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Project • By Samuelov StudioOffices

Kaufman Group

Our work for Kaufman, one of the leading importers and distributors in the fields of health, comfort, design and lifestyle in Israel, was full of creativity. Kaufman Group is steadily expanding in all directions, from the web to brick and mortar. The newly created logistical center for the Kaufman space needed to depict this growth, as well as house and showcase all of its brands. It needed to embody a logistical center, but it also needed character and design.   Uzi Porat Uzi Porat The inspiration for this design utilized the personality of all of Kaufman's brands, this includes the classic Italian design (Natuzzi), the comfort and ergonomics (Dr. Gav), the young vibe (Marley), and others. Through the diversity of the desig... More

Project • By OfficeATOffices

FameLine Products Head Office

Fameline company, one of the leading aluminum suppler and other construction materials in Thailand need to build a  new prominent building which is reflected the modern characteristic of the company. Caption Site: Site for the new project is on the outer ring road of Bangkok which is the high speed traffic road so the building need is to attract people and easily seen from the main road. The main Program of the building is not only normal office but it needed to represents company products as well.   Caption   Program: The programs of the project are separated in to two buildings. The first one, office Building is compose of office, seminar, Showroom and connected to the other building, warehouse, by an open cour... More

Project • By OfficeATOffices

PTTEP-S1 Office

The site is on the biggest Thailand petroleum supply on land. The owner (PTTEP) started to build an office building to commemorate 30 year of exploration. Ground is an important element of the design. It is a representation of  ”Oil” underground. By shifting ground up, the space under fold concrete slab plane covered with grass can be used as a building entrance. Caption The top of the fold plane also can be use as flexible space. For The 2nd floor, it is represent PTTEP as innovative company. it is divided at the center to have a courtyard. The ground plane that shifted up can directly touch with the 2nd floor office. Finally there are meet each other “office and ground”. Caption Concept Site: PTTE... More

Project • By ArchiGuruOffices

Grupo Chilangogringo Office

Grupo Chilangogringo is a company that currently manages two BBQ restaurants in Mexico City. To accommodate their ever-growing business a new location was needed to host their operations staff and marketing team.  Their second restaurant is currently located within a giant repurposed factory from the 1960’s with many unoccupied areas.  It is within one of these zones that the new offices were going to be built.  Located on the second level, one area has circulation access and viewing to different parts of the building.  With large windows for daylight and privacy from the restaurant below it was the perfect place for the new office. Caption Caption There were many design requirements that had to be consi... More

Project • By Grande Interior DesignOffices

A warm and chic office

To create a modern and harmonious workspace with a people-oriented design concept, our designer integrated nature by blending the greenery elements into a traditional office, creating a warm yet focused workspace for the colleagues ina spacious flat of 8,000 square feet. While the color, material, as well as furniture choice are delicately chosen by the designer, fused with various plants to bring nature indoors, a touch-up with wooden tones, revives a traditional office into a more energetic space to spend all day long. Caption The first spot which catches your attention is probably the studio reception which is illustrated by a curved-line desk made with bronze, a wooden stripe pattern on the curved ceiling, as well as the material... More

Project • By kurosawa kawara-tenOffices

Ichihara Life and Work commission office

In 2020, with COVID-19 raging, the remote work has been installed semi compulsorily, a very innovative lifestyle for Japan, it was thought that more people would consider leaving densely populated areas such as central Tokyo and Chiba City to live in the suburbs or more rural areas. Masato Chiba In response to the emergency situation caused by the corona crisis, Ichihara City in Chiba Prefecture established “the Ichihara Life and Work Commission”, a public-private partnership to accept people who wanted to move to the satoyama area, while at the same time taking measures to prevent infection. Masato Chiba Yosuke Takahashi, who had been working as a member of the Regional Development Cooperation Volunteers in the Kamo... More



A ruler worthy, with this throne-like-armchair. The upholstery fabric and pattern can be customisable to cater to your personal stylistic and preferences. Comes together with an extra plush of padding for comfort. Laid on the hand carved wooden frame, decorated in the unique characteristic of the baroque embellishments. The extravaganza golden gilded wood crown, strikes immediate attention in any luxury living space. DimensionsW78 D85 H112-Weight18MaterialsWood structure, fabricMaterial details & coloursGold LeafFabric details + coloursPattern Fabric More

