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Product • By Firestone Building Products EMEAV-Gard Vapor Control Membrane

V-Gard Vapor Control Membrane

Get more control on the flow of energy Buildings need to be more energy-efficient, which is also driven by regulations. The roof is a large part of the total building envelope and has an important impact on the flow of energy. Vapor control membranes play a very important role in this. Firestone’s V-Gard Vapor Control Membrane is designed to be used as a vapor control layer in Firestone roofing systems. It consists of reinforced aluminum foil with self-adhesive bituminous backing, protected by a release film. The fiberglass reinforcement provides high strength to the membrane, which guarantees excellent mechanical performance.    Why choose Firestone’s V-Gard Vapor Control Membrane? V-Gard provides an excellent va... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceOffices

EOH IT Hub in Prague

"We began with the idea of merging two opposite scales. The microscopic and the macroscopic. Cells have to divide in order to multiply, grow and specialize properly. Space, for us, means endless opportunities and visions. It is full of creativity and imagination," says Martin Stára, founder and managing partner of Studio Perspektiv."Inspired by varying and distinct phenomena of each scale, we communicate the idea through organic structures, anorganic surfaces, semitransparent walls and membranes, laser beams and an assorted color palette of a galaxy far far away," adds Jan Antal, managing partner and author of the project.Multicellular OrganismThe two-storey office space is located in the Main Point building in Prague, Pankrác. The project'... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTHeritages

Fort 4 - Mortsel (near Antwerp)

This sail sculpture, designed by architect Amandus Vanquaille, was designed for a specific military building dating 1862. The typical architecture of that time does not allow any access to the inner courtyard (called the ‘reduit’ in military terms). The widest entrance was 98cm. At the outside there are moats, ramparts, ditches and fortifications, all built to protect the inner courtyard from intrusion. But how to build a roof over this large courtyard, if anyone can access with building materials or cranes? The answer is simple: making a flexible roof that one can carry in, like a large worm, through the inner corridors and through the narrow porches. The complete membrane roof exists of 8 parts (8 separate vaults) each small enough to be... More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTHeritages


ContextGooik is mentioned as belonging to the Abbey of Saint Gertrudus as from the 9th century. The church of Gooik is a registered building. In front of the church the parking space is in fact the centre of the village, which had in previous times a much more prominent meaning in the settlement. With input from the inhabitants a reconversion was planned.VisionIt was the aim that this central location of Gooik should have again its prominent role in the life of the community: covering friends and families at weddings when accessing the church, allowing the emplacement and linking the individual market stalls during the annual market, sheltering the benches, designed for this location, to allow the villagers to sit and talk together…It was t... More