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Project • By Studio ZungPrivate Houses

Maison Meadowlark

A ground up design and build of a modern seven bedroom primary residence incorporating sustainable design principles built for an international family of four. The concept revolved around the need for environmental sustainability while having plentiful communal spaces to create ease for a vibrant family and their guests. Equally important was that the private spaces functioned as a retreat. Adrian Gaut Adrian Gaut Natural light creates shifting patterns on the opposing wall of the glass paned hallway leading from the main house past the guest bedrooms and to the master suite. Subtle color palette and interior design use contrasting tactile elements to create an environment of luxury and accessibility. The views of the pool and ga... More

Project • By Designoir Interiors | Laura Ghiurtz ArchitecturePrivate Houses

House CV

Located in Cluj-Napoca, Romania, in a neighborhood near the city center, this house was built on the foundation of an existing one in order to suit the needs and taste of the clients. The house rebuilt project follows the slope of the land, which makes the access in the house to be on the ground floor (where the master bedroom, bathroom and dressing room are located), then descending to the semi-basement (living room, kitchen and bathroom), through which one can access the back garden. The interior design brief was to incorporate the clients wishes for a large – celebrity-like- dressing room, a master bathroom with shower and freestanding bathtub, a high-end kitchen with concealed appliances as well as the clients love for copper fi... More
Luxury living room Knighstbridge

Project • By GBG Building Services LtdPrivate Houses


Our UHNI client purchased a grand 600 square metre maisonette in Cadogan Square, Knighstbrige, which is one of the most desirable luxury residential addresses in London. It was a Grade II listed building that required significant renovation works.  The area of Cadogan Garden is known for its exclusivity and noble red-brick buildings. The square was built around the 1870s to 1880s, mostly on the grounds of the well known Prince's Club. The main first floor of this Grade listed apartment was spread over two fronts, with an outstanding full view overlooking the Cadogan Garden Square through 6 historic shuttered double French doors. The client also purchased a basement flat that had been unrenovated for over 50 years. The intention was to... More

Product • By Studio DeSimoneWaylandNight Sky Wallpaper

Night Sky Wallpaper

Taking inspiration from a nineteenth century star chart of the Southern Hemisphere and eighteenth century etchings, we have created a graceful nocturnal sky of clouds and constellations. Available in four distinctive colours of Silver Fog, Pink Light, Silver Light and Ink Blue. The lighter colorways are printed on Mica ground which gives a subtle sheen to the pattern.   Made in England    1005x52 cm (5,22 m2)    Weight: 167 gsm   STRAIGHT MATCH   REPEAT: 162 cm   Silver Light, Pink Light and Silver Fog are Mica coated non-woven wallpaper; Ink Blue is Toll coated non-woven wallpaper.   High Quality Matte coated non-woven wallcovering    Fire Rating: BS EN 13501-1:2002,... More

Product • By Studio DeSimoneWaylandDutch Sky Wallpaper

Dutch Sky Wallpaper

The Dutch sky which has inspired so many artists through the centuries was the starting point of this series. Choosing the ever changing patterns of the Dutch skies from our own collection of photos as inspiration, we have layered these images with details from antique etchings from The Netherlands. The Dutch Sky wallpaper comes in three designs: Dusk-Violet, Storm-Grey and Summer-Blue, and represents a personal, evocative homage to the place that inspired it. Next to high quality coated non-woven, the Dutch Sky patterns are also available on a mica coating, which gives a wonderful sheen to the design.   Made in England    1005x52 cm (5,22 m2)  Weight: 167 gsm   REPEAT: 130 cm Drop: 43 cm   High Qu... More

Project • By DP ArchitectsApartments

8 Saint Thomas

8 Saint Thomas Residence is a high-end condominium located in the heart of Orchard Road – Singapore’s most famous vibrant shopping street. Standing at 153m-tall, the condominium comprises 250 freehold units with two blocks at 35 storeys and 36 storeys respectively. It is packed with a wide range of supporting facilities and convenient transportation. This project uses a multi-layer design approach to merge its architecture and landscape – creating an open, comfortable and beautiful atmosphere. This development considers the well-being of the end-users. Thus, there are 5 sky terraces vertically stacked on one block with 6 on the other block. These terraces provide lush greenery with a beautiful lounge area for the residents’ enjoyment.... More

Project • By Atelier Tobia ZambottiApartments

Solvallagata 68

"Solvallagata68" is a residential project commissioned by a very friendly and social family who is used to host friends and relatives on a daily basis. For this reason the design concept’s goal was to create a spacious open-plan living area encouraging family members and their guests to spend time together. In order to reach the client’s needs it was necessary to demolish part of the wall, which divided the kitchen and the living room, drastically changing the old layout.The custom-made kitchen is developed along the three perimetral walls in order to optimize the room’s layout and create an empty area in the middle of the room, necessary to facilitate dense people flows. The white Corian countertop faces a wide window that b... More
Corner Detail
Side View-Evening
Side View Detail-Evening
Rear View-Daytime

