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Project • By Chain + SimanRestaurants

La Acuarima

La Acuarima is a restaurant immersed in a lake located in Rancho Avándaro, Valle de Bravo. The project is elevated by a concrete platform that hovers over the body of water. Its circular design allows for an almost 360 degree view that encourages a permanent relationship between diners and the landscape. Onnis Luque The main access is composed of a rectangular brick prism that creates a stark contrast with the circular shapes of the concrete platform and the wood cover. There’s also a secondary access that is diametrically opposite to the main one. Both access’s dispositions create a circulation axis. Onnis Luque The architectural program consists of a main saloon with a bar at its center, a perimetral terrace... More

Project • By Archicentre Sdn. Bhd.Sports Centres

Estuari Sports Centre

The Estuari Sports Centre is a new sports facility. Arranged over two levels, the building is formed by two large open volumes at lower ground and upper levels, which sandwich a transparent see-through public entry space H Lin Ho The building hosts different functions of a private club for get-together activities for the local community, indoor and outdoor sports, swimming pool, martial arts studio, multipurpose room, gym & yoga room, sauna and other facilities It will cater for conferences, exhibitions and weddings. Outdoor facilities include the FINA compliant swimming pool and Tennis courts for international tournaments such as the ATP Malaysian Open & SUKMA Johor H Lin Ho The North and West facades are designed with... More

Project • By DRTAN LM Architect (DTLM)Private Houses

House No. 16

House No.16 is located in Damansara Heights, a leafy residential suburb in Kuala Lumpur. The client is a young couple and their lovely pets. They had acquired an old 1970s bungalow that had been vacant for some time. The brief was to refurbish and add new living spaces to accommodate their needs Caption The old basic two storey bungalow had a small simple rectangle plan. It was constructed in a combination of RC slab flooring but also had certain upper floor areas with timber joists and floor boards. This gave the opportunity to conceptualise a clean modern intervention into the old structure whilst still achieving an industrial vibe. One long side of the house has a 6m high retaining wall which provided good privacy and the opportuni... More

Project • By Thomas Kröger ArchitektenPrivate Houses

Haus am Deich

This new single family house is situated right on a generous property next to the nature reserve of the city of Leer. The building consists of a residential building, an entrance courtyard and a garage. It is build for a young family, but the design is aligned with the traditional regional look of the „Gulf houses“. © Thomas Heimann   The „Gulf house“ is a traditional building type from the 17th century, originally made for farmhouses. It is made of wooden scaffolding. The „Gulf“ is the centre of the barn building located between four wooden pillars, designed to hold the harvest. © Thomas Heimann This new family house has taken the deep set roofing and construction form of its... More

NewsNews • 15 Apr 2022

800 Fulton embodies SOM’s legacy of structurally expressive architecture

The 19-story mixed use building is defined by external steel brace frames. The x-braced facade marks the entrance along the west elevation. They are engineered by Skidmore, Owings & Merrill, with Chicago’s harsh winters in mind, to withstand 9 inches of thermal movement and resist heavy wind loads. Dave Burk The building sits in a transition zone between the low-scale Fulton Market Street and the higher-density commercial district. The volume bridges the two different scales by rising from a 3-story podium in stepped terraces towards the commercial towers. Dave Burk A series of setbacks form landscaped terraces with native plants and trees on every other floor. On the 18th and 19th floor workers can enjoy panoramic cit... More

Project • By Roos ArchitectsApartments

Silverton Townhouses

Multi-storey flat building in Pretoria, South Africa More

Project • By Taillandier Architectes AssociésApartments

ZAC Niel

Situated in the heart of the ZAC Niel development in Toulouse, France, the collective housing project creates 212 homes with ground floor commercial spaces.  The site, between the river and the hills, has been occupied since Neanderthal times, bringing a tangible richness to the place. It is also a meeting place of diversity, in its social, functional and built forms. This project is the last construction phase of the ZAC Niel development area. The site is in the South of Toulouse, where the Empalot and Saint-Agne quarters meet, close the Garonne river and within Toulouse’s ring road. These quarters are undergoing rapid transformation. In the first phase of work, 427 homes, a care home, a kindergarten, a citizenship centre, a Ma... More

Project • By Rapp+RappOffices


A narrow spit of land between the eastern bank of the IJ, the railway embankment and the Piet Heinkade was part of the redevelopment of the eastern harbour area by the Amsterdam Department of Urban Planning (DRO) in the 1990s. The urban development concept included a series of interconnected building zones. In this so-called ‘train of buildings’, a part of the old warehouses was to be preserved and integrated into the planning. Caption   Rapp+Rapp created the urban design for one of these building zones, in which an extremely high building density had to be realised. Following New York’s zoning law, urban guidelines were formulated for the daylighting, the massing, and the intended robust character by which the... More

