Yoki Treehouse

Yoki Treehouse

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Yoki Treehouse

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Unique and lofty eco-retreat in Austin, Texas features 5 luxurious but sustainable treehouses for guests to rent and enjoy a few rustic, unforgettable days.

Treetop architecture is no small feat. And for ArtisTree®, sustainability and function are top priorities. When designing and building their Yoki Treehouse for the resort, they were after a sophisticated feel without compromising their core values.

To achieve that Thermory Drift cladding was the perfect choice. It’s modified naturally, using only heat and steam, so the designers at ArtisTree® could be confident that their choice of cladding was contributing to a low carbon footprint and environmental impact. The realistically-weathered and textured boards arrived ready to install, saving weeks of work finishing and planning and instead providing a durable, sophisticated aesthetic right out of the box. Drift paves the way to the look of reclaimed or barn wood,  making it a perfect complement to the majestic cypress trees that surround and support the structure.

The Yoki Treehouse features the main house with sleeping and living areas, and a 60 ft. suspension bridge to a private bathhouse and kitchenette. Both structures were clad in Thermory Drift for cohesive sophistication, creating the ultimate eco-resort that resembles neither the treehouses of your childhood nor the log cabins people may be expecting.

When the main cladding on both structures was completed, there were plenty of usable boards left from the initial order (that’s because every board Thermory ships is usable). Rather than let it go to waste, sustainability-minded ArtisTree® opted to sand down the finish and repurpose the cladding boards as a natural trim. As the wood ages, the trim, the cladding and the surrounding cypress trees will begin to take on a similar silver patina, adding to the overall appeal and harmony of the treehouse.

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