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Produit • By Forestry Timber®BLUE RIDGE - ANTIQUE COLLECTION


Our vintage Antique Collection of engineered hardwood flooring is made from Western European Oak. Each plank has been hand-crafted and carefully honed to accentuate the wood’s natural textured surface which gives it the depth and dimension of a time-loved floor. This collection is characterised by the beautiful, big knots which create unique character and ambience.  En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 12 févr. 2021

Fold House conceals an impressive structural system while revealing spectacular spaces

On a residential property in Southern Ontario, Fold House by PARTISANS gently ‘folds’ itself into the contours of the surrounding hillside. With a green roof blurring the edges between landscape and building, an impressive structural system affords wide spans and spectacular spaces. PARTISANS A total of two storeys, the wood and steel structure features an eighty-foot long by ten-foot-tall sliding glass façade that allows for panoramic views from the home’s nestled vantage point. The undulating structure further disguises a ninety-foot structural steel which supports a floating canopy at the front of the building. PARTISANS The façade and the interior both make use of a compression-bent wood. Typi... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 5 févr. 2021

Chicago home flips conventional arrangements upside down

On a traditional Chicago lot that borders an alleyway, this house flips known conventional arrangements upside down by locating bedroom and private uses on the ground level, and communal/living spaces upstairs. The architect, Kwong Von Glinow, explains the inversion is a response to contemporary desires for optimal amounts of natural light and visual contact with one’s surrounding environment.    James Florio Photography Here, common areas on the first and second floors are linked by a curving double-height atrium that runs from the front to the back of the house. Featuring a large picture window and curving wall, the courtyard is an informal area where residents can relax and children can play.  James Florio P... En savoir plus

Produit • By BASSANO PARQUETBlack Pearl

Black Pearl

The Geometries Black Pearl: whitened oak and marquino marble. En savoir plus

Produit • By Surfacing SolutionSolid Wood Tambour

Solid Wood Tambour

Solid Wood Tambour is a flexible grooved decorative surfacing material. The grooving is visually attractive and allows for the panels to have flexibility for ease in designing curves and angles, inwards and outwards. Available in 30 unique standard profiles. Custom Profiles are welcome. Wood Species include: Poplar, Red Oak, Maple, Ash, Red Grandis, Cherry, White Oak, and Walnut.  Common applications include full and accent walls, wall to ceiling transitions, bar fronts, column wraps, reception and boardroom desks, etc. En savoir plus

Produit • By Coolican & CompanyEllis Peg Rail

Ellis Peg Rail

The Ellis peg rail is a contemporary take on a classic Shaker form.  With solid brass pegs and hidden mounting hardware, it is an elegant addition to a hallway or room where open storage or display is desired.  It is available in custom lengths, and can be paired with our Euclid mirror. En savoir plus

Projet • By Rowland+Broughton Architecture and Urban DesignMagasins

Mountain Wine Cellar

Rowland+Broughton Architecture transformed an existing inadequate wine tasting room that had limited functionality, as well as minimal storage and temperature controls. Our design team successful corrected those limitation and created a new space which has a calm elegance and sophisticated refinement. Uniform grids of white oak bins are recessed into the wall and framed in blackened steel. The center piece is a substantial display table made of honed black slate with waterfall edge countertop and additional built-in storage. A white oak ceiling cloud is centers over the display table and features hidden light coves providing additional depth to the space.   Material Used: 1. White Oak 2. Blackened Steel 3. Black Slate 4. Baja Sto... En savoir plus

Projet • By Miró Rivera ArchitectsMaisons privées

Vista Residence

Tucked into a steep site in West Austin, the Vista Residence is organized around a three-story, sculptural steel staircase that acts as the hinge point for the residence, with rooms and hallways unfolding from it on every floor. Paul Finkel | Piston Design Assembled from 5/8” thick plate steel with white oak treads, the staircase took eight months to fabricate, assemble, and paint. During construction, a large opening was left in the roof structure so that the shop-fabricated sections could be lowered into place. The pieces were then bolted and welded together on site, and integrated into the main steel structure of the house. The stair is made up of over 200 individual pieces of steel joined by over 160 concealed bolts in addit... En savoir plus

Projet • By Atelier Barda architectureMaisons privées

Maison Gauthier

Contexte et implantationLa Maison Gauthier est située dans les Laurentides au Québec, à proximité de la ville de Mont-Tremblant. Elle est implantée dans un paysage naturel au relief marqué, au milieu de forêts denses et étendues caractéristiques de cette région montagneuse.    La parcelle de la maison se situe sur une butte rocheuse boisée d’épineux et de bouleaux. Celle-ci est ceinturée à l’Est par la route principale, et à l’Ouest par la ferme équestre des propriétaires.   La volonté des clients était de privilégier un volume dont les vues seraient largement orient&e... En savoir plus