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Float | Domestic object for emergency shelter for flooding conditions in Yucatan

Andrés & Jóse como Arquitetos

Considering the flooding conditions in Yucatan presented in the last rainy seasons, has contributed to increase the probability that people living in vulnerable housing settlements and situations of poverty increase their risk of losing their heritage.


A mock-up that belongs to a complex of 12 domestic objects for emergency shelter that through the construction of an approach and thought are embedded in the landscape with the aim of structuring just and supportive social conditions for a better society and being able to generate quality of life immediately, with the greatest efficiency, with the least expenditure of resources to achieve it.


The approach towards an analysis on the redefinition of the emergencies of society and architecture in a dialogue that aims to be lucid about a more just society, which generates new ideas about the way in which the environment and society are related which is intervened through activation strategies.

F7.jpgFloating is a strategic design object, whose main idea is to understand that design is a powerful tool to build habitats that generate quality of life, but in parallel it must be analyzed as a reflection on the way an object fits into a certain space landscape. The idea of thinking about generating a case study to open a dialogue and generate tension about the discussion that requires design; assuming the responsibility of participation in complex contexts that can only be intervened by multidisciplinary strategies, which are currently experienced in the world’s societies, mainly those that live in unfavorable conditions with minimal impact, avoiding as far as possible work on site In emergency areas, implement the prefabricated modular system, raising the structure of the room from the ground, making it floating, allowing the movement of water and the Natural path to occur.

F8.jpgThe mobile device has the ability to closely customize the position in relation to the site, where you can prioritize views with a higher hierarchy in a defined space. The fundamental characteristic of the emergency shelter object is its adaptability, part of the idea of being located in a flooded place, and it takes this characteristic as a reality that is real in different contexts, many of the houses are in places that due to their nature are at risk and emergency all the time. It is a cabin that is activated and responds in two different ways, the first; it activates when the water level at the site rises and at the same time by its design has the ability to float and self-level. The second way occurs when the maximum level of the water level is reached and by a natural process of filtration and accumulation of water, the emergency shelter has the ability to self-locate at the natural ground level, re-settling on the soil.



Designers :
Andrés & José
-Andrés Sáenz
-José Álvarez

Yucatán, México


-Andrés Sáenz
-José Álvarez

hammock :
Úumbah, Arte mexicano

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