, which will provide approximately 400-450 new homes in the city of Ystad, southern Sweden. The plan consists of three apartment blocks, each with six apartments, to be built on a 2,076 sq metre plot in the northwestern part of the new district. The apartment plans vary in size, from 79-145.5 sq metres, with features such as mezzanine floors, double height volumes with over five metre high sliding glass partitions and private terraces and/or balconies. Inspired by classic expressions reminiscent of modernism, architect Jonas Lindvall juxtaposes larg... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturHousing


WAN Future Projects Residential Award, 1st prize.Stadshagen, StockholmIn Stadshagen, close to one of the highest points in Stockholm, the existing built environment is to be supplemented and a new district developed. The new district ends in a steep slope down towards Karlbergskanalen. At the edge of this slope we have designed two buildings for Folkhem, which in many respects exists on the boundary between city and nature.The buildings are clearly divided into two parts, with a base of light concrete and an upper massive wooden volume. Along the new street, the buildings stand in an urban context. In the buildings' ground floors the concrete plinth is modeled and creates generous storefronts that open onto small square formations, which be... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturWorkshops


MARIN EDUCATIONAL CENTERRibersborgsstranden, MalmöThe marine educational center stretches out along Ribersborgsstranden shore, where city and landscape meet. A concrete floor is laid out level with the sand. Sand from the shore is mixed into the concrete to give it the same color and reflecting qualities. From the floor a constellation of solid volumes rise up to lift the room underneath the massive, reed-covered roof just above the horizon.The interstitial spaces created between the floor, the roof and the volumes open onto the surrounding nature, transmit light and provide visibility through towards the horizon. The activity of the marine educational center unfold for anyone who dwells on the shore, while at the same time this activity fr... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturPrivate Houses


The magazine ARKITEKTURENS DEBUTANTPRIZE 2007Grimeton, VarbergThe nature reserve of Grimeton is part of Åkulla beech woods area east of the city of Varberg. It is a dramatic nature where the forester’s house and service building are solitarily placed.The forester’s house is quietly functional with its dark and reserved facade where only the entrance breaks the otherwise austere exterior. At the end of the walk along the ridge towards the house, a sight line through the entrance and the building provides a first glimpse of the magnificent view of the woods and the lake, which with its mist creates an almost bewitching atmosphere.The two volumes in tarred wood stand on an open foundation and are refined by details in cast in place concrete, z... More

Project • By Petra Gipp ArkitekturMuseums

Liljevalchs Konsthall

INVITED COMPETITION - HONORABLE MENTION"A proposal with great architectural qualities with an autonomous expression of seldom seen. Timelessness and beauty mediated in the draft that becomes a work of art in itself."StockholmLiljevalchs’ new extension marks itself as an explicit part of the place, a sculpted volume with its own identity. The extension interacts with Liljevalch existing compact, closed body, reads its architecture and organization, and allows a contemporary sculpted imprint subscribe at the site. Liljevalchs to with its garden café Blue Gate is a cohesive system that clearly defines an outer boundary, where mass and scale creates inner and outer rooms that clearly relates to the art gallery's complex context and to the city.... More

Project • By Jonas LindvallHousing

House L1

Built on a 925 m2 plot in the centre of Limhamn in Malmö, House L1 consists of two apartment blocks containing seven homes, centred around a private courtyard. Within the courtyard is a communal swimming pool. The street-facing building harmonises in scale with the characteristic brick cottages of the former fishing village. The block consists of five split-level apartments laid out over four levels, ranging from 72-141 m2. To the back of the plot, the second block contains two three-storey apartments measuring 167 m2 and 207 m2.Each home is laid out over two or three levels. Four of the apartments have mezzanines with double-height sliding windows measuring up to five metres, offering optimal natural light and the possibility to interact w... More

Project • By Kaminsky ArkitekturApartments

Kvillebäcken Apartment Building

Östra Kvillebäcken is designed as a dense and vibrant neighbourhood with a strong focus on sustainability. Therefore, it is a Miljöbyggnad Silver certified neighborhood. Our buildings find inspiration in the inner city and its urban qualities. Artistic decoration related to the location and material treatment gives the buildings their own contemporary identity. The Housing estate forms a green oasis with islands of activity. There are natural meeting places with different themes along the pathway that leads visitors through the neighborhood. The communal hall is a place for celebration, overnight stay or meetings. Adjacent to this room is also a communal facility in the yard with l... More

Project • By Reflex Architects (previous pS Arkitektur)Offices


As recently as in October 2010, the Luxembourg-based Skype’s Stockholm office in Slussen housed only 35 employees. The video- and audio-focused team’s digs were bursting at the seams and new offices were needed. Skype found its next Stockholm home in a completely restored massive historical building, München Brewery, a landmark of Stockholm’s skyline. Built in 1846 as a clothing factory, the building became Sweden’s largest brewery in 1857 and operated as a brewery until 1971. Skype’s new offices in the München Brewery now have room for 100 employees. Head architect Mette Larsson- Wedborn of PS Arkitektur with team members Peter Sahlin, Thérèse Svalling, Beata Denton and Erika Janunger, was charged with expressing the Skype brand’s playful... More

Project • By TengbomCourthouses

The District Court in Alingsås

We have designed an extension to the Alingsås District Court from 1899, clad entirely in zinc. The jury for the PLÅT prize considered that it was so spectacular and unique that they gave us the award. What do you zinc? The District Court in Alingsås is a typical brick building from 1899, designed by architect Adrian Crispin Pettersson. It is placed a few of blocks from the town centre in a district lined with large villas and a school from the early twentieth century. In the second half of the 1950s a wing in brick was added. Just over half a century later it was time for the next extension, designed by Tengbom. A new epic date was added to Alingsås District Court’s history when we were awarded the PLÅT prize for 2016 for this extension... More