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Projet • By INT2 architectureAppartements

Interior KAS

Un appartement de deux étages dans une maison de ville est situé dans la banlieue de Saint-Pétersbourg.   L'appartement a deux niveaux fonctionnels. Le premier étage est occupé par une cuisine / salle de séjour, il y a également une petite buanderie / salle de bain pour les invités. Au deuxième étage, il y a une salle de bain principale et une chambre à coucher spacieuse, avec la possibilité de séparer un espace pour les invités ou une chambre d'enfant (dans le futur).   DIY : Le désir des gens de créer, concevoir, réparer ou améliorer quelque chose dans leur maison après l'effondrement de l'URS... En savoir plus

Projet • By Giachi DesignAppartements

Appartamento privato

This beautiful property in the center of Milano is the expression of the owner. The appartment belongs to a cool fashion journalist who loved the idea to play with the strong wallpaper fantasies and deep blue shades of wall colors. The mix of the vintage furniture and wooden floor with some modern touch creates an exceptional interior. En savoir plus

Produit • By skinflintEastern Bloc factory shades

Eastern Bloc factory shades

A large run of vitreous enamelled two part shades. Salvaged from the Szarvas factory in Hungary, which produced lighting for decades until ordered to start producing coffee makers in the 1970s. The shades were found in a moth balled stock room and have never been used. Each light is supplied with a new screw (E27) lamp holder, 2mtrs of suspension chain, elephant grey braided cable and ceiling mounting plate.  En savoir plus

Produit • By skinflintSoviet era industrial factory ceiling lighting

Soviet era industrial factory ceiling lighting

Vintage Soviet era industrial pendants salvaged from factories in the former CCCP. The pendants have a real industrial heritage with their original factory finish to the gallery which features cast maker's marks. Each light is supplied with a new screw (E27) lamp holder, 2mtrs of suspension chain, elephant grey braided cable and ceiling mounting plate.  En savoir plus

Produit • By skinflintAirfield taxiway lights

Airfield taxiway lights

Salvaged G.E.C British airfield taxiway lights that were originally installed at an R.A.F base in Northwest Wales. Beautifully refined lights that have been converted to feature pendant lights, comprising of a prismatic glass set within a two-part polished aluminium housing with original branding. Each light is supplied with new ceramic (G9) lamp holder, 2mtrs of adjustable wire suspension, elephant grey braided cable and ceiling mounting plate. En savoir plus

Produit • By skinflintHungarian piggery lights

Hungarian piggery lights

A large run of industrial pendants salvaged from a Hungarian piggery. The vitreous enamelled steel shade shows slight signs of wear while the original finned aluminium gallery has been refurbished and polished, they would be ideal above a kitchen island or work surface. Each light is supplied with a new screw (E27) lamp holder, 2mtrs of suspension chain, elephant grey braided cable and ceiling mounting plate.  En savoir plus

Produit • By RocaNewcast


A retro model inspired in the past, which lets the imagination run wild and combines past eras with the very latest features and benefits. En savoir plus

Produit • By RocaCarmen


Carmen is a tribute to one of Roca’s most iconic basins of the 1940s, which comes back with a clear vintage character to become a vitreous china and furniture collection with the latest innovations in the design of bathroom spaces.Find out more: En savoir plus

Produit • By ManufakturplusHardoy Butterfly Chair - Vintage Leder

Hardoy Butterfly Chair - Vintage Leder

Our vintage leather is high-quality material that undergoes several processing steps. The skin derives from freeliving cattle and in addition to vegetable tanning, it receives a coat of protective wax. Before that, the surface of the material is slightly grinded to enable wax application and to achieve the vintage look. The result is vivid material which can have color deviations of about 20%. En savoir plus

Projet • By FPR StudioAppartements

Apartment Gloria

- Author of the project: Fabiano Ravaglia- Location: Glória - Rio de Janeiro- Renovation and decoration project.- Main changes during the construction process and on the structure needed to make the construction feasible: the apartment had transformations, which resulted in great environmental comfort, with more natural light and better air circulation through the opening of one of the bedrooms to widen the living room and also through shifting the existing windows for doors to the outdoor area. Using new finishing generates the visual impact, that sectorized spaces and gave new textures to the rooms.- Old property.- Total project timeframe: three months.- Resident’s profile: Single man, 48 years old, no kids and works as a theater producer... En savoir plus

Produit • By Tender RainCalices


Multiple or single multi shape elements with sinuous lines.There are four different Calices models. You can choose them all together with manifold and false ceiling fixing device or individually.It is also possible to combine two shower heads and two LED lamps.Solid brass.Patented and registered model.Average flow rate of four Calices composition: 18 liters/minute.Minimum dynamic pressure required: 1 bar.HAND MADE. En savoir plus

Projet • By Comelite Architecture Structure and Interior DesignMagasins

Industrial Rustic Cafe Interior Design

What do you do when a famous coffeehouse brand comes to you for an interior consultation and asks for a uniquely individual theme? You give them a trendy and stylish physical design statement that completely hooks them in. The CAS team proposed a stylish industrial-rustic interior aesthetic for this café in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia that promised a fresh yet welcoming aura. The design was carried out in warm, natural accents and light contemporary touches. The ambience was enhanced even more with the help of creative lighting and innovative green design elements that added a fresh, inviting and comfortable aura to the atmosphere. En savoir plus

Produit • By ÜBER KREATIVE architecture | designÜKskateboards The Vintage Series

ÜKskateboards The Vintage Series

ÜBER KREATIVE architecture | design presents ÜKskateboards "The Vintage Series". A series of custom design laser engraved skateboard decks, inspired by nostalgia, retro design and fashion. All decks are 7 ply Canadian maple, manufactured and engraved in EU and each design is printed in a limited amount of copies to produce a unique and collectable work of art. Nothing can stop you from putting trucks and wheels though and hit the streets. 100% 7-layer Canadian maple custom designs laser engraved limited numbers of each design En savoir plus

Produit • By Luigi Sartori SRLMeta collection

Meta collection

The texture is precious. Handmade using antique methods. The wool is semi worsted from new zealand. With this material the carpet becomes very soft, reflecting light but is not shiny. This effect is also achieved by giving it a strong antique wash. All this process is done by hand to ensure the quality. The colors are the lastest up-to-date ones. The tones are soft and relaxing which enhances the texture of this carpet. in the end this collection has been designed and made in order to offer to our clients a mono color that is really special. En savoir plus

Projet • By Eva CotmanAppartements

Recycled apartment in Barcelona

This projects aims to keep the same living feel of the beginning of the XX century in a flat of the Eixample of Barcelona by enhancing the existing features with the least possible amount of intervention. Even though the property on its own does not have a special heritage value, all the constructive elements have a special attraction on its own, and they all come together in this project, either through preserving, renovating or adapting of those elements to the project. We are talking about a 75m2 apartment that remained untouched for 100 years. Having a closer look at the blueprints, you can clearly see that it has the traditional Eixample building features: large flats with compartmented spaces distributed among a hallway, high ce... En savoir plus