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Wall panels and cladding (1562)

Find products and manufacturers of wall panels and cladding products. Request information, download catalogues and find reference projects. Filter on material, finishes, characteristics, type, colour, availability and brands. Read more

All about Wall Panels and Cladding

There are a number of different types of panels and cladding that can be put up inside a building to make it more aesthetically pleasing and functional. Wood and stone have been the most popular wall panels and cladding types available to date, but there are other options available that can offer utilitarian benefits as well as decorative touches to a wall.   

Wall panels and cladding solutions come in a broad range of different colors, styles and designs. People do not have to worry about repainting frequently while planning to decorate interior spaces because wall panels offer excellent durability. It is only a matter of choosing the right panels to achieve the best look and feel for an interior space.

There are exclusive panels and cladding products for common interior spaces like dining or living rooms. Unique panels that are more suited for bathrooms and kitchens can also be found. These products come with a protective layer coating that easily withstands high levels of moisture for a prolonged period of time.

Offering a smooth, sleek and tiled appearance, wall panels and cladding solutions improve aesthetics admirably while enhancing the functionality. Water-resistant properties make them highly popular, along with offering remarkable resistance to fire and sound. Wall panels also show high resistance to stain, dust and other types of impurities. A remarkable aspect of wall panels is that there is certain to be a paneling and cladding solution for all types of wall covering needs.   

In addition to stone and wood, other materials used to make wall panels and cladding solutions include acrylic glass, concrete and cement, fabric, glass, leather, aluminum, brass, copper, plate, steel and natural fiber. Numerous finish options are also available with varying characteristics, configurations and shapes that can be selected. Sustainability is another key aspect of wall panels and cladding solutions. Additionally, cleaning becomes an easy process with the innovative panel and cladding types available today.

Manufacturer Spotlight: Lithos Design

Lithos Design offers innovative and unique wall panels and cladding products that reveal the hidden beauty of natural stone and marble. This type of industrial stone has exceptional durability and will not become electrostatically charged.

Lithos Design products prevent bacteria and fungi growth particularly when used as a cladding solution. Acoustic quality of any setting can be improved with their inflammable stones and marbles. Further to this, distinctive 3D textures offer a wider contact surface with the incidental sound wave.

Lithos Design follows ethical manufacturing practices to create smart solutions that are environmentally friendly. With excellent thermal properties, their products optimize the energy performance of a building. Another advantage of collaborating with Lithos Design is their product variety, inspired by green philosophy to fulfill the needs of every customer with accountability. 


The Best Wall Panels and Cladding Brands on Archello

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