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Project • By MosaShopping Centres

ASML Plaza

Project Chipmachine manufacturer, published by Mosa. Location: Veldhoven, Netherlands Category: Shopping Center Connect with Mosa for more information Royal Mosa Royal Mosa More

Project • By ARCHITETTURA ed INTORNITownscapes

Il Mercato degli Specchi

As in the sets of Josef Svoboda for the "Traviata degli Specchi" the coverage will be the reflection of the entire square, staging the colors of the market, the movement of children playing, the life of the city that is found in its square. More

Project • By 3deluxeParks/Gardens


In the midst of a newly designed building ensemble boasting bright facades and ultramodern workspaces, the German architecture practice has created a visionary plaza that is a celebration of contemporary mobility. Cyclists and scooters cruise along organically curved levels, between them oases of tranquility, water features, cafes, and restaurants. Norbert Tukaj This hybrid skatepark, playground, and the urbane living room have now opened – the perfect venue for a young, dynamic society. Cool Lithuania! 3deluxe V-Plaza – Urban Development  What was previously a largely unused space adjoined by historical buildings is now becoming a new, inviting public amenity where you can casually enjoy a coffee in your lunch... More

Project • By SERA ArchitectsParks

Jantzen Beach Carousel

The historic Jantzen Beach Carousel has delighted Oregon and Washington residents and visitors for over 90 years, and has been synonymous with family fun and childhood joy since its installation as an attraction at the Jantzen Beach Amusement Park in 1928. Despite widespread adoration, the carousel provided its last ride on April 22, 2012. It was then disassembled and placed in storage, with no concrete plans for returning it to the public. Restore Oregon—a non-profit that advocates for sound preservation policy and legislation as well as to preserve, reuse and pass forward the historic places that create livable communities—added the carousel to its list of Oregon’s Most Endangered Places shortly thereafter, where it remains listed to this... More

Project • By Mario Buonamici ArchitetturaOffices

Centro Servizi "La Valle delle Fonti"

Service center that includes Pharmacy, Commercial and Directional Activities, Recreational Club and a Public SquareThis area is defined, to the south by the provincial road, to the west by the provision of a new road network by R.U ,. and to the east from Via Cavalieri, an axis of historical landscape view towards the mountains and its architectural emergencies.The present detailed plan proposal stems from an organic and in-depth study of the territory of Asciano and the area in question.The compartment, with an open view towards Monte Pisano on one side and towards the plain that separates it from the city of Pisa on the other, is inserted at the edge of the town of Asciano: a landscape rich in greenery, located at the end of the street of... More

Project • By Alvidrez ArchitectureUniversities

Architecture Discipline Building

The Architecture Discipline Building (ADB) is the new home of the El Paso Community College (EPCC) + Texas Tech University (TTU) Partnership 2 + 2 Architecture Program. The program consists of a two year Associates of Art in Architecture Degree at EPCC + two years at Texas Tech University to receive a Bachelor of Arts in Architecture. This is the only architecture program in the region; within a 266 mile radius.The ADB is located on the college’s flagship “Valle Verde” Campus. The “Valle Verde” Campus began its construction in 1979 and is comprised of very solid buildings with a prominent use of well-crafted concrete + brick walls. These introverted buildings are organized around central courtyards/plazas lush with landscape creating places... More

Project • By Knauf DanolineShopping Centres


Vividly colorful and refreshingly different, the acoustic ceiling in Gamlegården, Sweden, catches the eye immediately as you enter the building. Gamlegården is a shopping center which was revamped in 2016, giving the center a new and modern identity. The richly colored acoustic ceiling is a painted Plaza from Knauf Danoline with 3.5 x 3.5 mm square perforations. The architect opted for a diverse composition of colors, exploring new and creative ways in which to design a ceiling. In addition to the intriguing variation of colors, certain parts of the ceiling are mounted in hangers, creating lower hanging, floating elements. This feature adds to the ceiling’s arbitrary and unorganized look. Like every other acoustic ceiling from K... More

Project • By OOIIO ArchitectureStreets

"Culture Square". Plaza del Salvador Public Space Rehabilitation.

The Square of Culture is a proposal of urban intervention which has as main objective to revitalize culturally the public space of Talavera de la Reina. We make a multiple and flexible scenic space which surrounds and delimits El Salvador square. A place you can enjoy watching a film in the summer cinema, listening to music in the open air, going to photography exhibitions, dancing in concerts and “verbenas”… This project comes from a rigorous analyze of the public urban space in Talavera, taking into account the traffic flows, sunlight, topography and pre-existing use. Let’s reactivate the public space! TRAFFIC FLOWS AND GRADIENTS The project takes advantage of the square natural gradient to generate several open air stages and gra... More

Project • By ULMA Architectural SolutionsHousing

Edificio Residencial Plaza Marqués

ULMA has restores the symbolic facade of residential building of 14 floors Rey Pelayo, located in the famous Marques de Gijon square, in the North of Spain, with its ventilated facade line . The aim of Jorge Noval, architect and author of the project was to create an attractive restoration of the old building and also to improve its thermal and acoustic isolation, qualities which ULMA ventilated facades provide. The texture chosen has been WATER, in 3 different colors and in 4 directions: vertical, horizontal, diagonal to the right and diagonal to the left, so that depending on the daylight the color effect of the facade may vary. For proper installation, ULMA has attended technically the entire installation of the facade adjusting a... More

Project • By arlanch architettura e ingegneriaParks/Gardens

Riqualificazione Piazza

Andrea Arlanch and Aleardo Arenosto, friends and architects, did this competition in 2008. Their idea was to find a design link between the square composition and the Florence lily logo. Shades and places for rest and conversation, play together to define the entire project with sharp cutting shape. The water feature separate in two the plaza to remember the Fes historical situation. More