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Progetto • By FEI ArchitectsTeatri

Stand Installation of New Sun Student Center

Located in the center of the function area for students' living and studying, and adjacent to the Peking University Hall and No.2 Teaching Building, the New Sun Student Center of Peking University is a building integrate student activities, services, management and other functions. With the rapid development of the Information age, the problems of single function and aging facilities make the space unable to meet the students' extracurricular needs. Therefore, starting from the small theatre, making the New Sun Student Center a creative convergence point on campus has been the focus of this project. Caption People's behavior depends on who they are and where they are. "The attributes of the cells in human body will subconsciously gui... Altro

Progetto • By ExpolightBar

Buddha Bar New York

Buddha-Bar is an iconic spot right in the heart of New York. Its interior includes aged materials and reflects the concept of reincarnation.  The dominant point of the interior is the parametric statue of Buddha. We stepped away from the traditional golden statue and offered to make the Buddha ephemeral using laser 3D mapping onto a sculpture made of glass slabs. The statue is illuminated in two modes flowing into each other with a cross-fade effect. Caption Sliding diffused light creates the feeling of a mystical aura around the figure and emphasizes the layered glass texture. The sophisticated optics system conducts the light to different points inside the glass, this way revealing the statue's volume and highlighting its mater... Altro

Progetto • By Setter ArchitectsUffici


Automotive Equipment and Automobiles are the official importers of the SUZUKI brand in Israel. Their logistics center and offices are located in Meuyan Sorek in Rishon LeZion and spread over 10,000 sqm.The office building includes two large showrooms, two office floors, a large dining room and training center. Caption The Design drew inspiration from the automotive world as well as Japanese motifs, such as natural and simple materials and colors with harmonious round shapes.At the entrance to the ground floor, there is a Japanese stone garden with a fish pond surrounding a large and impressive staircase, which connects the two showrooms. A large custom-made light fixture, reminiscent of Koi fish, is suspended from the high ceilin... Altro

Progetto • By BezmirnoAppartamenti

Miami Apartments

Today’s realities force us to work in an even more inspired and diligent way. To work so that Ukraine is admired all over the world. That is why foreign projects have become even more important for us. Bezmirno In this project, we improved upon our own style utilizing some of our most favorite materials and colors. The customer, fully trusting our experience and style, allowed us to work with a mostly blank canvas and provided his input and refinements as we sculpted the design into perfection. Bezmirno This apartment is located in one of the premier skyscrapers of Miami. Among tall, massive buildings, we sought to create a cozy space in which to comfortably live, work, meet guests and entertain. Bezmirno The total a... Altro

Progetto • By Prashant Parmar ArchitectAppartamenti

Apartment Interior At Swati Crimson

This is a 4 BHK Apartment house which is converted to 3 BHK as per the client’s requirement. Requirement of Study or family space adjoining dining became a key to the new addition to expand more in open plan layout. This became possible by converting the fourth bedroom into an open study area cum family sitting, resulting to a large, well-lit, well-ventilated and visually connected space. @mkgandhi_studio The personal foyer is decorated with wooden partition consisting of voids and solids with the name plate engraved in it. The console unit here is highlighted with the stone cladded backdrop. And the same is reflected in the vestibule having a circular mirror with back lighting. The Material, Lighting and the Furniture gives a t... Altro

Progetto • By Lapis BureauBar

RED Club

RED by Lapis Bureau is located in the heart of Shenzhen’s nightlife, in Coco Park Futian area, and is designed to be one of the most exclusive and unexpected realities among the bars and clubs scene in post-pandemic Shenzhen. Lapis Bureau Lapis Bureau In color psychology, Red represents positivity, initiative, passion and enthusiasm, hence the willingness to interact with people. In the most prosperous and bustling bar street of Coco Park in Futian, Shenzhen, a zig-zagging set of flashing red neon lights pops up at night. It is the signal that the carnival is ready to start. Lapis Bureau From the outside, a series of upholstered red-leather doors with a circular window geared with an infinity mirror is mesmerizing th... Altro

Progetto • By AtelierzeroAppartamenti


The project involves the complete renovation of a small apartment overlooking Milan’s Darsena. To enhance the privileged view offered by two large French windows onto the surrounding urban landscape, it was decided to fully open the living room and kitchen, making them in fact a single environment. Simone Furiosi The living room wall and the kitchen wall perpendicular to it become a scenic backdrop that delimits the living area, separating it from the more private areas of the house. Simone Furiosi The entrance closet, the suspended cabinet, the full-height door, the kitchen cabinets, the island and the wardrobes that define the window frames are all custom designed elements, which guarantee a... Altro

