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Project • By Avanto Architects LtdDistribution Centres

Finnish Design Shop

Finnish Design Shop is the world’s largest online store of Nordic design. The company’s fast growth accelerated during the pandemic, as physical stores needed to close their doors. The new building, headquarters of the company, comprises a logistics center delivering products to over one hundred countries, a showroom, and a restaurant. Kuvatoimisto Kuvio Oy The design task was challenging. The large-scale building was mainly formed according to the requirements of the automated robot warehouse inside, and there was no possibility to articulate the building with massing or roof form. Even though the location right next to the Turku city ring road and near the airport allowed for a simple structure, the user wished for the b... More

Project • By Open AD architectsPrivate Houses

YEK Villas

The twin villas "levitate" amid the towering pines and birches of a secluded park in the Ural region of Russia. Their presence is felt, but subtle. Maxim Kanakin Ivanka Concrete panels, perforated metal and reflective glass combine in façades, which continue the patterns of the surrounding landscape. Beneath the exterior is a sturdy reinforced concrete frame. Maxim Kanakin Since the homes sit in a publicly accessible location, people walk freely in the area. Not only do the façade features perform well visually, but also give privacy to residents, so that they can see the landscape, but passers-by can’t see inside. The overhangs and screens also protect from the glare of the sun. Maxim Kanakin An enclos... More

Project • By spillmann echsle architektenHousing

House P, Erlenbach

The tapered 500 square-metre property is situated on a ridge on the right bank of Lake Zurich. The structure’s dimensions result from the contracting shape of the plot. The detached house comprises two full storeys with an attic and a basement including an underground car park. The projecting and receding levels of the single-shell concrete construction appear deliberately stacked on top of each other and create balconies with different orientations. The window openings are positioned precisely in the individual rooms to ensure views of the lake and into the distance. A staircase core runs through the structure like a backbone and holds the compact interior layout together. The structure’s heaviness offers presence as a res... More

NewsNews • 6 Jun 2021

Sony Music Office in Amsterdam renovates a 60s icon with inspiring acoustic and visual strategies

A’DAM, standing for Amsterdam Dance and Music, is a recently renovated 60s icon located on the banks of the city’s IJ river. The building is home to several nightclubs as well as leading international music companies including Sony Music Entertainment. Peter Tijhuis Designed by Beyond Spaces, magnificent views are freed from obstruction by placing enclosed functions near the core of the floor plan. The existing concrete façade claims the spotlight.  Peter Tijhuis A homage to the experience of music, the designers explain that the building’s core resembles the inside of an amplifier, the stair doubles as a bar, and the vinyl boardroom tables can transform into a DJ booth. Peter Tijhuis The ceil... More

Project • By Concrete ValleyShopping Centres

Mall of the Netherlands

mbX produced 10.000 m2 unique double-curved precast façade elements for the largest and most impressive shopping mall in the Netherlands. Client: Unibail Rodamco WestfieldArchitect: MVSA ArchitectenContractor: Ballast NedamFacade specialist: TGM More

Project • By Jost ArchitectsApartments

Adela Apartments

The project came about with the development of a large residential block close to the Elwood foreshore and Port Philip Bay. The brief simply requested a spacious apartment product that was cutting edge and contemporary, but subtle both inside and out. The concept of a large apartment resulted in six single level dwellings, each with the proportions of a small house. The apartments are low maintenance, functionally adaptable to appeal to a range of potential residents, and highly sustainable. Externally, rather than go for a standard “stacked wedding cake” form, the building was set back significantly from the adjoining properties on the lower levels. This allowed the main volume of the building to have vertical sides and reduce... More

NewsNews • 3 May 2021

Kulturbahnhof Aalen merges industrial history with 21st century architecture

The Kulturbahnhof Aalen brings together the city’s industrial history with 21st architecture by sensitively integrating historical building fragments with modern elements. The resulting civic hub now accommodates a cinema, theatre, and music school along with high-quality event halls. Brigida González The Kulturbahnhof is located in an area once known as the Aalen ‘Stadoval,’ which alongside other uses was a railway track area.  After a fire caused significant damage in 2014, only fragments of some historical groups of buildings and their beautiful sandstone facades remained. For a+r Architekten, the guiding principle of the project was to carefully preserve the remaining heritage while developing a cultu... More

NewsNews • 8 Feb 2021

Poetic concrete façade features in a new residential building that engages with its New York context

