Flexglo™ F21 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)

Clear Lighting
Flexglo™ F21 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)
Nome Prodotto
Flexglo™ F21 Horizontal Bending (Silicone)
Clear Lighting
Clear Lighting
Illuminazione interna
Illuminazione lineare
Illuminazione per esterni
LED per esterni
Sorgente di luce
Plastica, Polyamide - Polycarbonate
Gamma bianca

Flexglo™ F21, the one and only within the array of products that's boldly dome shaped, while radiating at a beam angle up to 160° (50%).

A refined classic neon appearance that offers the opportunity to be used for cove and accent lighting enhancing the ambiance with everlasting aesthetic.

The colorful jacket is ideal for stage lighting, while the gray or black jacket is ideal for wall and ceiling lighting to blend in with the surroundings when the light is turned off.

Female and male connectors are optional for ease of installation.

Domed Neon light with wide view angle is synonymous for LED flex neon. CLEAR combined conventional and advanced technologies to arouse new vitality of the product. By adopting SMD three-in-one RGB LED and FPCB technology, we had developed pixel addressable neon flex light with domed lighting surface in 2012. Two years later, F21 Colorful Jacket series was released extruding with imported high quality colorful toner. By 2019, the full series of Silicone Flexglo™F21 has been launched including monochrome, RGB, RGBW, pixel addressable and dynamic light functions.

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