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Project • By VitaleRestaurants


The corporate interior design project carried out by Vitale begins with establishing aglobal communication strategy that is synthesized under the axis "consciouscooking". According to this, all the elements and settings of the brand are designed,from the name to the design of the brand and the interior design.L´Horta is a restaurant with a sustainable vocation that is based on the three basicpillars of the common good: the product, the environment and society. The culinaryoffer (whose speciality is pizza) is based on a clear commitment to healthy eatingand responsible consumption that offers fresh, seasonal and local products. With apresentation prepared to be tasted without haste in a natural environment where thecolors, finishes and... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesRestaurants

Prime + Proper

Architecture/Interior Design/Furniture: McIntosh Poris Associates                       Michael Poris, AIA, Principal                       Laurie Hughet-Hiller, AIA, Associate/Project Manager                        Clara Mariotti, Designer                       Elizabeth Swallow, Interior Designer                       Charlene Erickson, Interior DesignerClient:          Restauranteur Jeremy Sasson of Heirloom Hospi... More
View from Back Room
View of Main Bar
View of Back Room

Project • By ELLIPSIS ArchitectureBars


For those who frequent this eclectic Chicago bar/restaurant, most will agree that, in addition to great food, drink and conversation, its true magic and charm lies in its ever-changing quirky persona.  Over time, various updates have been made to improve the space while other things have fallen into increasingly-poor shape due to the day-to-day business of keeping the neighborhood happy on their bar stools. The space, it seemed, needed a jump-start to reinvigorate the spirit on which it had always prided itself. As a result, the need for yet another change became evident, one which would rejuvenate the space while remaining open to evolution and change, one which would define the bar’s character clearly without fixing it... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesRestaurants

Townhouse Detroit

Architect/Interior Designer:  McIntosh Poris AssociatesMichael Poris, AIA, Principal-in-ChargeLaurie Hughet-Hiller, Associate, Project ArchitectSean Ryan, DesignerElizabeth Swallow, Interior DesignerRenee Kaip, Interior Designer                                 Size: 7,484 square feet, including 1,800-square-foot indoor/outdoor                    structure, and 1,440-square-foot outdoor patio Budget: $1.2 million Client:  Restauranteur Jeremy Sasson, whose first Townhouse restaurant is in neighboring Birmingham... More

Project • By Collaborative CompaniesRestaurants


After designing the furniture for the Masonry’s original Queen Anne location, the client engaged the Collaborative team again to help create a new restaurant space in the heart of Fremont. Located in the brand new Tableau building on N 34th Street, the 4,300 square foot space offers an ideal environment for the wood-fired pizza and beer-centric restaurant.The Collaborative team was brought on the project before the building was built which allowed for greater design flexibility. The major elements of the space including the wood-fired pizza oven, kitchen and bar with custom keg storage, were put in place before completion and act as the building blocks for the restaurant’s layout.The L-shaped restaurant is divided up into stations including... More