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Project • By Clear LightingShopping Centres

Market Village

Market Village, a chain store community mall by Homepro, Thailand, now is expanding to the potential area around Bangkok and its perimeter. This branch of Market Village locates in Klong Si, Pathumthani province, which is very potential and surrounded by many housing estates. The location in the past, there are full with canals which the people used for the transportation. Eventhough at the present, boats and canals are not the main transportation here anymore. But whenever Thai People think about Klong canals and the boat transportation will be reminded.  So Market Village Klong Si is inspired by the historical story of this area. The architectural of the building was designed to be as the old Thai boat. The line of canopy and sun sha... More

Project • By GPM Architects & PlannersShops

Sapphire 83

Sapphire 83 is a distinct example of a neighbourhood shopping complex that gives the user an opportunity to ‘shop while walking.’ The project is a combination of multiple amenities, including a Cinema hall run by INOX, 120 service apartments, almost 100 retail outlets and numerous family restaurants. As sustainability concerns are taking predominance and the need for safer public spaces is rising, our approach towards commercial spaces needs to provide a relevant solution. One of the unique models to explore is reflected in Sapphire's design language, straying away from the conventional malls and instead exploring the open-haat typology, thus promoting a sustainable design – access to multiple retail stores and safe open s... More

Project • By MosaShops


Project CityPark Graz, published by Mosa. Location: Graz, Austria Category: Shopping Center Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By Bean BuroShopping Centres

Fresh Luxury / apm

apm “Fresh Luxury” Bean Buro  “We created an elegant materials palette that references a sense of luxury in an ultra-modern way for this forward-thinking shopping mall.” - Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro “It was about balancing the dynamic experience of shopping with soothing resting areas. We prioritised the personal comforts of the users, with a visual and lighting environment that is restful but engaging at the same time.” - Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro Bean Buro Brief: A refreshed aesthetic for a new generation of customers We were invited to refurbish one of the trendiest shopping malls in Hong Kong. The mall is famous for buzzing with y... More

Project • By BrigadaShopping Centres

Branimir Mingle Mall

Branimir Centre in the heart of Zagreb, opened in 2003, has for years been associated with the cinema located within the mall. However, the excellent position of the Centre as well as the country’s most visited cinema had not been used to their full potential as the venue did not offer content to attract and retain visitors beyond the cinema screenings for which reason the centre’s new owner, the Austrian Supernova Group, decided to take action to reposition the mall. Supernova decided to draw upon Brigada’s creative resources and so we have, together with the creative agency Señor, developed a new positioning strategy of the centre, its visual identity and interior design. Going to the mall does not have to be an... More

Project • By CERAMICHE KEOPEShopping Centres

Mondojuve Shopping Center, Torino

Mondojuve Shopping Center, just a few kilometres from Turin, is a very modern, huge location with over one hundred galleries. The architectural project was born to be in harmony with the environment and respect it. The structure has green walls, an innovative geothermal system, solar panels and LEDs for all the lighting. Moreover, it is located a few steps from the Stupinigi Natural Park and the royal palace of the same name.Several of our porcelain stoneware collections cover the surfaces of the centre. The fineness of the Evoke Sand wood effect slabs dominates the scene, installed in 2 cm thickness on the outside floor as well as the Pietra di Faedis, In & Out Percorsi Extra. Inside, Evoke Beige naturally evokes the exterior of the bu... More

Product • By VeroMetal® InternationalVeroMetal® and shop interiors

VeroMetal® and shop interiors

Unlimited formability and unique designVeroMetal® finishing coating made from real metal gives architects, interior designers, stylists and artists all the flexibility they require to produce truly pioneering designs. Every design takes on the authentic characteristics of metal.   All elements with a real metal finish Exclusive finishing touch to your luxurious shop interior. Facades, walls, floors, furniture or other shop interior elements with a genuine metal appearance. Robust and authentic, polished to a mirror finish, or with a striking texture. VeroMetal® makes it happen.   VeroMetal® cold-workable liquid metal VeroMetal® is a cold-workable liquid metal that can be applied to practically any surface... More

