L House in Bourgogne - France

L House in Bourgogne - France

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L House - About the project

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History of the old structure:
     Dissangis is an old wine village. Most of the constructions in the village are made of stone because it is a limestone area. The construction is an old farmhouse. It was built in the 1850s. The stones comes from a nearby quarry. The main part of the building was used for storing animal fodder and a stable for cows. The inhabitants of the Village came in the evening to collect milk for their families. Stone is very present in construction, as well as wood. The frame was made with oak which was cut from the nearby forest. In the 1950s, the owner added a steel structure to follow up with the development of agriculture.
The concept:
     The intention of the architect was to bring a standard of contemporary quality, using contemporary finishes and construction techniques that respect and preserve the whole history of the building. The contemporary materials are complementary to those already existing on the site. The stone and masonry elements as well as the wooden structure of the bridge and the historical attic are preserved and also restored. To the two original structures made out of stone and wood elements a new Corten steel plated body was added. This last addition will be a functional living space and garage. The historic buildings will represent the main access area, staircase, office and night spaces consisting of master bedroom dressing room bathroom and office on the ground floor and upstairs children’s bedrooms, bathrooms and guest bedrooms.
      In the central body of the building there is an access lobby, a secondary bathroom with shower and a staircase leading to the attic and a desk at the top. Every effort was made to preserve the existing gaps [marked by the existing stone lintels] and when it was necessary, new gaps were given and the existing ones were enlarged, which were too small for the new function of the building. These were marked at the level of the lintels by new concrete lintels that remained apparent. 
      Upstairs were created some small balconies to the yard marked perimeter with CortenSteel skirting-board. Also by changing the function, new outdoor spaces were added, namely: the barbecue area behind which we find the sauna and the outdoor shower. We also have a swimming pool surrounded by a generous terrace covered in wood and one level up a space for a large hot-tub integrated in the stone terrace. Near the kitchen area we have a massive granite table with space for an outdoor fireplace and some taut sails that shelter the space reserved for two cars. An attempt was made to take over the natural slope of the land by arranging stone steps that offer a very beautiful descending perspective to the pool and to the house. There is a relaxing area with a lounge equipped with mattresses and a fire pit. The vegetation used in the garden was designed as naturally as possible with local species. The living space can be opened completely to the outside thanx to 4 large sliding doors. 
       The shading of the glazed spaces is done through a CortenSteel pergola with secondary wooden crossbeams and covered with some wooden branches that give some very interesting games of shadows and lights but also ensuring necessary protection against the sun especially during the summer.
Architecture and exterior/interior design by Singleart.ro
Visualisation by Ionita Alexandru, Dumbrava Traian

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