Progetto • By Jeffrey Beers InternationalRistoranti


La Central pays homage to a fundamental emblem of Puerto Rico’s history: “la caña de azúcar”, through the creative use of sugarcane & rum in its dishes. Chef Mario Pagán’s appetite for new techniques while staying true to Puerto Rico’s heritage proves that an upscale cuisine combined with fire are a timeless match worthy of your palate. With multiple seating areas, including an outdoor space with a bar, you can enjoy a breath of fresh air with drinks prepared by the finest mixologists. Straw-woven accents & industrial metal finishes accentuate the main dining room, lit by round chandeliers that evoke a brief reminiscence of the past- quickly brought back to life by the energy of the... Altro

Progetto • By SCDAAlloggi Privati

KL House

In the middle of bustling Kuala Lumpur, Kuala Lumpur House is a place of retreat from the city. The landscape, architecture and interiors keep the environment, culture and climate of the site well into consideration throughout the design process. Each component of the design is broken down to volume, line and plane, maintaining inspiration from classical architecture and design.     The Kuala Lumpur House is a sequence of both interior and exterior spaces, informed by light, material and the clarity of structure. The façade of the residence is nothing other than structured and aligned. The rigidness of the architecture is contrasted with the materials and the proportions that clad building and wrap around the landscape. T... Altro

Progetto • By Robeson ArchitectsAlloggio

Hyde Park House

Situata in una strada trafficata, la Casa di Hyde Park cerca di massimizzare la vista sul verdeggiante Hyde Park dall'altra parte della strada e sullo skyline della città, pur mantenendo la privacy della famiglia. La sfida consisteva nel progettare una casa che non cercasse di replicare un'abitazione di carattere, ma che fosse contemporanea per soddisfare le esigenze della famiglia e che si integrasse con il paesaggio della strada, senza imporsi, dato che sarebbe stata a due piani e i vicini erano a un piano. Caption La risposta concettuale al sito, al contesto e al brief è stata quella di dividere la casa longitudinalmente a metà, con il lato orientale che si trova al livello naturale del terreno con un primo pia... Altro

Progetto • By UA Lab (Urban Architectural Collaborative)Uffici

Neo Children Clinic

The project was to design a Children’s clinic. The requirements were to create a reception, waiting area, Doctor’s consultation room and a day care space with a single bed and seating space for the care taker. inclined studio We went for an open plan concept. Partitions were used as envelopes to define spaces. Partitions could be moved, as and when required. inclined studio The space is being used by the kids.  We wanted to make it playful, easy and fun to be. As Doctor’s clinic are generally intimidating for children. The children who generally come to visit the Doctor are unwell. We wanted the space to be warm and inviting to make them feel comfortable, secure and happy. inclined studio The Clinic... Altro

Prodotto • By Wall-Smart Ltd.IC Realtime Flush Mount

IC Realtime Flush Mount

The Wall-Smart mounts minimize the impact of the camera body that would otherwise stand out of the ceiling/wall. With Wall-Smart, the camera remains fully accessible for service even when installed flush both in-wall and in-ceiling. Additionally, to ensure full security coverage, the cameras can be installed recessed anywhere in the house, without having to worry about cable mess. The mounts free up space by allowing cable management, and provide a clean, aesthetic décor. Most important, the Wall-Smart flush mounts do not diminish the cameras' field of view. Altro

Prodotto • By Wall-Smart Ltd.Basalte Flush Mounts

Basalte Flush Mounts

The New Construction mounts are completely flush with the wall, paintable, serviceable and provide an absolute flush look that truly makes the device an integrated part of the wall.  Our Solid Surface mounts can be installed in wood, stone, and other solid materials. The installation requires a cnc router and access to the back of the board. All our solutions are made from moisture resistant MDF. Altro

Prodotto • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsLever Handle 1

Lever Handle 1

About these items ・These are the original products of Tomoaki Uno Architects. ・If you contact us, you can purchase these items as well. Altro

Progetto • By Bob BirdShowroom

Jinke Hanwang Tingquan lifestyle and arts lounge

A lifestyle and arts lounge at the Jinke Hanwang Tingquan Xiaozhen Project in XuzhouDeep in the mountains lining the borders of China’s Jiangsu and Anhui Provinces, the town of Hanwang is a place rich in historical heritage, dating back all the way to the early days of the ancient Han dynasty. It is known as “Xuzhou’s backyard garden” for its picturesque slopes and rivers, plentiful agricultural produce and social and cultural landscapes. The name is reminiscent of Liu Bang, later Emperor Gaozu, the first king (wang) of Han. According to legend, his forces were driven to exhaustion after prolonged combat against the army of Xiang Yu, Liu Bang’s lifelong enemy and self-declared ruler of Chu. Liu jabbed his blade... Altro