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Project • By BergmeyerRestaurants

Shake Shack

Like an ideal dining experience, an ongoing design partnership thrives on delivering fresh, high-quality menu offerings with consistent service. Caption Shake Shack's restaurant expansion has been a savory opportunity to introduce the Shake Shack brand experience and serve up its delicious menu items to a growing list of locations all over the USA. Our collaborative project approach and trusted partnership with the fast-casual chain has allowed us to take on many roles with their internal team over the years, including prototype design, implementation, interior design, and project architect, to name a few. Caption While every location consistently delivers on Shake Shack's brand and food service standards, the experiences are un... More

Project • By BergmeyerShops

Tree House Brewing Company

This independent brewer-owned company is renowned for making inspired libations for all. Intending to create a sought-after destination to match their craft-brewing mastery, they enlisted our design team to create an engaging customer experience for their ultra-devoted fanbase, building excitement and anticipation on route to their new taproom. Caption Focusing on an immersive brand journey for the retail and front of house at the new 100,000 SQ FT brewery in Deerfield, we brought new life into a former mid-century publishing company building. An amalgamation of the existing space through adaptive reuse and a branded environment true to its identity, the company has taken root in its new home in Western MA. Caption Visitors are... More

Project • By AlkiRestaurants

L'Avant Scène Restaurant

L'Avant Seine Restaurant is a barge moored on the banks of the River Seine. A floating restaurant offering refined cuisine in a serenely magical atmosphere where our Kuskoa chairs have taken up residence. More

Project • By Liqui GroupRestaurants

Verdi Restaurant

Before Liqui started the Verdi Italian restaurant interior design, our branding company Crate47 had to create the brand, part of which included finding the right name. This process was done in consultation with ourselves so that the restaurant interior and the branding would work in unison. Both had to reflect the modern approach to traditional Italian cuisine that our client wanted to promote. With their emphasis on fresh, quality produce, Verdi (meaning ‘greens’) became the chosen name. The brand’s use of different shades of green in the logo was carried through by us into the interior restaurant design itself in such things as the soft furnishings and wall coverings. As part of the sub-branding, Crate47 created a patter... More

Project • By Liqui GroupRestaurants

Pier29 Restaurant

Liqui’s seafood restaurant design for Pier 29 was created hand-in-hand with our branding agency Crate47 who created a brand that fits with the nautical theme of our contemporary interior. This was in-line with the all-encompassing brief for this new hospitality venture, and together we developed a subtly branded restaurant interior design that offers a relaxed dining experience for those who enjoy good quality seafood. With the maritime theme in mind, the interior design of the restaurant combines such elements as navy blue walls and exposed timber. There’s a row of large circular mirror windows running the length of one wall that suggest oversized portholes. We created a slice of theatre with two large installation pieces susp... More

Project • By Bean BuroRestaurants


Yakinikumafia   "We created a poetic narrative drawn from the nostalgia, excitement and glamour, where the airport was considered as a highly theatrical space for humanistic exchanges." – Kenny Kinugasa-Tsui, co-founder of Bean Buro   "The restaurant was designed and constructed throughout the lock down (due to the Coronavirus), and opened just as the city began to ease its restrictions. The project's ethos was to 'ride out' the contextual challenges, entice customers and support the communities of farmers and producers." – Lorène Faure, co-founder of Bean Buro   The Brief: 'Ride It Out' Bean Buro was tasked with the design of Yakinikumafia on Hollywood Road in Sheung Wan, Hong Kong, a restaurant bra... More

Project • By Irina & Olga SundukovyBars

Lucky Izakaya Bar

Task  To create a cozy and minimalist interior for Pan-Asian gastronomy with a casual bar like “Izakaya”. Traditionally “Izakaya” is a Japanese pub and casual place for sake drinking.   Challenges  The small area of the gastropub had to fit 58 seats, with 19 of them at the bar. The owners also wanted to use Falconnier glass bricks, which had to be worked into the modern concept.  Idea Inspired by the Japanese “Izakaya” style, we created the interior, minimalist in its colors, decorations, and materials, and sophisticated in delicately thought-out designer solutions, interesting to explore and decode.  Solution  We used the legacy of the old space and accentuate the co... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesBars

