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Neshat Office

Due to the location of the land and the volume of the building, an attempt was made to form the initial concept in such a way that it came out of the shape of a rectangular cube and had full and empty spaces and facade according to Iranian architectural patterns. Caption On the other hand, due to the existence of a neighboring brick building and the fact that brick is one of the main elements of Iranian architecture, it was decided that the total volume of the building be made of brick. Caption The openings are designed in such a way that while observing the proportions of Iranian architecture as much as possible express the type of interior space so that behind the window The triple rooms are located in the main hall, or behind... More

NewsNews • 25 Apr 2022

Iran’s Dasht-e-Chehel Villa evocatively explores indoor to outdoor connections in a cold climate

In Mosha, Tehran Province, Iran, the Dasht-e-Chehel Villa by 35-51 ARCHITECTURE Office explores indoor and outdoor connections in a cold climate. The design allows users to experience the sensory visual, and psychological connection of the outdoors while remaining sheltered and dry.  Arash akhtaran The building is oriented in a north-south direction with the most beautiful views being towards the north.  By making a diagonal cut along the longitudinal sides of the building, the architects succeeded in bringing the north view to the centre of the building. Further to this, an outdoor roof projecting towards the yard allows for the usage of space during snow and rain while alternatively protecting from the intensity of midday... More

Project • By Gera Studio ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Renovation of Amjad Villa

At first, we faced a ruined 100-year-old Building that only a few surrounding bearing brick walls and a basement was remained of it. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh Since the bearing walls had to be kept, we designed and used them in the same old shape. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh We formed an Important axis inside the building to connect the building to the garden. Then we applied this axis by placing a pool and TV room along it, also by creating a new roof with wooden beams remained from different parts of the old building. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh Due to the need of more space, we added a new floor including a bedroom, a terrace, a library and a small kitchen to the building. Mohammad Hassan Ettefagh we paid special attenti... More

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Villa Pela

Villa, Location: Rineh, Polour, Mazandaran, Iran things studio things studio things studio   More
Exterior render
Exterior render
Exterior render
Interior render
Interior render

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Ferdowsi Residential Complex

Since 2020, Covid-19 pandemic has caused various problems in economic, social, and housing sectors. Due to the fact that in quarantine period, most of the people were spending their whole time in their apartments, being locked down, they were bothered by lack or loss of open and social spaces. This led to a paradigm shift in living space and its relationship with public space. This project tries to develop open, social and interactive spaces to redefine user’s living area. As a vertical neighborhood, it brings back yards to homes by applying a critical approach to the current urban structure. Caption In this regard, the project is divided into three main parts; first part (ground level) is allocated to the service zone, the midd... More

Project • By disc architectsRestaurants

Chabahar Beach Cafe

Principal Architect: Moein NikaeenLead Architect: Behnam DaliliArchitect in charge: Bita Rezaee3d Visualization: Saeid Yousefvand- Ehsan DanandehDiagram: Mohammad MirzaieSpecial Thanks To Our Partner “Farid Behtash” for his supportClient: private Caption This project was referred to our office for reconstruction and renovation. It is located in Lipar region of Chabahar city. Caption After studying the context and social matters, we found that the project has separated itself from the plaza in front of it and it has been placed in the land like an unresolved event. This made it so difficult to find a connection between the context and the built part of it. Caption Here we decided to start the design process by e... More

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Layers Villa

OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio Layers Villa is located in Hashtgerd region in Alborz province with the area of ​​1200 square meters. This building has four floors and the area of ​​approximately 1200 square meters, including a reception hall, kitchen, dining room, four master bedrooms, a complete suite, sports spaces, swimming pool, service spaces, utility rooms, etc. In the initial analysis of the site, we realized that the climatic conditions of the area and the neighborhoods could be a threat to security and privacy in this house, which was one of the most important concerns of the design team in the first design steps of the project. OJAN Design Studio OJAN Design Studio The main idea of ​​the project is base... More

