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Architecture Byouteit

de Hazmieh, Beirut, Lebanon
Byouteit magazine is a new printed and online magazine for architecture and beyond.

Byouteit magazine will become one among the top magazine publications in lebanon.
It’s your first and exclusive access to local’s and world’s fascinating designs.

Byouteit magazine provides inspirational ideas and cutting edge concepts from lebanon
and the design capitals of the world. It focuses on architecture,interior, realty and design.
It also brings unique design ideas to its readers.

Byouteit magazine realty division concentrates on giving you the most complete listing
guide to homes, developments and commercial property. There are no articles, just straight
listings and information on new developments. The same information in the magazine version
will be on-line so readers can be anywhere in the world and still access the realty market.

Based in beirut with Vision for the future to expand and spread globally , Byouteit magazine
offers ” a space to breathe” .

In simple words :
"BYOUTEIT magazine brings you a carefully edited selection of the best and new in style, architecture, interior design and realty market from lebanon and around the world ”
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