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Product • By RocaTerran


Shower trays made of STONEX®, a strong and durable material, which are offered in a wide range of dimensions. Their textured finish makes the shower tray highly slip-resistant. More

Product • By RocaNewcast


A retro model inspired in the past, which lets the imagination run wild and combines past eras with the very latest features and benefits. More

Product • By Pyrolave.dePyrolave


Pyrolave Lavastone is hand-quarried from our opencast quarries on the Nugère crater, in the heart of the Natural Park of the Auvergne Volcanos. The extracted pieces are sometimes used un-glazed for flooring or walls, but more often our products are enamelled which gives Pyrolave its inimitable signature. Glazed Volvic lava-stone by Pyrolave is an exciting product with excellent architectural properties.The Lavastones inherent features are frost and heat resistance, the enamel ist UV- and acid resistant. We offer you nearly complete freedom in selection of size shape & colour for internal & external use. Our portfolio is very diverse offering you products for cladding buildings through to distinctive hotel and restaurant interiors. More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGMy Nature

My Nature

Natural materials and gentle shades of color, filigree styling and surprising flexibility in function: The MY NATURE bathroom collection by Villeroy &  Boch interprets the longing for originality in a highly contemporary way – and offers lots of scope for individual design at the same time.   With MY NATURE, country style has arrived in the year 2020 – simple, airy, and with fascinating contrasts of form and a purist yet natural overall impression. The name of the collection by Villeroy & Boch can be understood quite literally: Here it is not just about a modern and appealing interpretation of naturalness for one’s own home; it is also about designing the bathroom in a truly original way – in keep... More

Project • By VOLAHotels

The Krane

THE KRANE is an immersive, multi-sensory experience. Inside is exclusive Danish design in black in homage to its past as a coal crane. Outside is the sea, sky, harbour and panoramic views over Copenhagen. An inventive, cohesive concept in this private retreat for two. THE KRANE is an aesthetic oasis amidst an industrial landscape on the edge of Nordhavn, one of the last harbours under renovation in Denmark’s capital. Spearheaded by visionary owner Klaus Kastbjerg and architect / master builder Mads Møller from Arcgency, the concept builds on its dark past as a crane for loading coal by using black as the colour scheme throughout. Fostering a soothing sense of serenity inside this multi-tiered structure comprised of a reception area on th... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGQuaryl


Quaryl®: the exclusive, innovative material This unique material combines the properties of the high quality materials quartz and acrylic and offers many outstanding properties: Amongst other things, it is proven to offer optimum strength and easy-care properties, as well as slip resistance and a soundproofing effect. With more shock-resistant, colourfast and flush-mounted products in precise forms for optimum installation and unparalleled design variety, Quaryl® creates new potential and unique solutions – with the highest standards in terms of aesthetics and function.   Quaryl® offers an impressive, uniquely aesthetic look. Thanks to its innovative material properties, Quaryl® enables exceptionally precise an... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGSquaro Edge 12 - Bicolor

Squaro Edge 12 - Bicolor

Squaro Edge 12  Bicolor - A whole new spectrum of colours for a personal touch   Colours evoke emotions, create atmosphere and give a bathroom character. Available in a unique variety of colours, the Squaro Edge 12 bath is sure to become the highlight of your bathroom. Inspired by the kaleidoscope of seasonal colours in Paris, the designer Gesa Hansen has developed an exciting new colour concept. More than 200 harmonious panel shades open up new design horizons and allow you to personalise your bath giving it a very individual and elegant look. More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGO.novo Vita

O.novo Vita

Accessible bathroom design has a new standard: O.novo Vita. The extended collection comprises versatile bathroom ceramics and accessories for special requirements. Attractive details, such as the handles on the ceramic washbasin, offer extra comfort for cross-generational and hospital bathrooms. O.novo Vita complies with all the standards for accessible bathrooms and the special DirectFlush WCs and optional AntiBac glaze even exceed the strict hygiene requirements. For beautiful barrier-free bathrooms! O.novo Vita washbasins: Sophisticated features – attractive details • Comfortable: Handles at the front of the 80 cm washbasin • Safe: A concealed groove below the front edge of the 55 cm and 60 cm washbasins • Facilitates p... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGSquaro Edge 12