Project • By ELLIPSIS ArchitecturePrivate Houses

Snow Shed House

The Snow Shed House was designed as a place of solace and escape; a tool to reengage with the natural environment. Modest dimension on the street facade gives way to grand verticality on the downhill side, providing expansive views of the nearby mountain ranges. The building form is a tightly-wrapped, robustly-insulated box cloaked with a thin, refined roof line that cascades down to the ground to provide privacy screening of the facade from the adjacent access road. The main living level, containing living, dining and cooking areas as well as a guest suite, is stacked atop a garage and utility floor. A master suite occupies the third floor and overlooks the floor below. More

Project • By ELLIPSIS ArchitectureApartments


The MC03 project is our third renovation in the iconic Marina City complex in Chicago designed by Bertrand Goldberg. Throughout the years, many residential units in the complex have suffered from renovations that compromise the original spaces and intent of the architect. For this project, we referenced the design template developed during MC02 to return units to their original spatial and material condition while updating all its system to current comfort standards. Similarly to MC01 and MC02, our previous projects in the building, MC03 reintroduces a spatial clarity to the unit, prioritizing key aspects of the original design by Goldberg such as its structure and minimizing the color and material palette. The unit is brough... More

Project • By ELLIPSIS ArchitectureApartments


The MC01 project is a renovation of a one-bedroom unit in the iconic Marina City complex (1959–1967) in Chicago designed by Bertrand Goldberg. Previously renovated by a former owner, the unit had been divided into a series of disconnected spaces with multiple materials and finishes that had diminished the integrity of the original space. Our project reintroduces a spatial clarity to the unit, reorganizing the spaces and minimizing the colors and materials used, as well as building upon key aspects of the original design by Goldberg such as its structure. The unit is organized along a reconfigured wall that runs from the entrance until the balcony. The wall conceals closets and doors, allowing the bathroom and bedroom to be connect... More

Project • By ELLIPSIS ArchitectureApartments


The MC02 project is our second renovation in the iconic Marina City complex in Chicago designed by Bertrand Goldberg. Throughout the years, many residential units in the complex have suffered from renovations that compromise the original spaces and intent of the architect. For this project, the goal was to develop a design template that can be referenced to return units to their original spatial and material condition while updating all its systems to current comfort standards. Similarly to MC01, our previous project in the building, MC02 reintroduces a spatial clarity to the unit, prioritizing key aspects of the original design by Goldberg such as its structure and minimizing the color and material palette. The unit is broug... More

Project • By AGi architectsPrivate Houses

Nirvana Home

There are no words to define the concept of Nirvana, a mental state with effects in the physical and spiritual planes. This makes it difficult to explain and only those who practice meditation can understand how far they are from reaching it. These thoughts led us to name this project Nirvana. Words like “house”, “villa”, or “palace” fail to represent the scale of the building, its materialisation, or its spatial order. We prefer the term “home”. The features of a home are not physical, but rather emotional and affective, and Nirvana Home has been designed and built to satisfy the needs of the inhabitants in these terms. This home is also a reflection of the culture within which it is developed. In this sense, its point of contact with the... More

Project • By Steinberg HartApartments

3033 Wilshire

With its sculpted profile, high-quality residential units, and thoughtfully planned social areas, this high-density, mixed-use development is set to become an architectural icon, connecting Downtown Los Angeles to Koreatown.Sitting at the corner of Wilshire Boulevard and Virgil Avenue, the building stands out one of the first luxury mixed-use projects to be constructed along the 16-mile historic corridor that stretches west from downtown Los Angeles. From the rooftop deck, residential balconies cascade down the sleek glass and aluminum exterior. Employing glass as the primary skin element, the protruding decks change size as they move up the building, creating a fluid appearance across the facade. The 190 residential units — including studi... More

Project • By Piramit ArchitectsOffices

Nurol Tower

Nurol Tower is situated Sisli district of Istanbul, next to the highway connecting the two banks of city via the Bosporus Bridge. The tower designed with a flexibility to allocate offices in different scales has 30 floors rising above a base of five floors. The entrance and the first floor of this base is reserved for a small-scale shopping centre and commercial units that serve the daily needs of the offices above.After the initial studies and analysis, the main design principle was based on the flexibility of varied functions. Thanks to this flexible planning scheme, it became possible to allocate small, medium or large office spaces in each floor. The entrance floor serves as a lobby to the main office floors in addition to independent e... More

Project • By Jonas LindvallApartments

Brf Leanderklockan

Brf Leanderklockan is a residential project consisting of 18 apartments, designed by Lindvall A & D. The project is part of the first phase of Ystad's new Trädgårdsstad (Garden City) district, which will provide approximately 400-450 new homes in the city of Ystad, southern Sweden. The plan consists of three apartment blocks, each with six apartments, to be built on a 2,076 sq metre plot in the northwestern part of the new district. The apartment plans vary in size, from 79-145.5 sq metres, with features such as mezzanine floors, double height volumes with over five metre high sliding glass partitions and private terraces and/or balconies. Inspired by classic expressions reminiscent of modernism, architect Jonas Lindvall juxtaposes larg... More