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Project • By HaalOffices

Aut-Comp Office

The renovation project for the Aut-Comp office started rethinking layout partitions to adapt to current workflow. The new layout proposes spatial integration and avoids pre-established usage only, providing users spatial adaptation in day by day use. The new meeting room, for example, can be integrated to commun area through opening the sliding door. Additionally the dark gray built-in custom furniture spreads along the rooms suggesting how the space works and connecting areas. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More

Project • By HaalShops

Mariano Store

Mariano is a lean and basic menswear brand with a timeless approach and has a hybrid operation, with online and physical presence. Caption The goal of the physical store is to become a point of contact between customer and product, while communicating the brand values through the store design. Construction had to be very fast paced, therefore very simple construction techniques were used, communicating the brand simplicity through a palette of whites reinforced with different textures and soft lighting. Caption In order to frame and highlight the products, we detached the store volume from the mall alignment, and designed a see-through fabric panel in the facade that provides privacy to the inside while instigating customers.... More

Project • By 2prostoryApartments


Introducing the Portena project!We designed the apartment in a modern style so as to offer a unique and at the same time harmonious atmosphere for a young and very demanding family.Imagine waking up at dawn in bed from B&B Italia and rewarding after a busy day in the form of well-deserved relaxation while watching the sunset in the Salvatori bath. 2prostory ( 2prostory ( 2prostory ( 2prostory ( 2prostory ( 2prostory ( 2prostory ( More

Project • By studio AEIOUApartments


Building modifications and interior design first consisted in the effective use of the existing living room. Gradually, however, the assignment expanded to other areas. The division of the social part created a place for a new living room and bedroom. The layout of the living room is new, the sofa is moved to the corner and improves the functionality of the entire space, as well as is better connected to the dining room and kitchen. Caption Caption Above the sofa is a set of shelves with cabinets and next to it a fireplace insert. Opposite is a chest of drawers with a shelf and a place for a TV. The furniture in the dining room continues in the same spirit as in the living room, which visually connects the space - a white chest o... More

Project • By Studio ZungApartments

Maison 7

A complete renovation, this design-and-build luxuriously minimal two-bedroom residence incorporates the usage of local and handcrafted materials throughout its design. Robert Banat Robert Banat Featuring stone culled from the oldest quarry in the Eastern United States, Vermont grown and milled white oak, American walnut cabinetry, and Italian venetian plaster – each material was sourced from an artisan. Robert Banat Robert Banat More

Project • By bobo spaceApartments

Minimalistic interior in the Club House

The apartment was designed for a young man to live there. But it was necessary to lay in the planning the prospect of the appearance of a family and a child in the future. Anna Kutilina Anna Kutilina In this project, we have completely rethought the planning solution proposed by the developer. We made a three-room apartment from a two-room apartment. Due to the area of ​​the corridor, the sanitary unit was expanded and combined, the space of the kitchen-living room was increased, and space was allocated for the dressing room-server room. Anna Kutilina Anna Kutilina In the room adjacent to the bedroom, a study was provided with an additional sleeping place for guests. In the future, this room can be converted into a nur... More

Project • By MNdesignApartments

Expressive Minimalism

Expressive minimalism—that’s how we can define a style of 125-meter apartment project in residential complex on Kastanaevskaya Street, Moscow. This project was executed for our established clients, the family of four people.   Sergey Krasyuk Sergey Krasyuk We divided the apartment into two zones located in different parts of the apartment: parents’ area and children’s area. Parents’ area is completely “independent”—besides bedroom, it contains its own bathroom and dressing room. These two “wings” join in the center of the apartment—a large space of kitchen and living room, includi... More

Project • By BIEN STUDIOApartments


The 100m2 penthouse located in the centre of Poznan is in dominant black. The functionality of the design comes from an open living room with a kitchen as a central place. Other rooms are: a study room with a library, a bedroom with a wardrobe and a full bathroom, and the guest bathroom outside the private bedroom area. Every room is accessed from a corridor with linear lighting, and walls upholstered in natural black wool that makes the space friendly. There is marble used in the bathrooms offering the interior a wealth of elegance and making it a timeless treasure. Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek Tom Kurek   More

Project • By PROJECT905Apartments

Dinamo Apartment

The design of this minimalist style apartment in Moscow with floor space of 60 sq. m was made by founders  of  Architectural bureau PROJECT905 ( Aleksey Dunayev and Marianna Zapolskaya ) for themselves and their daughter. The apartment is located next to the Dynamo Metro station. Caption The common area with kitchen and living room divides two bedrooms – the children’s room and the parents’ room – as a buffer, and they also designed sliding partitions to the full height of the room from both sides of the parents’ bedroom. When they are open, the bedroom becomes a part of the common space, and when they are closed, the bedroom becomes fully isolated with its own bathroom and workplace. Along the... More



With pure, angular forms, Oxo is a contemporary series with an eye to the future. The sustainable design of its taps has been internationally recognised, receiving the Green Good Design and Product IF Design Award, both in 2020. More

Project • By RondPrivate Houses

Kitchen renovation

In this kitchen renovation the ROND sockets provided the electricity outlets that are needed, without compromising on the minimalist design of the project. The power sockets are easily integrated in the mortex surface. More

Project • By AE ArchitectsApartments


The owners of this apartment live outside the city. The idea was to have a room for their child in their Moscow apartment. For that, we repurposed the two-meter wide walk-in closet. That is why our goal was to make it feel as spacious as possible. The former walk-in closet triples as a bedroom, study, and home gymnasium. We placed the desk and head of the bed next to the window whose sill doubles as a sort of bedside cabinet. As for the free space between the bed and closet, we arranged a home gymnasium with a couple of floor cushions there. For all the storage needs the owners might have, we put a built-in closet split with accent lighting in the room. The bed has pullout drawers, and to the right from the desk there is a storage system... More

Project • By Zarna StudioPrivate Houses


The client wanted an elegant home for him and his family. He wished for a simplistic experience with a traditional touch to it.   The exterior material and colour palette is limited to tan, giving an earthy and grounded feel to the entire house. Here, the central White Jali  becomes the central focal point of the scheme.   Carved wooden door with two falseJharokha , brass pots near the entrance resounded with the client’s ancestral home. The simple golden patterned laminate gives it a bit of a modern touch too.   The paintings hung besides the door were passed on to the client; so whenever they enter, it reminds them of their roots.   A cantilevered RCC steps then leads you to the first floor to the in... More

Project • By HaalApartments

Sabará apartament

The high ceiling, generous window openings and the original wood flooring were the features that guided the renovation of this 70’s apartment in São Paulo central region.The abundant natural light that reaches the different rooms, inspired us to choose a lean and neutral color palette and a small number of different materialities in order to value its presence. Each room offers the warmth of the natural light, both direct and indirect, it receives. In order to accommodate the new residents, few spatial modifications were needed from the original plan. The service dorm was transformed into a walk-in closet and bathroom for the couple’s suite, and part of the kitchen was used for a built-in closet in the private circu... More

Project • By Igor SirotovShops


Interior design by Igor Sirotov Architects   Киев, Украина. Проект был реализован в торговом центре "Домосфера", салон под названием "Концепты" More