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Product • By Barrisol - Normalu SasEcolia®


Ecolia wool is a pure new wool produced in our French countryside, from sheep’s fleece. From the shearing of the animals to spinning, washing and dyeing, Ecolia wool has not undergone any chemical treatment. Fire resistant treatment.The frame is made of 100% rot-proof wood and is 100% recyclable. The properties of these woods allow them to resist humidity, fungus and insects, without the need for any treatment. "Ecolia, natural acoustic performance" : Ecolia wool is a natural sound absorber to promote a healthy climate and wellbeing in your spaces.  More

Product • By AWAKE Fabric Ceilings And LightingPremier Canvas

Premier Canvas

AWAKE® Premier Canvas is our top of the line 100% polyester architectural fabric. Manufactured using state-of-the-art non-woven technology, it is one of the most durable and aesthetically flawless wall and ceiling coverings on the market. Its airtight textile construction and special PU coating make it the perfect material for both renovations and new construction. Premier Canvas is a versatile architectural textile for new construction and renovations. It successfully removes building limitations by being a solution to many problems at the same time as a concrete ceiling covering, popcorn ceiling encapsulation, recessed lighting system for concrete ceilings, fabric wall partitions, printed wide-format mural, and fire-rated commercial c... More

Project • By Casper Schwarz ArchitectsOffices


With respect to this early 19th-century former bank building we created a design that exudes tranquility, quality and sophistication. Careful material selections are interspersed with sparkling accents. A design language that connects the present and the past. A tribute to the modern classic architecture with sparkling additions. It reflects the identity of JonesDay Law in an almost spiritual way.The “Van Lanschot Bank” building (1914) designed by architect E.Verschuyl, is characterized by a classical façade with a modern construction behind it (Hennebique concrete skeleton). The casco has been stylishly renovated by Rijnboutt and Jones Day Law has commissioned Casper Schwarz Architects to design their new interior. We created an interior t... More

Project • By The Switzer GroupBanks

Federal Home Loan Bank

Federal Home Loan Bank of New York recently opened it’s Jersey City office, located at 70 Hudson Street. The Switzer Group was tasked with transforming the nearly 52,000-square-foot office space into a state-of-the-art technology hub with a highly flexible, collaborative workspace and upscale amenities such as, an employee activity center and private gym. Colin Miller Photograpy Helping community lenders in New Jersey, New York, Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands, Federal Home Loan Bank seeks to advance housing and community growth in each of its regions. Colin Miller Photograpy Seeking to support that mission, Federal Home Loan Bank sought an upscale, amenity-accessible space in Jersey City to serve as an extension a... More

Product • By Barrisol - Normalu SasBarrisol Tradition®

Barrisol Tradition®

The Barrisol Tradition® stretch ceiling renovates and decorates all types of spaces.The ceiling is stretched wall to wall with a visible or an invisible track. More

Product • By Barrisol - Normalu SasBarrisol Star®

Barrisol Star®

The system of Barrisol Star stretch ceiling profits from all the advantages of Barrisol Traditional ceiling, but it offers an extra high performance: the Barrisol Star stretch ceiling does not let appear the tracks. More

Product • By Barrisol - Normalu SasLight Color Ceiling

Light Color Ceiling

Barrisol Lumière Color stretch ceiling allows a multitude of moods and ambiences to be created thanks to the light variation and color changes. The rythm, animations, and emphasis of the space is dependenton which specific lighting system is installed above the Barrisol translucent stretch ceiling. More

Product • By Barrisol - Normalu SasBarrisol Creadesign®

Barrisol Creadesign®

Barrisol Creadesign® stretch ceiling is an innovation in term of finishes. Thanks to the system of flocking, this finish brings a visio-tactile perception to the sheet. More

Product • By Barrisol - Normalu SasBarrisol Recycled Membrane

Barrisol Recycled Membrane

Turned towards the future, Barrisol is concerned with environment. For that, Barrisol developed a new line of products: Les Recyclés®, manufactured from old Barrisol stretch ceiling. More

Product • By Barrisol - Normalu SasBarrisol Mini Star®

Barrisol Mini Star®

 The Barrisol® Ministar® stretched ceiling fastening beam is similar to the Barrisol® Star® beam. It is made of 100% recyclable aluminium, and can also be fixed on the periphery of the walls or directly to the ceiling. It is invisible after the installation of the Barrisol® stretch ceiling.  More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureArt Galleries

Galeri Nev Kırlangıç

The main design task of the Galeri Nev project is to install a proper art gallery in a single open space that is formed of exposed glazed façades on the three sides. This entrance floor shop, being on a sloped terrain and within a valley meadow extending to embassy gardens, has a picturesque view, rare for Ankara. Possessing the view while creating a secluded exhibition environment is the contradiction that the project is based on. The idea is, basically, to place an introverted exhibition area besides the only existing wall and to locate other functions on the exterior side overlooking the landscape. The street façade side is designed with the "wall-door" idea, which tricks on the Turkish idiom that means to face an unopened door. In... More

Project • By Neels ArchitectsRestaurants

Franco Belge

The concept of the Franco Belge-restaurant project was to combine the dynamic and ambitious character of both young chefs with the UNESCO-world-heritage-labeled authenticity Bruges has to offer. The former grocery store was stripped and the extension was replaced by a new, open spaced expansion, visually connecting the open kitchen with the restaurant and the terrace. This intervention created two specific spaces in the restaurant. One with the cosyness around the fireplace for intimate dinners. And the other part for live-able dinnerparties with realtime kitchen action. Yet still the two restaurant-parts are linked to eachother by hexagonal accents and copper- coloured details. The result is an athmosferic restaurant, where everything that... More

Project • By Studio Ardete Pvt LtdShops

Swarn Jewellers

Swarn is a jewellery retail store in Chandigarh which puts forth an all encompassing exclusivity much like the idea of- The Gold Standard. The brief steered the design to embrace the idea of exceptionality and uniqueness to propound the brand’s identity- the jewelry that defines you.The idea was to create a pronounced space for a retail venue highlighting a varied collection of jewellery and accessories. To emphasize the idea of -“Swarn”, the entrance is riddled with a cluster of stars that represent the whole aura of the store- Differently oriented peculiarities, suited to their own taste. The linearity of the space was used to imitate the intricacies and the significance that the ornamentation holds in the culture. The black and gold tone... More

Project • By OFFICE AIOOffices

M Space

In a courtyard nestled in central Beijing hutongs, Office AIO was approached by a return client to establish a second business premise that consists of a 29sqm artisan coffee shop and a 140sqm boutique co-working space. The project occupies a partial ground level space in the east wing of the original 4-level People’s Art Printing House and a small single level block extended out of its original facade.The 2.9 by 10m linear space was orthogonally dissected into three sectors: coffee bar, seating area, and a WC, according to their required level of exposure to the exterior. The 2m by 2m coffee bar is positioned at the north end taking advantages of the exterior frontages toward the courtyard. Three booths and 12 chairs fill the 16sqm main sp... More

Project • By Barrisol - Normalu SasSwimming Pools

Swimming pool of Val-d'Europe

The aquatic centre of Val-d’Europe in Bailly-Romainvilliers is environnment friendly with the HQE label.Designed by the french architect Marc Mimram, special attention has been given to the ceilings. The natural light comes through huge bay windows, decorated by curvy structures made of 3300 m² of Barrisol® Blanc Mat stretch ceilings, along with acoustic solution Acoustics® A30 in it. More