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Project • By MosaPrimary Schools

Public Elementary School Jean Macé

Project Public Elementary School Jean Macé, published by Mosa. Location: Les Pavillons sous Bois, France Category: Education - Elementary School Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By MosaPrivate Houses

Hauteville Paris

Project Hauteville, published by Mosa. Location: Paris, France Category: Private House Connect with Mosa for more information More

Project • By NinetynineBars

Juice Brothers x Nutri Bowl

Nutri Bowl, specialised in cold-pressed juices, and Nutri Bowl, pioneer in healthy to-go meals, are joining forces in a new roll-out concept. Ninetynine was asked to develop a modular, scalable shop-in-shop concept which resulted in an inverted island bar which brings the customer – and not the staff – to the heart of the brand-controlled environment.   The design is based on a grid of 40x30x30 cm blocks. The size literally refers to the optimal 40/30/30 - protein/carbohydrates/fat - ratio provided by the power series of Nutri Bowl. The basic grid is projected onto the floor as a tiled surface, and is separated from the walls of the space. An L-shaped counter and a free-standing block that serves as a table are constructe... More

Project • By MosaShops


Pure cosmetics meet pure ceramicsFirst it's the smell that lures you in. Once inside a Lush store you're struck by the contrast of natural materials and neutral tones against the rainbow colours of Lush's natural product range. Over the years Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics has grown as a global brand, not only through its exceptional products but also its attitude and processes towards environmentally conscious design. It's no surprise that Lush chose to use Mosa ceramic tiles in over 40 of its stores worldwide - we share the same goal in getting closer to nature and feeling responsible for the products we make. We spoke with store design buyer Nick Gumery of Lush Fresh Handmade Cosmetics to learn more about the design and product philosophy... More

Project • By MosaApartments

Alto Apartments

“We put a lot of thought into our projects, focusing on a sense of space instead of individual taste. Because we come from architectural backgrounds, this influences our methodology and provides us with the technical ability to realise our design. We try to create synergy between exterior and interior. Working closely with the architects on this project, we designed the apartments from inside out, with functional and spatial needs influencing the external form of the building. This is how you get coherent designs that stand the test of time.” Speaking is Vesna Aksentijevic of interior design company FLINT, which is based in London, UK. She talks about FLINT’s work as interior designers for the apartments and entrance of Alto in Wembley Park... More

Project • By MosaPrivate Houses

Private Home Belsil

In the green border east of Antwerp stands a sleek, minimalist villa. ‘The interior and exterior are closely interrelated,’ explains the interior architect at CONIX RDBM Architects. This was an important demand of the owners for the design. With a tile measuring one square metre, Mosa contributed to this total effect. The real eye-catcher in the design is a swimming pool with moving floor that has been integrated with the patio. The owners were closely involved in the construction of the building and made their wishes and requirements very clear from the start. Because they host many parties in their home, it was important to them that the barrier between inside and outside was as minimal as possible. The large glass windows in the kitch... More

Project • By MosaSwimming Pools

Indoor Swimming Pool- Uster

Fit for the Olympics: Uster’s flexible and design-oriented swimming pool   Residential town at the waterfront – this is how Uster, the third largest city in the Swiss County Zurich, describes itself. Its proximity to Zurich and its own large offer in the field of culture, education and sports make Uster an attractive location for living and working; all this in the midst of an exciting landscape, framed by lakes. In this context, the public indoor pool of the town is of specific importance. On the ground of the “Sportanlage Buchholz”, the local sports ground, the community built the largest water area in Switzerland in a construction time of one and a half year. It features a 50 metres Olympic pool which can b... More

Project • By MosaShops


The Wijnhavenkwartier, designed by architectural firm Geurst & Schulze, is a particularly attractive addition to The Hague’s city skyline. A dull office complex accommodating two ministries has been transformed into a warm, metropolitan building where all sorts of activities are happening. The complex now accommodates apartments, restaurants, shops, and an annex of Leiden University. The most striking aspect is the sand-coloured façade which has been finished with custom design tiles from Mosa, with which the architect makes a reference to ‘the beautiful city behind the dunes’. Delightful woven patterns ‘The ceramic façade constantly entices you to look at the building,’ explains architect Jeroen Geurst about his design. ‘The closer you... More

