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Project • By SPEED ArchitectsPrivate Houses

House 1

House 1 is situated in Tromøy, an island on the south coast of Norway, characterised by pine forests, rocky beaches and wild shores. The project consists of a small house and an annex, designed by architects Eirik Mikal Stokke and Espen Robstad Heggertveit as part of their Oslo-based practice Section Plan Elevation Extrusion Diagram Architects (SPEED). Simen Øvergaard ( The plot is situated next to a beach and nature reserve where the client would go swimming with her friends every Sunday, all year round. Large parts of the plot consist of naked rock, so the house is drawn back to avoid unnecessary excavation. The living room opens up towards the landscape, and allows you to step right onto the rocky f... More

Project • By Mitsuori ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Small Moves House

Following the purchase of a heritage home our client asked us to find a way to transform the existing building with it’s compartmentalised spaces into a comfortable, free flowing and spacious family living zone. Michael Kai Photography The existing building was too recently modified to be demolished but contained spaces too outdated and compartmentalised to meet the needs of a young family. Our design approach focused on making on a series of ‘small moves’ aimed at creating major change. Michael Kai Photography A small existing courtyard in the middle of the house is enclosed and covered with a glass roof transforming it into a vibrant sky lit family dining room. Concealed external blinds control light and heat... More

NewsNews • 24 Oct 2020

Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates propose a minimalist design solution for the renovation of a tiny urban house

In the centre of Hue City (Vietnam), Tiam is a small, 18-year house renovated by Nguyen Khai Architects & Associates. With a gross build floor area of only 35 sqm, the main design challenge was to provide a more spacious and efficient living space for a three-generational family of seven members. The renovated home has a total of three floors, one attic, one balcony and a terrace. On the first floor, there is a café, which is run by the owner. Credit: Quang Dam The architects explain the most effective solution for working with such a limited built area is to design the interior to be as minimal as possible and create continuous, open spaces. For example, an old and ineffective spiral staircase has been replaced by a straig... More