Kid Rock’s Made in Detroit

Architect:            McIntosh Poris Associates                Michael Poris, AIA, Principal Laurie Hughet-Hiller, AIA, Associate/Project Manager Charles Heid, AIA, Architect Jennifer Bueso, Interior Designer   Client:                  Kid Rock and Delaware North   Owner:                Olympia Development   Size:                     5,600 square feet; one floor   Site Little Caesars Arena is the centerpiece of The District Detroit, a 50-block, mixed-use area that includes eight theaters, three professional... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesBars

District Market

Architect: McIntosh Poris Associates Michael Poris, AIA, Principal Laurie Hughet-Hiller, AIA, Associate/Project Manager Charles Heid, AIA, Architect Jennifer Bueso, Interior Designer   Client: Delaware North Owner: Olympia Development   Size: 7,600 square feet; one floor   Site Little Caesars Arena is the centerpiece of The District Detroit, a 50-block, mixed-use development that includes eight theaters, three professional sports venues and five neighborhoods.  The District Market, shared kitchen, and adjacent restaurant are situated on the arena’s ground floor with direct access to Woodward Avenue on the outside, and the public interior concourse of the arena (called the Via).    Program T... More

Project • By StudioMB ArchitectsCommercial Landscape

Washington Fish Market

This new development by PN Hoffman/Madison Marquette, designed by StudioMB, includes six new “land-side” structures at the historic Washington Fish Market—the oldest continuously operating open-air fish market in the U.S.—in Washington, D.C. Envisioned as a new retail precinct to support The Wharf—DC’s premier waterfront development—the design is focused around food and highlights StudioMB's restoration of a greatly altered historic structure while bringing the funky character of currently operating barges back to this urban space. More

Project • By Seth Powers PhotographyRestaurants


A restaurant in Zhengzhou, Henan. Designed by A00.  More

Project • By Arturo InteriorsRestaurants

Gokul Restaurant

The Gokul restaurant is part of Anurag hotel Pvt ltd, located at heart of the city of Rourkela city, Orissa, India. The Hotel is very well known for the service and overwhelming response by the customer comes from different location day to day.  The Gokul restaurant is fine dinning restaurant which includes the recipes from south Indian, continental, and Indian dishes.The concept of Gokul developed by the principal interior designer Iqbal Azam owner of Arturo Interiors, Kolkata, India, as the names Gokul suggest the feel of earthy Indian flavor. The designer chooses the theme for lotus shape for the interior design in term of highlighter. Arturo interiors is very well known designer firm from Kolkata, west Bengal.It was very difficult... More

Project • By Arturo InteriorsResidential Landscape

Vikash singh residence

The apartment of Mr.vikash Singh has been designed by Arturo Interiors, a group of interior designers based out of West Bengal’s capital city, Kolkata. From the minute you set foot in this house, owned by Mr Vikas Singh, you cannot but feel a royal vibe. Roomy interiors, modern day designs and an eclectic theme set this house apart. Hues like gold, grey and white have been used liberally to make different statements throughout the space. The living room is a sparkling statement of high design values that have been aptly and effectively combined with the regal theme. This room truly is fit for a king. To begin with, the sheer magnitude and expansive look of the space gives its décor the leeway to play around with various materials and h... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsBars

Upcycle Cafe ( Ferdowsi Cafe )

Upcycling Café is about 360 square meters.It is a part of Persian Golf complex in shiraz .The main goal of designing is creating environmental , social and economic sustainability .The waste materials , existing in the location of the project and a locality of collecting wastes ,have been applied .The designing details is in such a way that employer was able to implement them without professional builder. Devoting part of the cafe to eatable vegetables not only provided economic self-efficiency , but also filtered the interior air . We destroyed a portion of exterior wall to supply natural light for plants . Social interaction has been realized through variety of seating , an insular counter and a stage . We used some materials from the pre... More

Project • By Mutuus StudioRestaurants

Samara Restaurant

Formerly a beloved neighborhood video rental place, Samara was born out of chef-owner’s Eric Anderson’s vision. Always a far-away thought, Anderson spent years writing menus and picking out handmade plates for this hypothetical restaurant. Then he found the perfect corner spot in Sunset hill.He gave a simple brief to create a small, sophisticated, and intimate, neighborhood corner bistro. His menu calibrated with a strict eye toward seasonality and environmental sustainability. Raised in Chicago, he wanted to bring that exposure of the craftsman aesthetic into the restaurant.At its core, the restaurant aims to evoke a rich sense of timelessness and comfort. Perfectly integrated into the fabric of the neighborhood, Samara becomes a place com... More