Squaro Edge 12

Pure aesthetics that fulfil the most discerning demands Not only does the Squaro Edge 12 ensure bathing comfort, it also fulfils the most discerning demands for perfect aesthetics. This unique collection has an unusual design, incorporating a bath rim of only 12 mm. Thanks to its inner depth of 45 cm, the bath is very good at conserving water. It is available in the standard sizes with a flush-fitting outlet and overflow, as well as in an integrated version. The apron is optionally available in the colours White or Graphite Noir. More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGOctagon


Discover ceramic art at the highest level   You've come to expect the extraordinary from Villeroy & Boch, and this really is a uniquely special design highlight: Octagon. The octagon, a symbol of perfection, has been translated into ceramics in a truly unique way.   The premium washbasin on a free-standing pedestal is an absolute masterpiece of precise craftsmanship. It represents everything TitanCeram, Villeroy & Boch's innovative material, stands for: exquisitely delicate forms, exact angles and precise facets that are reminiscent of polished gems.   Top quality pedestal finishes   The pedestal is finished in a selection of high-quality surfaces such as leather, stone and real wood veneer, lending an ex... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGPro Detect 2

Pro Detect 2

Product Features + easy Plug and Play installation: after installation ready for use + possibility of diagnostic and function control via PC or smartphone thanks to bluetooth + can be combined with 7 urinals + modular system: can be adapted individually, optionally powered by battery or by an external power supply and with or without bluetooth adapter Efficiency + automatic flushing for high frequence use, water saving mode and hygienic flushing + Stadium mode, water-saving mode and hygiene flushing + reliable protection against overflowing + high performance flushing with up to 0,3 liters per second Friendly Maintenance + the normally required removal of the urinal form the wall for maintenance is no longer necessary t... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGLegato


A bathroom that's as unique as your style   Clear-cut and timelessly modern, Legato is a complete bathroom collection of uniform elegance for sophisticated tastes. Straight-lined ceramics perfectly complement the expressive design of the successful furniture programme. The washbasin, in particular, appears to hover: an effect that can be further heightened at night with the optional LED lighting. The handle-free, commodious Legato furniture offers new design options.   LED lighting and bevelled edges - impressively clear forms   Clever details such as integrated LED lighting and the bevelled edges create the impression that the Legato countertop is actually floating. The handle-free fronts underline the elegant design w... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGEasy Access

Easy Access

The EasyAccess siphon facilitates cleaning the outlet because, unlike the conventional siphon, it is easily accessible from above. Particularly practical: earrings or other jewellery accidentally dropped in the bowl are no longer lost as they land in an integrated receptacle that can be quickly removed from above without having to dismantle the pipe. More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGVenticello


Perfect lines for the bathroom   Venticello bathroom ceramics are the straightforward answer to individual questions about perfect functionality in the bathroom. Villeroy & Boch has the expertise to produce ceramics with an extremely high-quality finish. The fine cabinet sinks combine design and function: a rib height of approximately 18 mm lends the ceramics a light and elegant appearance and the sink depth of 120 mm means no compromises need to be made in terms of functionality. The three toilets are equipped with DirectFlush technology and are quick and easy to clean thanks to the rimless design. With Venticello, bathrooms benefit from a modern slimline design that is high on functionality.   A hint of weightlessness &... More

Product • By Villeroy & Boch AGAveo New Generation

Aveo New Generation

Pure beauty   Form and function are ideally combined in the Aveo New Generation collection. This collection forms a logical development of the Aveo collection that was developed exclusively for Villeroy & Boch by the Conran & Partners design studio in the United Kingdom. Aveo New Generation uses clear sweeping shapes full of natural lightness. These high-quality ceramics fulfil the most exacting standards in terms of materials and aesthetics. The CeramicPlus surface coating provides optimum comfort and convenience, even when cleaning. Dirt and limescale are simply rinsed away with the water. The bath ceramics appear as if they were cast from a single mould thanks to the optional ceramic waste caps. The smoothly flowing forms... More