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Project • By Guelo Nunes ArquiteturaApartments

JP Apartment

In this ground floor apartment, our challenge was to improve the integration of the interior spaces with the garden outside. The goal was to bring more light and the fell of the garden to the inside the apartment.  Evellyn Muller To achieve this, a wood structured roof was designed to occupy part of the garden and under it, the new kitchen area. As it is, it feels like a veranda when the glass doors are open, surrounded by garden on both sides.  Evellyn Muller The former kitchen used to be where the dining room is today. This change made it possible do remove all the walls except for the existing raw concrete pillars. With no interruption from the walls, we were able to reach the light from both sides of the social are... More

Project • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerStudent Housing

Student Residence

In immediate proximity to the École Polytechnique elite university, the residence offers students a living space in green surroundings. The identical cubic buildings are arranged evenly across the park-like grounds. The green areas, lushly planted with trees and native plants unite the residence into a harmonious ensemble.All buildings have the same typology: four residential levels above a recessed ground floor with generously glazed communal areas opening onto the park. A central atrium with skylight provides access to the apartments. The spatial concept offers room for student community life and at the same time privacy and retreat in the apartments. On the facades, concrete structure, anodised aluminium panels and panorama window... More

Project • By dayala e rafael arquitetosPrivate Houses


Waçade extended to the full width of the plot, the FM House was organized according to an essential set of overlapping volumes that, through the structural plans highlight, sought to light the composition. leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze The parti was based on he inversion of the traditional flow of middle of the block lots, bringing the leisure to the frontal façade, allowing the direct access to it and emphasizing the social interaction of the family, raising it as a highlight element that integrates the other areas of the house. leandro Moura estudio_onzeonze The original topography of the land allowed the building to be constructed on the upper part of the lot, letting the ground floor to be almost one floor abo... More

Project • By AssembledgePrivate Houses


Built to take full advantage of its natural surroundings and incorporate the outdoors with indoors, the Westfall Residence has a warm, yet modern quality. Wrapped in western red cedar siding and elongated warm brick profiles, natural materials are used to reflect the site’s ruralness and create a dialogue with the local vernacular.Located in the rural countryside of East Canton, Ohio and situated on a secluded 40-acre lot the home is comprised of a Y-shaped floor plan to maximize views of the surrounding hills.  Floor to ceiling glazing enables indoor-outdoor connections, while an earth-berm emphasizes the gesture of the home extending out from the landscape. Caption   The ground floor consists of a centrally located... More

Project • By Simone de Gale ArchitectsPrivate Houses

The Manjeri Residence

The Manjeri Residence brings together the principles of Indian architecture with the contemporary design of a London home. The property incorporates a chalet-style design, with the majority of the living spaces on the ground floor. While it is a modern house, we combined it with interiors such as the Puja and the Jali screen to design a home that does not stray far from traditional Indian architecture.  Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSApartments

Jade Residencies

 Jade Residences is a new concept of living, located in the south suburbs of Athens, offering an outstanding view to the sea while capturing surrounding views. The complex is consisted of 8 apartments ranging from 121m2 to 172m2 ranging in levels of luxury. Typical Apartments, Garden Duplex, a unique Penthouse, and various common use facilities make up for the building's amenities.   Designed to provide various visual “experiences” to its tenants, a volume with “clean” geometries and openings is to be created, aiming on optimized orientation and full utilization of natural light. Composed with recesses and protrusions, the building is providing a wide range of moments both indoors and outdoors while the f... More

Project • By UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative)Private Houses

Gable House

General Information Project name: Gable House  Architecture Firm: UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative) Founder / Principal Designer: Vipuja Parmar, Krishnakant Parmar Website: Contact e-mail: Instagram: Facebook:   Additional credits Lead Architects: Vipuja Parmar, Krishnakant Parmar Design Team: Kruti Shah, Bageshri Thakar Write-up: Vipuja Parmar Furniture and Furnishing: Chandni Doshi Landscape: Sushma Sawant Structural Consultant: Casad Consultant  Site Engineer: Keyur Patel  Completion Year: 2020 Land size: 475 Sq Mt Gross Built Area: 387 Sq Mt Project location: Ahmedabad, India   Media Provider Pho... More
The exterior features a coordinated palette of white, stone texture and wood texture, which gives it a clean, simplistic and modern visual impression.
The lighting exudes a contemporary character, accentuated by the arrangement of layered spotlights giving it an elegant flourish. It also adds a geometric edge to stone cladding, lanterns flank the stone cladded pillars.
The entry looks prominent with stone cladding and unique outdoor furniture. False ceiling with lights forms a unique pattern. Pendant lights bring in a wealth of warmth with opulent metallic grills.
The wooden doors with antique finishes punctuate ethnic accents with glass adding punch to modern embellishment opening to the foyer area.
The Entrance foyer space is well adorned with wood panelling, Featuring intricate artwork and useful storage for newspapers, umbrella, etc below. The colourful painting catches the eye and sets the palatial vibe that runs through the house.

