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Projet • By Leclercq associésÉcoles secondaires

Jean-Moulin high school

Originally, an indoor schoolyard is at the heart of all the high school functions. This schoolyard is a symbolic representation of school buildings throughout time.   The project unfolds around this central space which in itself creates a particular enclosed space integrating all the elements of the program, in a dual perspective between the single indoor courtyard and the outdoor town made of plurality and undefined spaces. The general volume, a simple hollowed out wooden monolith, takes advantage of the leveling of the plot to take off from the ground and open a yard on the street. The Jean Moulin High School has been the first HEQ-certified high school in Ile-de-France.   Our website En savoir plus

Projet • By Moreno Farina StudioMaisons privées

The dream of Life

Starting from an agricultural ruin no longer recoverable, we have proposed the reconstruction of its original nucleus as a function of a completely renewed second life; for Clients, the result obtained corresponds to the fulfillment of a lifelong dream: to be able to live in the countryside with a sea view En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 27 août 2020

Austrian holiday home demonstrates the intrinsic qualities of wood construction

On a southern slope reached via 70 steps of a development staircase, this holiday home in Austria by Stefan Schweighofer stands on the strip foundations of an old container house from the 80’s. The shape, proportions and orientation of the building were carefully considered with reference to the existing houses that surround. Credit: Marc Lins Photography Reduced to the essentials, the black building with gable roof is constructed with solid wood, making a static framework that can be directly experienced and felt, especially in the interior. Credit: Marc Lins Photography The house is insulated with 20 cm wood fibre boards, which are covered with mineral paint by a ventilated, closed wooden façade (rebated formwork)... En savoir plus

NouvellesMatérialisation • 27 juil. 2020

Finnish Forest Chapel a showcase of wood construction and volunteer spirit

Located in Finland, the Forest Chapel is a new addition to a popular campground called Tervajärvi. Hosting confirmation camps, small weddings or christenings, the chapel is a showcase of wood construction and volunteer spirit. Credit: Essi Nisonen As the assembly of the chapel was carried out by volunteers, professionals prepared in advance to ensure ease of assembly with glulam parts, for example, coming prefabricated from a factory. Credit: Essi Nisonen The single most important component of the chapel is the glulam timber roof truss. The truss design was based on structures found in nature, with a cross-section of the components in a harmonious proportion to their height. In the final design, beams curving along with the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Neumann Monson ArchitectsBureaux

111 East Grand

The project is the first multi-story office building in North America to employ dowel laminated timber (DLT), a mass timber system relying on a friction-fit bond between softwood dimensional lumber and hardwood dowels. The 65,000-sf building anchors a high-visibility 265’ x 65’ site two blocks from the river. Retail spaces activate the street level with three floors of office space above.    Spruce glulam beams and columns frame the 40’-0” x 6’-8” DLT panels that serve as floor and roof decks. The system facilitates quick erection time and a smaller site crew, minimizing disturbance to the neighborhood during construction. A precast concrete service core buttresses the south of the building fu... En savoir plus

Projet • By Atelier du PontBureaux


Le bâtiment de bureaux de Santé publique France, situé en lisière du bois de Vincennes, s’inspire de son contexte. Il est entièrement conçu en bois : ossature, planchers, façades… Le plan est dessiné comme un fagot de bois posé au sol avec une forme de bras ouverts qui protège ; comme cette institution qui veille sur la santé des français. Sa vocation induit une forme d’exemplarité en termes d’impact sur l’environnement et notamment sur les aspects de santé.   Le projet met en place un lieu de travail agréable à vivre, soucieux du bien-être des utilisateurs. Il utilise des procéd&e... En savoir plus

Projet • By feld72 ArchitectsLogement social

Housing Development Maierhof

In the Austrian alpine town of Bludenz in Vorarlberg, feld72 have completed the housing development Maierhof. The estate is situated within a community characterised by agriculture, old stables, single-family homes and multi-storey residential buildings. RURAL DENSIFICATIONThe project’s starting point was a 2014 development study for the triangular plot of about 8.5oo m². The task was to bring together density and context. Prerequisites for the new development were defined together with the city of Bludenz: permeability, a public passage for pedestrians, as well as communal (open) spaces. The new estate was to generate added value for the entire neighbourhood. Early on, public events were organised for an active exchange with the local... En savoir plus