Project • By kalbod design studioOffices

Lipak office

The project consists of an integrated building that is the headquarters of a sales and after-sales service company for mobile phones and laptops. The client's need was initially to integrate different parts and create a visual connection between the different floors and parts of the building. We tried to connect the spaces by creating integrated terraces in the western part and smaller terraces in the north and southeast, and to help the overall volume by creating negative spaces in the building facade. Increases sharply. You have a good view of these spaces from any point of the interior spaces. An attractive perspective to a horizontal park on each floor. Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By Clear LightingOffices

Nathan 562 Building

Nathan 562 building is a 12-storey high commercial tower including shops, café, and E&M rooms in Kowloon, Hong Kong. The surrounding buildings all have very strong linear expressions with various elements, and bold colors and textures were featured on the facades. In order for the building to stand out from the pack, the architecture team adopted a bold form for the facade while keeping the color and texture simple.  Inspired by the free forms of corals, the team engineered the curves to echo the continuous flow of people and traffic around the site. To make the facade more dynamic, the designer brought in Flexglo™ F22 LED lights to outline the curved lines and the “562” signage, which injects a sense of m... More

Project • By Clear LightingBanks

bank trading open office

In a bank trading office in Singapore, Flexglo™ F21 is employed in the rod-hung linear pendant. Considering F21 light strips are incredibly flexible to adapt to any design concept, the designer decided to go bold on the pendant shape.  Inspired by the shape of rows of seats below, the designer created a curved circular pendant that is just wide enough to circle and illuminate every desk properly. To further enhance productivity, the pendant was strategically positioned closer to the desk surface in order to provide concentrated light for the staff to do their job. Contrary to the bland interior design, the soft circular glow injects a refreshing element to the working space. More

Project • By Jiri Lizler PhotogprahyOffices

Heureka Office

Prague, March 15, 2022 - The hybrid work model combining home office with office work has become a reality for many companies during the pandemic. What's more, it's clear that a return to the original setup is not going to happen. In addition, there are a number of surveys that confirm that employees do not want to go back to the office. The question then arises, how to adapt offices to current needs and how to make them more attractive to employees who have become accustomed to the home office? For the online shopping guide Heureka, the interior design studio Hezkey has created new offices in Prague and Liberec prepared just for the hybrid style of work. Caption 650 m2 (offices for the programming department and relaxation areas for... More

Project • By OSO ArchitectureOffices

Yapi Kredi Levent Plaza

The office interior project is designed for Yapi Kredi Headquarter’s office in Levent Plaza. The project is consist of 18 typical office floors and also additional working areas which totaly 8.320 sqm. The interior design concept is based on company’s motto which is to being a  “Turkey’s Digital Bank”. So starting from this idea, the architectural language is designed as to be reflect the digital and technological spaces. In order to achive this, the symbolic form of digitalization is redesigned and integrated into the architectural components.  Additionally the corporate identity is also integrated into the office design in order to gain the belonging sense to the users.  Caption The layou... More

Project • By Udesign ArchitectureOffices

Sinoz Cosmetics

Sinoz Cosmetics office in a 960m² office area in Vadistanbul office complex building in Istanbul, is completed in 2021. İbrahim Özbunar During the design process, the colorful corporate structure of Sinoz Cosmetics and the importance it attaches to naturalness have been one of the determining factors. Pastel and soft tones, which are among the corporate colors, are used throughout the office and supported by soft lines and circular transitions in architectural geometry. With the aim of emphasizing naturalness, warm wood tones and the use of plants came forward. İbrahim Özbunar The colorful wall and plant compositions that greet us in the entrance section also show their effect in the social and exhibition areas lo... More

Project • By studio hcrbzkrtOffices

Office in Beyoğlu

A functional office unit was designed with two principles; pure and simple. The concept of the project that we called “prism in prism” was shaped with a contextual approach. The 6mx6mx3m space is divided into two parts. The multi-multi functional unit is defined as a second prism in the space that includes bookshelves, kitchenette, cloakroom, meeting pod, wc, and some devices such as a fridge. The other part of the space is defined as a flexible and transformable working area shaped with some additional tools and furniture. The exterior face of the space has strong visual contact with the Golden Horn and the Historical Peninsula of Istanbul due to the fact that we designed a continuous façade system. Hacer Bozkurt... More