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We wanted to achieve the maximum presence of nature in the bathroom area
The main square of the hotel
We wanted to make some areas of the hotel more monumental
Mutis hotel room is a combination of Asian and minimalist direction which includes expressive textures and custom details
The bedroom and bathroom area is separated by a glass partition

Project • By 279 concept studioHotels

The Mutis hotel with Japanese aesthetics

The concept hotel "Mutis" located in Indonesia. This project represents our search for combinations of different stylistic directions. We experimented a lot with geometric shapes, materials and furniture. Caption Caption Project concept creation took about 2 months.One of the ideas of this project was to give people the opportunity to feel like a part of nature through location, natural materials, colors, art objects and interaction of plants with interior and architecture.We used artistic plaster in the interior, polished concrete on the floor, custom metal and wood panels on the walls. Caption Caption More

Project • By Kenny & MasonPrivate Houses

Van Pamel Project

Florist, interior- and exterior designer, specialist in the fine arts, and so much more.. Bruges based Frederiek Van Pamel has quite the resume. In one of our latest projects we had the opportunity to partner up in designing his private residence inBruges. A fascinating glimpse into the creative mind of Frederick. The idea for this interior was to reflect every aspect of Frederiek's life. His passions and interests were to be mixed together through decorations, colors, materials and products.    Frederiek has a strong passion for craftsmanship and handmade, organic materials. All of which are key in the Kenny&Mason identity. Making our products absolute eyecatchers in this interior. The taps were fitted with a custom designe... More

Project • By Kenny & MasonPrivate Houses

Veulen Castle

In the town of Veulen, Belgium we find this iconic 18th century castle. An absolute gem in the midst of it's own fabulous gardens. One of the main objectives for the renovations was to maintain the monumental character of the castle, aswell as reflect the owner's love and passion for craftsmanship, heritage and history. In the interior of the castle we find a subtle blend of soft greens, beige, brass and oak. a subtle nod to the palet we find in the garden's. Creating a warm and peaceful setting.  The same idiology was translated into the kitchen and bathroom. While designing these interiors, the priority was to maintain the sense of warmth and peace by usage of warm colors. We therefor applied our iconic Old Brass finish to our prod... More

Project • By Laura AbeltinaApartments

Apartment in Hamburg

This 80 m2 apartment is located in central Hamburg, it has 3 rooms and terrace. Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption Caption More



Together, Foster & Partners and Porcelanosa Bathrooms have strived to develop an uncommon collection, in which all individually produced components work simultaneously in a holistic, harmonious way. Tono is defined by the options and flexibility that it offers. Almost any configuration is possible. Unified by a common, simple language of design and a palette of complementary materials and colour tones, the minimalist aesthetic highlights the honesty of the material, the simplicity of the form and the art of manufacturing. It is a full, integrated bathroom with a limitless selection of finishes and materials. More

Product • By pucolanoMODULAR


The main advantage of the MODULAR system is its simple geometry. The minimalist concept is mainly based on the detail of the connection of concrete slabs. Concrete is at the connection point reduced to the minimum thickness. The concrete line created this way forms a compact impression of the whole set. More

Product • By ModCraftModCraft Tile Valley

ModCraft Tile Valley

ModCraft Valley modern wall tile is 6″ x 6″ dimensional tile. The tile raises slightly in the middle and slopes off to one side. This creates a rich patterning when used as a feature wall, kitchen back splash, or elegant bathroom tile. More

Project • By Lux4homeHotels

Natural Stone Pedestal Sink Bathroom

Here's what happens when nature enters the bathroom. Interior with river stone sinks. Natural stone freestanding washbasins are impressive and addictive. We produce natural stone pedestal sinks in Indonesia and for special orders, we first take photos and only after approval, we pack and ship them. We want our customers to receive the sinks they expect! Hence the effects!But Marble and River Stone are not the only cards in our deck. We are one of the very few manufacturers who produce freestanding onyx sink bowls combined with marble – for example, pedestal wash basin consisting of onyx bowl and marble base. We always make our products from a yellow onyx – it is the most common type of onyx in Indonesia. It is worth pointing o... More
Amoretti Brothers Copper Bathroom Sink
Copper Sink and Lighting
Amoretti Brothers Copper Decorative Lighting

