Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination

Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination

Saturnia, Province of Grosseto, Italy | View Map
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Terme di Saturnia Natural Destination

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The 124 guest rooms and public areas were completely refurbished, with a focus on local finishes, crafts, forms and colours. Surrounded by the beautiful Tuscan countryside, this luxury golf and spa resort is 3 km from both Le Cascate del Mulino waterfall and the village of Saturnia in Tuscany Italy.

Among the most famous places of well-being in Italian history, the Baths of Saturnia are distinguished from other thermal complexes thanks to the spectacular dynamic geological conformation of the waters, which flow from the crater and end up in gentle waterfalls with shallow natural pools.

The hotel's concept revolves around this super natural condition. The earth, the air, and the water transform the elements, the light, the temperature. We used terms such as reflection, corrosion, erosion, stratification, ripples to create the visual and emotional language of the interior design.

Creative details customize the rooms, such as the new upholstery that covers the closets, designed exclusively for the resort by THDP and the artistic project of the paintings, evocative of the colors of the spa, created by the artists Due Alberi of Rome. The fabrics and upholstery are all renewed with shades of turquoise, oil and blue, in order to evoke the feeling of well-being given by the Springwater.

The Mill Waterfalls were the inspiration behind the design of the reception area, created in collaboration with local artisans such as the Ragnini workshops of Pitigliano who have created oxidized tables and bronzed handles and with experienced craftsmen such as Ramiro Contract and design such as Materica who work metals in a contemporary way, using them liquid to transform them into corroded metals, as well as sulphur dense water. Rippled glass light installations by Gomiero create a water effect on the walls. 

Four colour palettes were selected, inspired by the surroundings of the resort: from the ethereal tones of the Mill Waterfalls at reception, to the patio with the olive tree representing the Tuscan countryside, up to the bright turquoise and oil blue glazed terracotta tiles on the bar, handmade by Pecchioli Firenze.

In order to maintain a continuity with the classic and elegant original style, but more importantly with the conscious intention to adhere to a sustainable renovation approach, some wooden furnishings have been preserved both in rooms and common spaces.

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