Project • By Ansari ArchitectHousing

House Of Voids

This house is a very good example of introverted house design concept where, the beautiful elements you see outside such as nature and the greenery are brought inside the house. More

Project • By Kacholiya Architects ®Private Houses

house madhuram

House Madhuram by Kacholiya Architects is an urban outstands in the local landscape. The design speaks for itself in terms of the urban style adopted; located in a rather dense locality, the site is neighboured by G + 2 storey structures on either sides, posing as a hurdle in terms of space & light restriction. Placed with a 30’ x 60’ alignment to the plot, the designer has managed to draw up a built-up area of 4240 square feet within a plot area of 1770 square feet. The requirement was that of a 5 BHK space to be designed for a young couple, primarily housing the four permanent members of the house. House comprising of a master bedroom, two children bedrooms, one room for occasionally visiting in-laws & a guest room. T... More

Project • By Architecture DisciplineResidential Landscape

A 39

Set in New Delhi, A 39 is a contemporary dwelling, reflecting on the family legacy. The third-floor apartment is renovated, extended and punctured to connect with a timber cabin on the rooftop. This is flanked by the formal garden on one side and a water body with a fountain on the other. The client belongs to an old Rajasthani family with a lot of ancestral heirlooms such as art, artefacts, silverware, glassware etc.  The brief was to take the general theme of a typical builder apartment where materials that generally feel expensive and rich such as Italian marble are taken, but generally tend to hesitate around everything else. Thus, the design intent was to heighten and exaggerate such materials. Aranmula mirror, the traditional mir... More

Project • By MO | MAYES OFFICEHousing

Milwood Residence

Located in heart of the Venice neighborhood, the Milwood Residence is a 3,800 square foot single-family home created to connect its occupants and their surroundings. Sensible programmatic adjacency and an open floor plan define the spaces at ground level. Occupants can move freely between common spaces which extend to exterior spaces as well as vertically via a central circulation 'void' to the roof deck. The 'void' was achieved via a custom operable skylight which fills the space of the circulation core for the home and allows access to the roof deck. This solved an architectural problem common to homes in the area. Many homes in Venice have roof decks, however, the code only allows a small amount of space to extend above the bui... More

Project • By Crid ArhitectsHousing

Tall Wood Housing

Wood is a concept that mimics the natural growth behaviour of plants. The story of the structure begins where a tree is planted. When a tree becomes material for various structural purposes, the materials become a building and then the building decays with time and diminishes back into nature, creating an organism like lifecycle which exists without resisting and working along with major forces within earth’s natural ecosystem (more resilient architecture).Boom, acts as seed that spontaneously impregnates in nature. It sprouts to create symbiotic relationships between architectural culture and industry. When the system grows enough to create a cultural breakthrough, it starts to sprawl though the urba... More

Project • By D. Champsas architectural officeApartments

LINE-PLANE-PRISM | Loft addition to a penthouse

The progress achieved by systematic research will give birth to a dictionary of elements that, developed further, will lead to a “grammar”.W. Kandinsky, 1924, “Point and Line to Plane” A. ANALYSIS1.  A groundbreaking architectural vocabularyDefining the POINT and the LINE, W. Kandinsky and P. Klee have identified rich symbolic and conceptual content to these archetypal engravings. With their theoretical and painting work, the modern masters of abstraction laid the principles for a methodical composition on canvas, based on these primary Elements.What would the content of this radical vocabulary be if, reductively in some way, it was to be extended to the "3D canvas"?Extruded to the third dimension, the POINT, the LINE and the... More

Project • By Motto ArchitectureResidential Landscape

OKU Rectorate Housing

As the building is expected to serve both institutional and private functions, the design focuses on the potential relations between of these two uses of different requirements. The first mass to be recognized upon approaching the building houses the reception chamber of the rectorate. The reception unit, designed for meetings and other public activities, is located closer to the street border, and thus provides improved privacy for the rector’s residence. The reception unit and the house are connected via a bridge that houses a private study room for the rector.The structure provides separate open spaces both for the reception unit and the house, and allows spontaneous use of both. Both units are contained in modest masses to allow a spaci... More

Project • By D'architectsOffices

keyvan insaat

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