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NewsNews • 22 Oct 2021

I.s.m.architecten breaks with adjacent Flemish village row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape

In a Belgian village, close to Antwerp, i.s.m.architecten intentionally broke with the adjacent row houses by opting for a pentagonal shape with its sharp edge to the street. This reduced the point of contact with the street to a bare minimum.  luis díaz díaz The angular shape gives the side wedges of the volume a distinct character. A concrete wall encloses an introverted patio next to the front entrance. One side opens to the patio and the other opens towards the surrounding landscape. luis díaz díaz The pentagonal floor plan is shaped like the icon for a house. A solitary concrete column and conversation pit organize the open plan. An open concrete staircase connects towards the upper level of... More

NewsNews • 25 Aug 2021

House D-S offers an unconventional interpretation of traditional Flemish typology

While accommodating typically strict Flemish urban planning regulations and typologies known to the region this new-build home offers residents added value for the residents who are able to enjoy both the space and intimacy that a pitched roof offers, along with the bonus of carefully framed views made possible by three triangles cut into the plan. Jeroen Verrecht At street level, the house by Graux & Baeyens architecten presents itself as a solid concrete block set partly into the ground. The entryway, dressing area, bathroom and bedroom unfold around the central spiral staircase like the triangular wedges of a cake. Jeroen Verrecht On the ground floor, rugged materials such as classic brick, blue MDF doors and white tiles... More