Gentlemen's apartment

Gentlemen's apartment

Open AD architects
Riga, Latvia | View Map
Ano do Projeto
Alvis Rozenbergs
Folha de especificações do produto

ElementoMarcaProduct Name
FabricantesB&B Italia
Yang, FIL NOIR, Leslie Chair
BedPoliform S.p.A.
Vanity tableLiving Divani

Folha de especificações do produto
BELT, GONG DUE por Meridiani
OK por Flos
Yang, FIL NOIR, Leslie Chair por Minotti
Vanity table
PEBBLE por Living Divani

Gentlemen's Apartment in Riga

Open AD architects como Arquitetos

Located in a grand Art Nouveau building, the apartment spans across its top two floors, including an adapted attic. Open AD took on its complete transformation from floor plan to furniture and fixtures. Inspired by the location, history of the building and the client’s lifestyle, we created an apartment that combines the old and new. An apartment of playful yet elegant contrasts.

Historically, the front-facing interiors would have been more lavish, while the back of the building was reserved for subtle staff quarters. This is a contrast we chose to preserve with shared living quarters on the street side and bedrooms towards the back. We also ensured a change in atmosphere and aesthetics between both floors. A dramatic statement staircase creates the impression of levitating and guides residents between the two levels both physically and psychologically. Any new volumes such as the silver bathroom unit are inspired by the idea of a space ship - fresh landings in a historical setting. 

The apartment is home to two adult gentlemen - a father and son. The robust natural materials and the colour palette we chose are an interpretation of masculinity. A backdrop with features such as bespoke wood panelling and marble surfaces creates an evocative setting for the handpicked designer furniture and furnishings. Yet we haven’t forgotten about fun and features to help separate work and play. Lighting helps conjure different moods and sensations. The sauna area is a space to relax and let loose in the comfort of one's own home. And the quirky tower becomes a grown-up treehouse or man cave. 


Material Used :
1. LIVING DIVANI Pebble vanity table
2. MAXALTO Alcor sideboard and console
3. B&B ITALIA Mirto dining table
4. B&B ITALIA Grande Papilio armchair and pouf
5. MINOTTI Fil Noir dining chair
6. MINOTTI Yang sofa
7. MINOTTI Leslie armchair and footstool
8. MERIDIANI Belt coffee table and Gong Due night table
9. POLIFORM Bolton bed