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Project • By Destudio ArquitecturaOffices

EQA Office

The certification company EQA chose Destudio Arquitectura for the remodeling of its offices in Plaza Castilla Madrid. Offices are not only work spaces, we must not forget the commercial focus that many of them have in their DNA. In this particular case EQA is an organization dedicated to certification and verification; and that commercial point is part of its corporate culture. Therefore, the design of this office remodeling project revolves around making sense and adapting the space to these needs both commercial and purely labor. With more than 600 m2 of space, EQA's offices in Plaza Castilla (Madrid) stand out for their sober, serious character, but without forgetting the modern touch so necessary in today's workspaces. Imagen Subl... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesOffices

Carhartt Workshop

Located on the second and third floors of the Carhartt Detroit flagship store at 5800 Cass Avenue, the Carhartt Workshop is a collaborative community space conceived as part of the 132-year-old apparel company’s ongoing efforts to support and serve the hardworking and skilled tradespeople of its Detroit hometown.  Detroit-based McIntosh Poris Associates developed the design of the Workshop, which was directly informed by Carhartt’s core principles of integrity, perseverance, and hard work.  Authenticity is central to the design, which bolsters Carhartt’s present story, history, and future. Carhartt The second-floor program includes flexible meeting and gathering Community Rooms for workshops and local commu... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesOffices

Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation Office

Ralph C. Wilson, Jr., is best known as the owner of the Buffalo Bills American football team. He earmarked a portion of his estate and the sale of his beloved football team to fund his namesake foundation. The Ralph C. Wilson Jr. Foundation (RCWJF) began operations in 2015 to continue his legacy — one of generosity and innovation, healthy risk-taking and collaboration, and an unshakable community focus.  Justin Maconochie RCWJF launched with its offices on the second floor of a historic Detroit building erected in 1896. In 2017, landlord Midtown Detroit, Inc., and local architecture firm McIntosh Poris Associates renovated the building, adding apartments.  Justin Maconochie RCWJF outgrew its existing office space... More

Project • By Grande Interior DesignOffices

A warm and chic office

To create a modern and harmonious workspace with a people-oriented design concept, our designer integrated nature by blending the greenery elements into a traditional office, creating a warm yet focused workspace for the colleagues ina spacious flat of 8,000 square feet. While the color, material, as well as furniture choice are delicately chosen by the designer, fused with various plants to bring nature indoors, a touch-up with wooden tones, revives a traditional office into a more energetic space to spend all day long. Caption The first spot which catches your attention is probably the studio reception which is illustrated by a curved-line desk made with bronze, a wooden stripe pattern on the curved ceiling, as well as the material... More

Project • By Steven Leach GroupOffices

Rhythm of Nature

The project is for the relocation of the Tokyo office of a biotech company headquartered at the US West Coast. The design goal was to create an “Employee-first office” to enhance working towards the company’s mission “To serve patients“. This background led us to create a human-centric environment in which employees could not only work comfortably but feel all aspects of humanity and nature. The new office design is centered around this aspect of human relation focusing on the health and work engagement of staff. It is a workplace with a message that, above all, it will maximize the value of the entire organization by taking care of its people. SLA Tokyo The project is based on a new company wide workplac... More

Project • By IND architectsOffices

Headquarters of the Samolet Group

The creation of the new headquarters was necessary for Samolet to implement a hybrid work schedule and provide employees with a variety of workspace formats. The new office features a large number of collaboration areas, meeting rooms, common spaces, and separate spaces for individual work. Thanks to its flexibility, the office adapts to the specific tasks of project teams and allows employees to choose the most comfortable place to work. Dmitry Chebanenko Dmitry Chebanenko The office has a dynamic character: from different viewpoints the interior is revealed in different ways. Non-standard furniture solutions combined with individually designed lighting elements create color and functional accents. A variety of colors, lights an... More

Project • By A&M ARCHITECTSOffices

Office Complex in the heart of Athens

Following ZOIA’s invitation to submit a design proposal in a closed competition between well-known Greek firms, A&M was selected to carry the radical renovation of a 4-storey office building on Vasilissis Amalias Avenue in the heart of Athens. With the aim of incorporating a contemporary face to a building that communicates with the Historical Center of the city along with all the surrounding archaeological monuments, a new façade was designed to coexist harmoniously with the location’s rich history and its surrounding historical elements. Originally constructed in 1977, the property consists of 4 stories and 2 basement levels and rooftop with a panoramic view to the city.  A&M Architects With A&M&r... More