Project • By Amoretti BrothersPrivate Houses

Copper Bathroom Sink - Lola

We designed and manufactured the bathroom sink in hammered copper & the two beautiful decorative copper lighting for a private residence  More

Project • By AC RemodelingHousing

Black and White Elegant Master Bath

For this bathroom, we wanted to maximize the usage of the space to give our clients the best experience when using their new master bathroom.Our designers created a corner walk-in shower using a half wall for one of the sides to create an open concept. This allowed us to add more needed storage in the form of shelves next to the shower. We also increased the size of the vanity to a double bowl sink.Our client also wanted a pop of color, so together we decided to do a dark accent wall that helped contrast all the white in the room. More

Project • By Atelier Starzak StrebickiApartments

Apartment Marcel

The apartment with a view located on the seventh floor is a result of combining two flats. Its space is divided into two main and at the same time interpenetrating zones: intimate and daily.   The first one includes a bedroom, a bathroom and a wardrobe, the second one embraces a living room, a kitchen, a dining room as well as an entry zone together with a toilet and an utility room. Mobile walls in the form of sliding doors allow the user to configure private and public spaces depending on his/hers changing needs.   The apartment is defined by muted colours that create a background for particular elements of the interior. The atmosphere of the apartment is completed by an ashen floor as well as the blue, pink, white and green... More

Project • By Vizdome SpaceApartments

Desert Rose - futuristic cleaning chamber

WHAT  Desert Rose cleaning chamber is a device for dry and wet body cleaning.    HOW  The suggestion is to make body cleaning in two steps. The first step is to use special cleaning powder, which consists of kaolin and dried herbs. It has a dry shampoo effect. Step two is to use a little amount of water during a couple of minutes to move off particulates of remaining powder.    Process:  The first step. A person comes inside the chamber and presses the button on the controller. After it the supply of powder starts. It is a necessary little amount. The powder is being supplied during a few seconds. A person starts to scrub his/her body and head. The powder comes from the tube that is situated on the... More

Project • By Denis Dino BassaniApartments

Apartment LR

We are within an important architecture that enhances the context of the largest square in Gradisca d'Isonzo, in the province of Gorizia. An interior architecture project that has affected a large part of the new distribution of the spaces, creating linear and functional environments, where natural light makes each room very harmonious but it is indirect light that amplifies the space. The materials and colors blend well with the views of the surrounding landscape. From the entrance, crossing a long very bright corridor, we arrive in the living area, the heart of the apartment. The living room is an open space where the kitchen and relaxation area are divided only by an island. The corridor, marked by a veiled material finish, divides the... More

Product • By Hastings Tile & BathUnderground Vanity

Underground Vanity

Each vanity in the multifaceted Underground collection has a unique ability to elevate and lighten a space with its considered balance of open and closed storage. The vanities are offered in distinctive styles and configurations, but are all marked by asymmetry and slim, matte black metal structural frames. Each design is available in three sizes and five styles in a dozen wood finishes, one cement-look finish and 36 matte lacquered finishes. Wall hung units come with a framed two-drawer option, while the framed single-drawer wall hung units are available with smoked plexiglass shelf. A framed floor mounted leg stand is available with two drawers, while the single drawer option features the smoked plexiglass shelf. All models have matte whi... More

Project • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignPrivate Houses

Luxury Neoclassical Palace Interior Design

This Luxury Neoclassical Palace Interior Design located in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, is the pinnacle of understated opulence. The iconic combination of classical and modern design elements is stunningly executed. All the small details—including the geometric floor pattern, the intricate wall carvings, and the gilded modern light fixtures—have been carefully chosen to exemplify the sumptuous aesthetic. The subtle undertones of modernity provide gorgeous contrast and make this interior design truly grand! More