Featuring a poetic concrete façade of simple materials and imaginative detailing, 75 Kenmare by architect Andre Kikoski functionally and visually engages with its vibrant Manhattan location, creating a sense of place at the junction of Soho, NoHo, the Lower East Side and Little Italy. The 83,000 square foot residential building contains 38 apartments that range from 600 to 3,000 feet. Scott Frances While concrete may not be the most conventional choice for an urban residential building, it’s versatility as a material means it can be cast into any shape, form or colour. Here, the architects have rendered simple linear channel-like forms into the concrete that move in and out of the facade as they rise the height of the bui... More

Product • By CRETOX Concrete Panel | Haute CoutureFX-4083 Vintage Plain Smoky Grey Concrete Panel | Smooth Concrete Panel

FX-4083 Vintage Plain Smoky Grey Concrete Panel | Smooth Concrete Panel

Smooth concrete panel CRETOX Panels are concrete panel that has a versatile usage.  Available in 7 mm and 11 mm thickness options.  60x120 cm in serial production | Special size up to max 295 cm x 122 cm Lightweight natural concrete panel for exterior and interior cladding   More

NewsNews • 26 Nov 2020

Notary Van Damme building emphasizes line formation and proportions

Located in Bruges, the Notary Van Damme building by Govaert & Vanhoutte Architects takes a distinctly minimalist approach with an emphasis on line formation and proportions. The main materials that dominate both the interior and exterior of the building are glass and concrete. Tim Van De Velde The façade is largely glazed, which presents a sharp and distinct contrast with the solid areas of grey concrete. On the right façade, thick concrete slats in varying widths veil the otherwise expansive glazing sharply.   Tim Van De Velde The build’s form itself protrudes most dramatically forward at the entrance, with an overhanging upper floor glass volume that provides shelter from the elements. Tim Van D... More

NewsGuides • 20 Sep 2020

A guide to designing with concrete

Known for its design flexibility and visual appeal, concrete is without a doubt a favoured material -  if not the favourite material - of architects. We’ve taken a look at the evolution of concrete in the field of architecture over the centuries in our Compact History of Concrete. Here, we take a practical look at the use of concrete in current architectural practice and some of the key points to consider when designing with concrete. Colour and Texture: Colour and texture are perhaps two of the biggest ways to make an impact with concrete.   Concrete is of course known and loved for its smooth mid-grey tones. But many projects in latter years have made a statement by adding colourful pigments, including bright red, yello... More

Project • By Lukas Imhof Architektur GmbHPump stations

EMV AVA Altenrhein

Our strategy does not rely on contrasts or confrontation between old and new. Rather, we tried to seek out the qualities of the existing, strengthen them and develop them further in a new form. Qualities of the existing building stock are, for example, approaches to uniformity, an almost urban quality of the spaces and a solid execution of the buildings.   This strategy aims to ensure that not just a nice new building is placed next to an unattractive old building, but that the old and the new communicate with each other, and in the best case even enrich each other. The result can be seen, for example, in the opposite of the new EMV building and the old building from the 1970ies, directly opposite: both buildings design "moved toward... More

Project • By LS3PResearch Facilities

One Research Drive

One Research Drive, a four-story research and academic building on Clemson University’s CU-ICAR campus, features flexible research and office space for innovators and entrepreneurs supporting the region’s automotive cluster.  Located on a prominent entry into the campus, the building expresses the program’s technology focus with sleek metal, glass and concrete facades. The transparency of the design visually connects the advanced technologies inside the building with the connecting pedestrian plaza.   The 84,000 GSF facility offers high-bay lab space with on-grade access and flexible, easily reconfigured office suites. An exposed multi-floor structural truss framework maximizes open space internally while creat... More

Project • By Pedro Henrique | ArquitetoPrivate Houses

House CG

A place, that arises from an elevated plan in relation to the street, and opens itself onto a field, is defined by the large trees that give us visual sensations, experienced as a result of the various colour palettes that each season brings. A set of volumes draw the house that embodies a recognisable archetype and divides the intimate and social area, separating the bedrooms from the kitchen and living rooms. These volumes are organised in different orientations in search of the best relationship between them, and each other with the outside.   The contrast between the raw concrete facades and the interior of the house creates an intimate tactile sensation, experienced through the patios, the skylights and the stairs. The social ar... More