Project • By AshariArchitectsHousing

Dena Villa

Dena villa project, actually built 20 years ago. It had a complicated and closed plan, the owner of which wanted to make fundamental changes and general reconstruction, due to the age of himself and his wife. We have followed two main goals for the improvement and reconstruction of this villa: 1-     Using the maximum natural light For using the maximum light, in order to create visual transparency and connecting the interior spaces to the yard, we increased the number and area of the windows. Also by using some skylights, where there was the possibility of construction, we illuminated the dark spaces.  2-     Integrating the separate spaces in order to create spatial flexibility while maintaining the character... More

Project • By Swap officeCultural Centres

Ferdowsi cultural center

Kheradsara is both a destination for members and home to the different events. We believe that it should be a connection between the locals, Shahname, and culture. The volume is transparent on the southern side. The vertical is followed by the horizontal void that turns into a yard, turning the closed spaces into semi-open and open spaces. The lobby on the bottom of the void connects the Amphitheaters to the gallery and yard. More

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Villa De

Project Name: Villa DE Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Firm Location: QOM, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN  Completion Year:2020 Lead Architect: REZA JAFARI Design  &  Presentation Team: REZA JAFARI,Sayyed Mohammad Mahdi Masoumi, Amir Hosein Sharifzade, Mohammad Farahani, Reza Savadi,  Bahar Javadzade, Hasti Jokar, Ehsan Bakhshande, Neda Moradkhani Rendering: Reza Savadi       Clients: Hosein Eslamian In this project, the concept was to separate users from urban life. Also, the existence of a border between human beings and nature seemed to be necessary to provide peace. For this reason, a transparent border was defined between man and nature. This building is a solitude in the heart of nature to whi... More

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Project Name: AGHAGHIA Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Firm Location: QOM, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN  Completion Year:2020 Lead Architects: REZA JAFARI Photo credits: Ali Esmaeili                Clients: Moeid Hoseini Engineering: Ali Sharif The concept in this project was to establish more dialogue between inside and outside. The stretched geometry of the site with the turbulent context of the project caused to consider the building as a livable sculpture that appears on an urban edge. So that the volumetric diversity of the windows set to extend the movement in the site and create a various view in its form. To create a common spatial value between the ground floor and the first commercial... More

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Project Name: ERAM Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Completion Year:2018 Project location: Eram Street , QOM Lead Architects: REZA JAFARI Photo credits:     Ali Esmaeili                Design Team: Reza Jafari, Viraform Team Clients: Mohsen Soltani Engineering: Mohammad Alborzi The site of this project is located on Eram walking Street near The historic bazaar in the Qom city near Fatima Masumeh Holy Shrine. Due to the importance of the project location in terms of the historical context of Eram walking Street, this project started with urban research in Eram street facades and sidewalks. By studying the history of street formation in the first Pahlavi period, and especially the second P... More

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Frame in qom

Project Name: FRAME Architecture Firm: VIRAFORM Firm Location: QOM, ISLAMIC REPUBLIC OF IRAN  Completion Year:2017 Gross Built Area:2500 square meter Project location: QOM  Lead Architects: REZA JAFARI Photo credits:   Ali Esmaeili                    Clients: Ghasem Rauofi In this project, the main challenge was visibility and privacy while providing adequate lighting for the spaces. Due to urban laws, the project land is in contact with the city only in one direction. To solve this problem for communication between outside and inside. We think to consider frame as space. Often each window has a frame. This frame is an opportunity to communicate between in and out. In... More

Project • By Things StudioHousing

Villa Shipel

Villa, Location: Kelardasht, Mazandaran Province, Iran More

Project • By Moein Jalali and PartnersOffices

Jordan Art Office

The design began based on the idea of Palemos, meaning battle. The space was divided in two sections: work space and exhibition space .the work space was designed as a garage art and the design of the exhibition space was based on the concept of heterotopia. To design the ceiling which represents the spirit of the space we used the biography matrix. In the whole project we relied on paradox. To separate the two aforementioned spaces we used a wall consisted of many doors. Concrete and wood were used in the design of the entrance and stairway to create a phenomenological encounter for the first impression. This project was nominated for “Commercial Interior Design (CID) 2018” and also was nominated for “Asia Architectural A... More