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Project • By Mitsuori ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Small Moves House

Following the purchase of a heritage home our client asked us to find a way to transform the existing building with it’s compartmentalised spaces into a comfortable, free flowing and spacious family living zone. Michael Kai Photography The existing building was too recently modified to be demolished but contained spaces too outdated and compartmentalised to meet the needs of a young family. Our design approach focused on making on a series of ‘small moves’ aimed at creating major change. Michael Kai Photography A small existing courtyard in the middle of the house is enclosed and covered with a glass roof transforming it into a vibrant sky lit family dining room. Concealed external blinds control light and heat... More

Project • By deamicisarchitettiRural

Agricultural Machinery Depot

The territory of Gavi is currently experiencing a rebirth characterized by the activism of some farms growing strongly that therefore are in need of new operative spaces. Between them, “La Raia” is one of the most interesting farms because it combines the activity of agriculture with that of a Foundation which aims to protect and promote the values of the territory by interventions concerning art and culture. In this context, the project of the new agricultural machinery depot, that clearly with its pure functional scope has a minor impact on the architectural scenario, needs a deeper gaze that cannot disregard a consideration upon the territory, restricting the functional issue to a precondition. The volume of the new project i... More

Project • By AR Design StudioHousing

The Crows Nest

AR Design Studio was approached by the clients who were looking to extend their holiday home on a cliff top on the South Coast. During the planning process, and following the unprecedented rainfall during the winter of 2014, there was subsidence close to the house and the decision was made to replace it entirely.   AR Design Studio was then tasked with designing a completely new home; the idea of movement and fracturing formed the backbone of the concept. Working closely with engineers Eckersley O’Callaghan, an imaginative structural solution was proposed to prevent future failure. A concrete slab was built into the ground, a series of strategically placed dwarf walls were then built on top of it. A floating structural frame wa... More

Project • By AR Design StudioHousing

The Elements

The Elements is a private new build house in Hampshire, completed in early 2017 by Winchester based architects AR Design Studio. Adjacent to the stunning River Hamble and its popular marina, it is nestled within meadows rich in native wildlife. With a global collection of friends and family, the client required a large home in which to regularly host and entertain. The home focuses on accommodating a number of guests in the homeliest way possible, providing an experience of a ‘home-from-home’. It is hoped that the home will create lasting memories among visiting friends and family. The massing for the home is divided into three interlocking blocks. Two blocks, one for guests, the other for the family, are connected by a central entra... More

Project • By AR Design StudioHousing

The Farmer's House

The Farmer’s House acts as the UK base for AR Design Studio’s clients, who return to the English countryside from their travels to tend to their farmstead. Set on a private estate in the most western part of the South Downs National Park, the house’s rural location is its raison d’etre. AR Design Studio were approached by the clients who were looking to add a completely self-contained yet joined annexe, that would be a space for their children and grandchildren to ‘take over’ when they were staying. The team at AR Design Studio proposed an extension and makeover that would wrap everything together in a unified and elegant form. The old and new are joined by a glazed link that sits between the existing house and the new annexe.... More

Project • By BoysPlayNiceHousing

Two Houses, Deers and Trees

The rising interest in countryside houses is mostly linked to the attempt to balance the rushed city life and also to a desire for something authentic and traditional. But paradoxically this desired character of vernacular architecture is often removed by an overly precise reconstruction and standardized building solutions. Generally it is a challenge how to provide the current level of comfort and at the same time to preserve the original feel of the building. Furthermore, what if the former house must be almost all replaced due to its bad technical condition - does it make sense to repeat it and in what extent? At the end it's not so relevant to distinguish the old and new, the essential is the resulting mood of the whole... In this p... More

Project • By Jan ProksaPrivate Houses

Brick House in Brick Garden

Traditional villages in the Southern Moravia region of the Czech Republic are characterized by their distinctive urban planning. The streets are lined with L-shaped row houses neighbouring each other on narrow rectangular plots, each with its own long and narrow backyard. A single multi-generational family home typically consists of three parts: the street-facing house inhabited by parents with their children, a home for the grandparents bordering on a courtyard, and the remaining lot to the rear of the property which was traditionally used for small-scale farming. In general, the front-facing houses are more spacious and feature more elaborate construction techniques. The façade, for example, the house's public presentation to the neighbou... More

Project • By Bossley ArchitectsPrivate Houses

Okura House

Designed for a sensitive ridge in rolling countryside, this house was depressed three metres into the existing ridgeline to minimise impact on the sea views from the neighbouring sites. Two separate buildings, linked by screens and lightweight roof, define the entry and pool area and help minimise the overall visual bulk. The main living wing has a central section of concrete walls and earth roof to replicate the original ridge when viewed from afar. From this ‘grounded’ element radiate the floating roof over the living areas, and a separate bedroom wing which cantilevers dramatically over the falling land. More