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Project • By Yuji Yamazaki Architecture PLLCHotels

Lepogo Lodges

On the banks of the Palala River in the Waterberg region of Limpopo province in South Africa lies Lapalala Game Reserve. Comprising 45,000 hectares of breathtaking natural beauty. Lapalala’s vision is to continue to protect and conserve it's biodiversity, uplift the neighbouring communities and create a responsible and sustainable model to secure Lapalala’s conservation status into the future.Lepogo. Lodges will consist of 3 separate lodges. Noka Camp will be the first to open in March 2019. Lepogo Lodge and Melote House will follow in September 2019. Each lodge sleeps 8.  Lepogo Lodges Lepogo Lodges Lepogo Lodges Yuji Yamazaki Architecture PLLC More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTConcert Halls

Events - temporary installation

Nomad Concept offers airy, open shelters that give (private) parties, festivals, exhibitions and concerts in the open air an extra dimension. These refined creations can also be rented and give an additional cachet to your event. In addition, major players in the event world have called on Nomad Concept. For the Duvel Moortgat brewery, for example, we have created an exclusive sail sculpture for their annual happenings that evokes both playfulness and austerity.We do not only rent, but also create and make shelters on demand for cultural festivals (Festival of Flanders) and famous brands who seek for an own image. Events can be temporary (1 weekend) or semi-temporary (yearly installation of 4 months). More

Project • By NOMAD CONCEPTOffices

Nomad Concept - corporate projects

The graceful sails created by The Nomad Concept (Belgium) fit into almost any environment, from the intimate atmosphere of a private garden to the more pragmatical character of offices, public projects or events.Whether the aim is mainly to create shade or to provide protection from rain or to create a secluded area away from the world, architect Amandus VanQuaille always looks for a solution with high artistic value. The sails are used as an entrance canopy, smoking areas or outdoor dining area, cover of a terrace etc... MaterialsThe architectural sails are made of high-quality, innovative materials, with every detail being literally worked out to perfection. The masts are made of anodised aluminium, stainless steel or standardis... More