Project • By PORCELANOSAShopping Centres

Paseo Aldrey – Cultural & shopping centre

“Paseo Aldrey – Cultural & Shopping Centre” is a major project to transform a former bus station in the city of Mar de Plata (Argentina) into a cultural and leisure centre while also restoring and placing new value on this item of heritage.   Architects’ studio Mariani-Pérez Maraviglia was responsible for the redevelopment of this 42,000m2 area for the city’s inhabitants.   With this project, headed by architect Laura Napp, a whole new facelift was given to the area through the construction of a new linear-looking building that integrates the old bus station’s classical architecture (designed by architect Jules Dormal in around 1910) into its big volumes.   This redeveloped... More

Project • By MIXDShopping Centres


The new gastronomic zone in the Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping center in Wrocław, designed by MIXD, is referred to as "thoroughly Wrocław". The inspiration for her project was Wrocław, its history and iconic places as well as  90s nostalgia. Today, a few months after the opening of Foodstacja, it is already known that Wrocław residents liked it and in accordance with the investor's and designers' vision they treat it as a place of meetings, work, study, spending free time, and not only eating meals. The Pasaż Grunwaldzki shopping centre, which belongs to EPP, is located in the center of Wrocław, at the crossroads of routes that the inhabitants of this city cross every day: teenagers, students, families with children, retirees. It is not s... More

Project • By PHASE3Shopping Centres

The Gate

In 2012, PHASE3 clinched an international competition to redesign the façade of this existing shopping mall in Kuwait City. The competition set out that the proposal needed to accommodate a key restraint: the building was already under construction. We developed a new façade system for the building that could respond to the vibrant local context and become an event in itself. The façade, which measures an overall length of 300m, was constrained to a depth of 50cm. Despite having little room to manoeuvre, we developed a single, meaningful gesture that integrates the massive, solid volume of the mall to its surroundings. The GRC façade and its circular pattern set a strong design principle. The exterior is readabl... More

Project • By One WorksShops

The Market - Luxury Shopping Outlet

One Works was commissioned to design a new luxury outlet destination to support the local community and tourism from local towns.The project assumptions originate with the territorial context, in addition to the commercial objectives. Context is the interventions topography, which uses the hillside to create a "vertical" complex. Terraced parking lots follow the terrains natural profile and the interior pedestrian path winds following a slight slope diagonally across the hillside. An unusual solution for a commercial space, the design concept allows one to read the site topography and at the same time drastically reduces building footprint.Context is also the topological nature of the intervention, where space is generated and given form by... More

Project • By Lombardini22Shopping Centres

Porte dello Jonio

L22 Services - Concept, preliminary, final and executive architectural project, LEAD consultant, interdiscipinary coordination   L22 is a brand of the Group Lombardini22.   Project details The project for Auchan Taranto has interpreted the theme transforming the space into a story, a "popular" narrative that speaks of the place, its talents, its vocations and its material culture.   Auchan Shopping Mall in Taranto was plagued with faults: its architectural image and visibility, its amenities and services, the comfort level of its  interior microclimate - nevertheless, it still attracted plenty of visitors and was full of potential: set in an excellent location in relation to the city centre and deeply rooted in it... More

Project • By Mario Buonamici ArchitetturaOffices

Centro Servizi "La Valle delle Fonti"

Service center that includes Pharmacy, Commercial and Directional Activities, Recreational Club and a Public SquareThis area is defined, to the south by the provincial road, to the west by the provision of a new road network by R.U ,. and to the east from Via Cavalieri, an axis of historical landscape view towards the mountains and its architectural emergencies.The present detailed plan proposal stems from an organic and in-depth study of the territory of Asciano and the area in question.The compartment, with an open view towards Monte Pisano on one side and towards the plain that separates it from the city of Pisa on the other, is inserted at the edge of the town of Asciano: a landscape rich in greenery, located at the end of the street of... More

Project • By Fabio FantolinoShopping Centres


The store in via Lagrange in Turin inaugurates the new third floor: one thousand square meters dedicated to women's collections, contemporary ready to wear and shoe area. Designed by designer Fabio Fantolino, the choice was to propose a fresh and metropolitan design to enrich the emotional shopping experience. In a context rich in content with a commercial offer varied in terms of type, quality and quantity of brands, the project reinterprets the chaotic shopping experience through an orderly and clear layout. More

Project • By ARCH-1Shopping Centres

Shopping Centre Smolensko 10F

Modern shopping center architecture design. Multi-functional mall center in Vilnius, Žemaitės g. Currently under construction. More