Projet • By ASAS arkitekturPaysage résidentiel

Skrivestue Faldbakken

The large plot is high and beautiful over the meadow landscape and the property consists of several built houses from various eras. A new extension could link the various existing buildings together, while the great view would be drawn into a new conservatory, a family room, or a writing room for the author. The extension is planned as a small timber building designed for maximum views and high light emission. It "escapes the roof" in the adjacent buildings by adjacent recessed niches. The roof lift follows the existing roof angles and flat roof solution into existing intermediate buildings.The new building is a hot, frost-proof solid building where the main support is in laminated timber columns and girders, while the roof structure is in... En savoir plus

Projet • By ASAS arkitekturPaysage résidentiel

Notodden Housing

asas arkitektur, Atsite and Fragment (formerly Eriksen Skajaa architects) were prequalified for the planning and design competition for the development of a headland at the Tinnelven outlet into the Heddal water. Previously site for Tinfoss ironworks in Notodden. The task was to outline a residential area and a building with eight interconnected apartments for disabled children.The main grip is a step-by-step transition through neighborhoods to the landscape room and the water via good lines of sight and varied typology from point houses, slats to terraced houses. The odds are flood exposed, the sketch facilitated public flexible public spaces at the lower level below the flood level that caters to the footpath along the headland, whic... En savoir plus

Projet • By ASAS arkitekturAppartements

Toneheim student houses

The project contains new student housing at Toneheim Folkehøgskole, meant to replace the existing housing. The student housing is organized around a common yard, a Norwegian traditional typology called “tun”. The new structure is vernacular and exiting, and deeply rooted in the site and history. The new tun is a place where students, teachers and others thrive, both inside and outside. A place where traditions meets modern architecture with a personal expression! En savoir plus

Projet • By OVERCODE architecture urbanismeLogement

A30_entre deux patios

Le projet visait à améliorer un existant : une parcelle 100% construite dans un quartier dense au cœur de la ville de St Ouen. La parcelle se divisait en 3 parties : un garage sur rue, un atelier (ancienne usine) et une maison en fond de parcelle. La maison a été récemment réhabilitée et abrite au RDC un salon / cuisine, au R+1 deux chambres, une salle de bain et un WC et au sous-sol une buanderie ainsi qu’une grande chambre d’ami.La maison au RDC restait très sombre malgré les travaux effectués. Le but du projet est à la fois d’augmenter la surface de la maison en agrandissant le salon et créant, entre autres, une salle d’activité, un bureau, une chambre avec salle de bain, et aussi de gagner en luminosité et ouvrir les vues.&nbs... En savoir plus

Projet • By KUBE ArchitectureAppartements


This Owners of this residence decided that the best place to create a get-away vacation space was in the privacy of their own home. Their idea was to make their lower level a relaxing escape from their busy everyday lives. The new space consists of a media/family room, bathroom, and laundry room. KUBE's concept was to create a refined "wooden box" with a teak media wall, concealing all TV and stereo equipment, and a sculpted mahogany staircase. Each piece of cabinetry unfolds to reveal hidden storage. Radiant heat is concealed in the floor slab, and all lighting is indirect. The wall to the bathroom is floor-to-ceiling frameless glass, with adjacent glass stair treads. A teak slatted ceiling with LED... En savoir plus

Projet • By WRA - Wild Rabbits ArchitectureLogement

Pop-Up Building

Nous sommes au milieu des toits bleus à Aubervilliers. Cette longue bande d'intermédiaires proliférant articule efficacement un site au voisinage très contrasté. Les logements neufs s'insèrent à la place de la partie centrale de l'ouvrage inachevé dont le formalisme, tout en triangles, prend une place de choix dans l'équation urbaine. Les Wild Rabbits choisissent de terminer l'ouvrage, ils en prolongent le socle, reprennent les grands refends verticaux en référence aux tours, déclinent à leur manière la gradation d'échelle en lien avec le pavillonnaire et les stèles du cimetière voisin, ils intègrent le bleu par les reflets du ciel dans les bardages. Enfin, ils composent un visage pour les toits bleus, l'image d'une construction pop-up qui... En savoir plus