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Project • By AssembledgePrivate Houses


Set along the Pacific Coast Highway in Pacific Palisades and within a short walk to the ocean, the Posetano Residence offers 270 degrees of endless ocean views to the southwest of the Pacific Ocean, and north to Santa Monica mountains. Caption The volume of the home is a three-story structure comprised of concrete, wood, steel, and glass; clad in smooth stucco and travertine. The floor plan provides an indoor to outdoor connection, enhanced by the transparent walls that allow for plenty of natural light and maximize views of the coastline. Caption Inside, the main level allows for fluid movement between the kitchen, dining, and living room spaces, visually and physically connected to the outside. The addition to the remodel cons... More

Project • By Aidlin Darling DesignPrivate Houses

Tree House

Anchored by monumental coastal live oaks and several majestic redwoods, this modest sustainably-designed suburban home offers expansive living spaces that extend into the landscape. The existing trees inform a spatial arrangement of framed views, outdoor rooms, and cover for privacy. The second floor spaces engage the trees canopies, providing a lofty perch within a two-story volume. This volume is defined by the house's canopy, which also serves to edit unwanted views and afford mutual privacy. A concrete plinth, steel and glass armature, and zinc skin respond to the site's high water table, and resonate with its natural splendor. More

Project • By Aidlin Darling DesignPrivate Houses

Stanford Residence

Situated in a 1960's suburban neighborhood, this modest home operates as a dynamic middle ground between the immediate domestic landscape and the surrounding Bay Area foothills. Responding to adjacent houses and sloped topography, the new structure cradles an existing majestic ash tree and creates a protected rear garden for play and repose. The top level of this new residence is the heart of the home, providing a family of four with a kitchen/dining/and living room that fully embrace the natural landscape. To the North an intimate dining courtyard extends off the kitchen and to the South the living room hovers over the garden capturing remarkable views of the rolling hills of Stanford. A children’s study area is nestled adja... More

Project • By Studio William HefnerPrivate Houses

Bristol Circle Residence

In my initial conversation with the owners of this Brentwood Park residence, they asked for something French, which I presumed meant a southern California variant of the Petit Trianon; but much to my surprise, it turned out they were great aficionados of Art Deco, and French, to them, meant the racy yet simple lines and elegant proportions of late 19th-and early 20th- century Gallic architecture. Accordingly, I conceived of the house as the simple chateau one might have built just outside Paris, during the Belle Epoque, the renovated in the 1930's--an impression established, upon arrival, by an abundance of French windows, an informal gravel drive, and the kind of tank fountain, surrounded by lavender, that might have quenched the thirst of... More