Project • By MosaHotels

Hotel Cures Marines Trouville

Revitalizing a historic luxury hotel and spa Interior architect Jean-Philippe Nuel has breathed new life into the Cures Marines in Trouville by redeveloping a five-star hotel that also houses a thalassotherapy institute and spa. For the flooring for all the water features in the new establishment, he opted for Mosa Terra Maestricht tiles, the subtle tones of which harmonize well with the colours of this seaside resort on the Normandy coast. Having received various awards for his creations in the hotel industry worldwide, Jean-Philippe Nuel could not have found more fertile ground in this sector to practice his art. In every project he undertakes, he loves to rethink the identity of the place while remaining fully faithful to the atmo... More

Project • By MosaHospitals

UMC Maastricht

Tiled floors as a form of traffic system ‘Floors in a foyer are like business cards. They set the tone and ensure visitors can find their way in large buildings; you know where you are so you feel more comfortable and at ease. You can notice this in the new Maastricht University Medical Centre (MUMC+) building,’ says architect Luc Nooijen, who works for Architecten aan de Maas in Maastricht. ‘When I look at the building now – six months after it was commissioned – I can see that its modernity and strength suit the very light, clinical appearance of the old building extremely well. We’ve been able, despite the extensive requirements, to create a building that’s retained its airiness while still exuding the warmth and relaxation that can b... More

Project • By MosaHotels

Hotel Van der Valk Antwerp

Mosa Solids tiles in 90 x 90 centimetres complete the picture Hotel Van der Valk in Antwerp (Belgium) was ready for a thorough makeover. The owners wanted to elevate the hotel to a higher plane and to create warm, welcoming spaces with the aid of natural materials. Mosa Solids tiles in 90 x 90 centimetres matched this ideal perfectly, so the choice of floor tiles was quickly made. Van der Valk operates hotels all over the world, from Benelux and France to the Caribbean. The hotel chain wants its interiors to present a modern yet home-like and friendly atmosphere. However, the owners of the different hotels are free to add their own personal interpretation to this. Elevating to a higher plane ‘The Van der Valk hotel in Antwerp had... More

Project • By MosaTrain stations

Amsterdam Central Station

"Pierre Cuypers designed Amsterdam Central railway station and the Rijksmuseum at the very edges of the city. At the time, the architect could never have known just how much the city would grow, or that these buildings would one day be viewed as obstacles to the surrounding area. The station, now a bustling hub of transport, no longer has a distinct front and back despite the rapid developments that have taken place behind the station, on the banks of the IJ. These developments have included the creation of 't Muziekgebouw aan het IJ, the EYE Film Museum, which seems to float like a bird on the water, and dozens of restaurants and cultural enterprises." This is according to Evelyne Merkx, of Merk X, famously known for converting Maastricht'... More

Project • By INTERALTER interiorarchitectsHotels

Kaboom Hotel

On the outside, the Kaboom Hotel reflects the architectural style in which in was built - the Amsterdam School. On the inside, it is ultra-modern and designed for the modern traveler. Interior designer Roger Hann decided to work with Mosa tiles in this design, partly because the tiles are produced locally, but also because of the durability and scalability offered by ceramics. In most hotels, high traffic areas like corridors tend to show signs of wear and tear due to a constant stream of suitcases and linen carts. Here, halls for instance include partial wall tiling made from diagonal ceramic tiles that protects walls from damage and also creates an unusual look. Corridor floor tiles come from the same tile collection from Mosa. The ma... More

Project • By MosaShops


In 2016, luxury department store Jelmoli opened ‘the largest shoe world’ in Switzerland. Designed by Lanzi & Bartollini, the star Italian architects met a demanding set of retail requirements that included bringing to the foreground the quality of the product and the concept of each shoe as a work of art. Their concept included the use of Mosa’s Beige & Brown tile collection throughout the space. The refined and elegant appearance of the tiles contributes to the high quality specification and design, while ensuring focus remains on the product. This ambitious shoe department in the heart of Zurich includes 40 shoe brands for men covering 400 square meters and 80 shoe brands for women covering over 1000 square meters. These brands range... More

Project • By MosaOffices

Mitsubishi Electric

Located in Ratingen, the German headquarters of Mitsubishi Electric is an ambitious 16,000 square metres office building where the entire infrastructure works in harmony, creating a sustainable, comfortable, thoroughly stylish and modern environment. The building brings together the company’s many different divisions in spacious offices that include places for meeting, collaboration, and presentation. However, what adds real value to the design is the integration of Mitsubishi Electric’s energy management technology with green building materials and concepts. This includes Mitsubishi’s latest control signal technology as well as innovative visualisation software that collects live data from all over the building to effectively manage t... More