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Projet • By xystudioPépinières

KIDO Kindergarten

KIDO is a public kindergarten which we like to call „the yellow crocodile“. It is situated on a triangular plot in Aleksandrów Łódzki, in central Poland. The building is a technological hybride. Ground floor is made with concrete and bricks and to build the first floor we decided to use CLT. At the begining of work on the project it turned out there was not much time. The kindergarten had to be ready by September when children start the schoolyear. We reached for CLT to speed up the construction process. Both parts were made simultaneously. Workers were building the ground floor while all the wooden elements were being prepared in the factory. As soon as the ceiling was finished the large timber blocks have arrive... En savoir plus

Projet • By BergmeyerMagasins

Tree House Brewing Company

This independent brewer-owned company is renowned for making inspired libations for all. Intending to create a sought-after destination to match their craft-brewing mastery, they enlisted our design team to create an engaging customer experience for their ultra-devoted fanbase, building excitement and anticipation on route to their new taproom. Caption Focusing on an immersive brand journey for the retail and front of house at the new 100,000 SQ FT brewery in Deerfield, we brought new life into a former mid-century publishing company building. An amalgamation of the existing space through adaptive reuse and a branded environment true to its identity, the company has taken root in its new home in Western MA. Caption Visitors are... En savoir plus

Projet • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsMaisons privées

Yomogidai House

The client is a middle-aged single man. We have a budget plan for a future marriage. It took about a year for the site to meet the client's requirements. The site is a quiet residence about 20 minutes east of Nagoya by car. Ben Hosking   Ben Hosking The site was a gentle slope with a frontage of 8m and a depth of 28m. I decided to make it elaborate and elegant from the impression of the client. In the end, I took the hint of the Japanese architectural shrine and proceeded with the plan. It was very difficult to incorporate all the elements into thin pillars and beams and deliver them rationally.  Ben Hosking Ben Hosking Team: Tomoaki Uno Architects Photographer: Ben Hosking Ben Hosking Ben Hosking... En savoir plus

Projet • By Tomoaki Uno ArchitectsMaisons privées

Ogimachi House

This house was built by a son for a sick mother. An important concept of this house is the way private and society interact. Eventually, I proposed a house with no windows on the wall except for the entrance and the rear entrance. Instead, he suggested installing 32 fixes and five large windows that could be opened and closed on the ceiling. Ben Hosking Ben Hosking   Ben Hosking   Ben Hosking Ben Hosking Ben Hosking The structure is the traditional ITAKURA structure. For the outer wall, a 30 mm thick cedar board was doubled, and insulation was put between them. All made of cedar and cypress. His mother felt stressed when she started living, but now she seems very comfortable and I am relieved. ... En savoir plus

Projet • By Jimenez LinaresMaisons privées

Berro House

Close to the Quinta del Berro Park, in a street bordered by leafy trees, we find this house built at the end of the 1920s. David Zarzoso The house, which was the residence of the sculptor Jorge de Oteiza in the 50s, was very damaged, and its facades had undergone numerous modifications. We began developing an investigation in the Archives of the city, which allowed us to discover the plans of the original project. David Zarzoso Based on this documentation, it is decided to recover the original image of the house: a white volume, with large windows to the outside and a Roman ceramic roof, surrounded by a garden that seems to climb the facade, by incorporating forged steel planters . David Zarzoso Inside the house we find a... En savoir plus

Projet • By ESTUDIO MMXMaisons privées

CMV House

The main actor is not the house, but the landscape. The breath-taking force of a natural landscape like this one, must not be eclipsed, but complemented and strengthened. Rafael Gamo While programming a space on the site, architecture must follow the virtues of the site and nature. Therefore, the project scheme virtually eliminates the private rooms of the program by placing them on a semi-underground level, which allows rooms to keep a view towards distant landscape. All the common areas get together in a simple and respectful pavilion, allowing the continuity and contemplation of the immediate and distant landscape.  Rafael Gamo Earth, roof tiles, wood and stone are the materials through which the proposal develops a cons... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ebony and CoMaisons privées

Le Zoute

Le Zoute, a breath-taking place of understated luxury, designed by Belgian interior designer Olivier Lempereur and decorated to perfection by Belgian décorateur Hélène Guillon-Lempereur. Caption Caption Caption En savoir plus

Projet • By Rulon InternationalUniversités

Iowa State Stark Performance Center

Athletic success isn’t just measured on the field, it is also measured off of it in what student-athletes learn, their diet, their mental wellness, and their preparation for post-collegiate life. The $90m new Stark Performance Center at Iowa State is a shining example of an investment in all of these areas  - with the added benefit that its design accentuates the building’s draw. The new sports performance center is part of a reimagining of the facilities that surround Jack Trice Stadium, alongside Bergstrom Football Complex and the Albaugh Family Plaza. The SPC - as it is colloquially known -  touts a new Strength and Conditioning area complete with turf and exercise machines , a lounge, a nutrition center, a sports m... En savoir plus