Project • By McIntosh Poris AssociatesOffices


Co.act enlisted McIntosh Poris Associates (MPA) to design a welcoming open office that encourages walk-ins and “spontaneous social collisions.”  Housed on the ground floor of a building constructed in 1896, the design sensitively respects the historic fabric of the building by preserving and highlighting many original architectural elements through a contemporary renovation that references the past.  The design of Co.act focuses on spatial flexibility, offering users a mix of workspaces and amenities, while allowing opportunities for the space to adapt over time.  Open and private areas throughout provide a variety of zones for work and presentations.  Amenities include a pantry, a mother’s room, a bike... More

Project • By Bolshakova Interiors StudioOffices

AB GAMES Kyiv Studio

To keep the playful DNA of the gaming developer company, interior designers looked to a world of famous legends and iconic book characters while creating 2800-sq-m AB Games headquarters in Kyiv, Ukraine. Project aims to break the stereotype of a teenage-style and rainbow-coloured spaces for the most tech companies and show how a creative spirit can reside in a sophisticated grown-up design. Open-space office with a view over hilly green shores of the Dnipro river, uses black colour as a canvas and high-end furniture and lighting from some classiest European and American design brands. Andrey Avdeenko @avdeenko_photographer Andrey Avdeenko @avdeenko_photographer The biggest pride of the tech company is the location of the headquar... More

Project • By CSMM - architecture mattersOffices

Freeletics, Munich

For the Munich-based FitTech startup Freeletics, our team developed an identity-creating visionary New Work concept that includes spaces for collaboration and quiet contemplation, rooms for informal encounters and socializing, as well as lecture and sports areas. The company’s offices cover a large part of the M4 building of the "Die Macherei" quarter: on more than 6,500 square meters, indoor and outdoor sprint tracks, training areas, a communal kitchen and a flexible open workspace represent the Freeletics lifestyle. Gleb Polovnykov Gleb Polovnykov Servicesbrief & evaluation, site survey, capacity planning,space allocation programme, occupancy planning, office concept, colour & material concept, project budget &... More

Project • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectOffices

Corporate Office Interior Design at Gala Empire

This office space has a simple built-in desk with plain overhead floating shelves - solid and voids, providing plenty of storage while maintaining a sleek profile. All it took was a few simple shelf accessories with veneer finishes to make, for a cheerful, modern look.  @studio_16mm Loads of light from different fixtures was designed for a clear and bright workspace setting. @studio_16mm This director's cabin is an outcome of materials and space planning. The white Corian table, white PU with wooden Patti paired up with back painted glass makes this cabin exclusive. Other than this, veneer finish ceiling give a dramatic look to the whole space. @studio_16mm Bringing together the principles of functionality, aesthetics... More

Product • By MILTMiltDesign 2.0

MiltDesign 2.0

MiltDesign 2.0 glass partitions represent the latest trend in elegant space division. Current interior design is increasingly using just glazed walls as partitions. They are a clean, timeless solution and protect against unwanted noise. More

Project • By Alan Blakely Architectural PhotographyOffices

1900 Grant

An established office address gets a facelift and new life in downtown Denver. More

Project • By ArqeseOffices

Hercar group offices

This was made to be an extension to their current offices en another floor, where they needed the more public spaces, meeting rooms, reception, so they can recieve clientes and visitors properly, since the other floor is more operational. Caption Since the idea is a very semi-public space we decided to create a free circulation space, where the only wall dividing, where the logo is becomes the center, so the waiting room with cafeteria becomes the main space where you have to cross to go anywhere. Caption Caption The spaces where planned according to out clients plans for expansion, their first need were two meeting rooms wich they also plan to rent, second a call center, for their operation, and last a new enterprise, a pr... More

Project • By NK ArchitectsOffices

Interior Design

The friendship between the architect and alterra group began more than 2 years , when Alterra took over Managing a great ambitious project.. A huge abandoned industrial building with an adjacent territory in a couple of years turned into a respectable BC Palo Alto. A free-standing dilapidated 2-storey strange building was completely reconstructed into an incredibly short ( ) term (less than a year) and became the new home of the most development company . Sergey Polyushko Sergey Polyushko The office of alterra Group, whose , profile Commercial Real Estate Management was not only the customer and but also . , and direct executor, gene . Contractor at this facility.. The young creative team needed a non-trivial office. space. A bri... More