Project • By Rapp+RappShops

Ypenburg Centre

The district centre of Ypenburg, located next to The Hague, was established in the nineties as part of a large city extension for 30.000 inhabitants. According to the original masterplan the district centre was to be conceived as ‘superblock’. This masterplan requirement was transformed step by step. The park was moved from the inside of the block to the outside and situated between the crescent facade and the artificial lake. In addition, the superblock was divided into nine smaller blocks, fitting more into the adjacent surrounding area. Kim Zwarts Instead of the large-scale shopping plaza, the new block ensemble is queued alongside a street in east-westerly direction, opening up to all public services, supermarkets and... More

NewsNews • 28 Jan 2022

Water is the key element in URBANA’s design for 2021 RIBA International Prize winner Friendship Hospital

Set in a water-laden area of south-west Bangladesh, the remote hospital aims to bring relief to the cyclone stricken communities of Satkhira. The low-cost structure responds innovatively to the challenging environmental conditions of Bengal. Asif Salman The area of the coast was once filled with grain fields. With the rising of the sea the land had to be converted into shrimp fisheries. NGO Friendship commissioned the project to strengthen and empower the remote rural area. Asif Salman Because of its importance in the area, water became the central theme for Kashef Chowdhury/URBANA. A canal runs through the length of the site separating inpatients and outpatients and at the same time help with cooling during the brutal summers.... More

Project • By GUILLEM CARRERA arquitectePrivate Houses


Santes Creus is the capital of the municipality of Aiguamúrcia. It is located on the left bank of the Gaià river, around the Real Monestir de Santa Maria de Santes Creus, one of the jewels of 12th century Cistercian art in Catalonia. Created in 1843 in the old monastery buildings, the town includes places of interest related to the monastic building such as the stone bridge, the Gothic cross, the small Baroque church of Santa Llúcia and the old modernist cooperative winery. Following the main street, which leads to the monastery, on the detour from where the Aiguamúrcia road leaves, there is the well-known Alameda de Santes Creus, unique as a riverside forest in all of Catalonia, declared a space of natural inter... More

Project • By Km0Studio ArchitectsOffices

UWHQ Office

It is valuable at every step. The insect is not lowly compared to the human. It’s just all part of the web of life. So there is no such thing as a waste. No human who’s a waste. No tree that’s a waste. No piece of toilet paper. Upcycling eliminates the concept of waste. (McDonough, 2013) Caption Upcycling, also known as creative reuse, is the process of transforming by-products, waste materials, useless, or unwanted products into new materials or products of better quality or for better environmental value. Upcycling is the opposite of downcycling, which is the other half of the recycling process. So what is the difference between upcycling and recycling? Recycling is when you convert (waste) into reusable material.... More

NewsNews • 22 Dec 2021

Top 10 brick projects of 2021

Our roundup continues with the best brick projects of the year, including two artist collaborations, UK’s best housing project of 2021 and a Holocaust Memorial. Annika Feuss 1. Schindler City by Neri&Hu Design and Research Office Located in Jiading, just outside of Shanghai’s city centre, Schindler City is a new 32,5000 square meter headquarters designed by Neri&Hu for the world-renowned elevator manufacturer Schindler. Containing offices, factories, warehouses, research facilities, and a showroom, the architects sought to overcome the sense of isolation and vastness that characterizes many industrial facilities by emphasizing human scale landscape elements and public spaces throughout the project.    ... More

Project • By Kjellander SjöbergOffices


The point of departure for the project has been to promote a vibrant urban environment in central Enköping, transforming the Bagaren city block, referred to as Paushuset, into an open and inviting meeting place with low thresholds. The aim is to intensify the central public flows and to reinforce the position of Stora Torget as an important place for the entire town. Caption History and urban fabricEnköping was originally established as a market town. During the Viking Age, shoreline of the Mälaren lake was further inland, and there was an important port where Stora Torget lies today. The clearly defined grid structure of the urban fabric gives the inner town its character, with remnants of older timber townhouses. The... More

Project • By Squire & PartnersOffices

The Department Store Studios

Squire & Partners have developed The Department Store Studios, a new four-storey contemporary workspace building adjacent to their award-winning offices at The Department Store in Brixton, London. The new development creates a platform for growing businesses with flexible workspaces – from individual desks to private studios – and a host of serviced social and meeting areas. The Studios is also home to a neighbourhood bar, restaurant and screening room.  Jack Hobhouse The crafted red brick building replaces a series of derelict annex structures from the 1970s, taking inspiration from the robust Edwardian aesthetic of The Department Store. Textured, snapped brickwork is offset by smooth concrete lintels that frame... More