Flexglo™ F23 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Clear Lighting
Flexglo™ F23 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)
Nome Prodotto
Flexglo™ F23 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)
Clear Lighting
Clear Lighting
Illuminazione interna
Illuminazione lineare
Illuminazione per esterni
LED per esterni
Sorgente di luce
Plastica, Polyamide - Polycarbonate
Gamma bianca
Protection class

Flexglo™ F23 is an exquisite combination of small size and usability.

Although it is much easier to find smaller ones on the market, few can compete in terms of appearance, color consistency, heat dissipation, weatherproof, and average lifespan.

It achieves a subtle balance to fit high-end design demand, backed by our extensive experience in the lighting industry.

With yacht’s having emerged as one of the most promising markets for its use, alongside retail and the landscape.

The Slender, and more uniform LED flex neon light have recently begun gaining favor with lighting designers, so the PVC F23 with 10mm by 10mm came into being in 2016, Its exceptionally small physical size with maximizing lumen output and two bending versions (horizontal bending and vertical bending) allow creating any custom design applications and facilitating additional types of applications where a smaller profile is required. The silicone F23 was developed in 2018 and it was officially renamed FlexgloF23 in 2019.

Dust can accumulate on the surface of the plastic material lighting product in outdoor environment due to weather conditions. If the surface is not cleaned regularly, the absorbed dust will affect the brightness and color of the product.

The technology of the C-Mask™(Silicone) decreases friction and static electricity of light top surface , which will protect the surface from dirt and scratch, thus improving the appearance and prolonging light’s lifespan in outdoor applications.

The FPCB, used as the main current-carrying conductor in the LED flexible linear light, could not protect SMT components from wielding off and prevent light source bracket damage when bend or twist the light due to its flexibility can not withstand large external mechanical force. 

The core technology of the PinBoost™ is to place reinforcement components on both sides of the SMD LED, effectively reducing damage to SMT LEDs on the FPCB due to external forces caused by incorrect bending and distortion.

The LED flex linear light with FPCB normally can only be bent up and down against the light surface. To achieve horizontal bending, FPCB will be placed vertically inside but  with low brightness, or mounted with side emitting LEDs but the light source’s options are limited and high cost.

The core technology of the V-Optic™ is a unique internal reflection angle design and reflective material formulation, which maximizes lumen output with general SMT LEDs and controls the color temperature shift of the light.

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