Projet • By MYDECKAppartements

Penthouse with spacious roof terrace

Conversion of the former post office building into a house with mixed use. The pointed roof was transformed into a penthouse with roof terrace. On the roof of the penthouse there is a roof garden and a summer kitchen.  Caption The penthouse itself is designed in a warm, modern style. The interior design is open concept. A generously landscaped terrace surrounds the penthouse. The generous window areas blur the boundaries between the terrace and the living area.  Sonja Schwarz Fotografie Inside, whitewashed wood planks from Dinesen were used as flooring, while premium WPC decking boards from MYDECK were used for the exterior. Made of wood and polyethylene, the decking is durable, easy to maintain and weatherproof. Eb... En savoir plus

Projet • By P2PAPiscines

Swimming pool in Piaseczno

The design of the swimming pool in Piaseczno is a continuation of the concept selected in the architectural competition in 2020, which was organized by the Piaseczno Commune with the participation of the Association of Polish Architects. The fundation of the project was to create a building in the form of a park pavilion, which in essence will differ from the commercial characteristic for this type of facilities. The main goal was to create a place emanating peace, which will contribute to building appropriate realations among its users. Caption The volume of the building has been designed as withdrawn in relation to the neighboring streets, which enables the creation of a landscape buffer emphasizing the character of the pavilion. Th... En savoir plus

Projet • By co.archAppartements

RFZ interior in the mountain

Refurbishment project of an apartment in a building from the 1970s near Campo Carlo Magno in Madonna di Campiglio Riccardo Giancola The project starts from the redefinition of the interior spaces, relocating the services and giving a new configuration to the spaces of the living area. Where the open kitchen was previously, the idea was to create a new volume in the living area, which would contain the services, the new bathroom and a kitchenette separate from the living room but which at the same time would give order and redefine the living area. The new volume is clad in larch wood with a natural finish to make the warm grain of the wood visible, marked by vertical strips of the same essence. The challenge was to rethink the classic... En savoir plus

Projet • By OVERCODE architecture urbanismeCentres communautaires


La mairie de Quedillac souhaitait construire un Centre Culturel pour la ville. L'objectif principal était de lutter contre la capsularisation en offrant un lieu où une diversité de publics pourrait se mélanger et se rassembler autour d'un socle commun, favorisant ainsi le lien social entre les citoyens. Le nouveau bâtiment comprendrait une médiathèque, un hall - espace café, un espace jeunesse pour les adolescents et une section de garde pour les jeunes enfants. David Foessel Le site choisi par la municipalité se trouvait à côté de la mairie, en plein centre de la ville, où se trouvent d'autres équipements publics (mairie, boulangerie, rest... En savoir plus

Projet • By Peter Ruge Architekten GmbHAppartements

Climate positive - Living in Berlin

Two new buildings with a total length of 42.52 m are facing an open comunity courtyard with green and playground on the rectangular plot along the Schleizer Straße in Berlin. © Matthias Matschewski The street house is planned with 4 floors. On the ground floor there are a cluster apartment as assisted living and on the upper floors apartments with different sizes. The garden house has 3 floors and a step back roof floor only for apartments. © Matthias Matschewski A total of 42 rental apartments with 1 to 5 rooms were designed. Access to all apartments is barrier-free. Twenty of them are barrier-free and nine apartments of them additional are wheelchair accessible. © Matthias Matschewski The two buildin... En savoir plus

Projet • By Tuncer Cakmakli ArchitectsHôtels


This boutique hotel is designed to serve exclusive holiday facilities as an architectural building. Sea and green as an integral point of all landscape and hotel are devised as one within the other.A boutique hotel on the coast of Aegean Sea, in untouched nature in Torba-Bodrum has been re-designed. A building that's been built but never used, was torn down to its foundations and re-designed. İSA ARSLAN The building is built on three levels, each 900m ². The garden level features a large swimming pool, Turkish bath, sauna, game rooms, recreation rooms, a large industrial kitchen and servants rooms.In the entrance floor, the rooms are grouped around a large courtyard with a glass roof. There are  the library, the dining... En savoir plus

Projet • By archelabBars

Anemos beach bar

The proposal aimed at the formation of a unique identity for the café Anemos Kourouta through the design of its interior implementing a singular system in its internal envelope.  This was pursued by the creation of a continuous inner “skin”, which derived from wind flow diagrams and was based on the name of the café (Ανεμος is wind in Greek). This interior surface covered the interior walls with a total length of 45 meters and surface of 230 m2. Caption The structure is a composite multi-leveled surface that extends gradationally upwards, towards the interior. The frame was composed by curved steel beams and the cladding was made out of orthogonal wood pieces with a gra... En savoir plus