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Projet • By Hello Wood LtdAppartements

Wauhaus Cabin

Treehouses, design cabins, forest huts, glampings - the long-lasting popularity of exciting accommodations is not surprising; many of us want to leave behind the noise of the city from time to time and get closer to nature. Modern treehouses - which take the children’s tree platforms to a whole new level - provide this experience. We can retreat in a canopy-level house or a cabin with legs to watch the wildlife of the quiet forest, listen to the rustle of leaves or immerse ourselves in the view unfolding before us. Caption Hello Wood’s newest cabin, the Wauhaus, rises above the ground with the help of its long legs. After the futuristic WorkStation and the minimalist Kabinka, the Wauhaus makes new cabin dreams come true. T... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 26 janv. 2021

Treehouse concept drives the design for South Tyrol hotel extension

In Siusi, South Tyrol, Parc Hotel Florian has been expanded with ten new suites in a new stand-alone building. Designed by Noa* architects, the design brief was to connect the new build to the existing structure and preserve as the unique surrounding landscape, which includes ancient trees, an idyllic pond and outdoor pool. Alex Filz To leave as much of the existing land as possible untouched, the new building is elevated on a series of three-meter high supports, leaving the grounds below fully accessible. The intellectual concept of the building as treehouse thus began to take shape. Alex Filz At the end of a connecting walkway that forms the backbone of the new development, a two-storey structure contains the new suites, with... En savoir plus

Projet • By Pablo Luna StudioMaisons privées

Tree House

Treehouse is located in the town of Ubud, at the heart of the island of Bali. Surrounded by jungle to the sides and rice terraces in the front, this suite from the boutique hotel Stonehouse, stands five meters above the ground thanks to its 14 centimeter diameter and 8 meter long bamboo pillars.   Tree House’s ceiling is made from 3 centimeter wide x  2.5 centimeter thick x 4 meter long  bamboo splits, creating a gridshell that derives its strength from its double curvature. The overall shape shows the integration of architecture and environment, and the relationship between space and nature.   The interior floor is also made from bamboo splits that smoothly transitions into a wooden terrace. This moment in the... En savoir plus

Projet • By ArchitensionsPépinières

Children's Playspace

The New York City-based architectural and design studio Architensions has completed Children’s Playspace, an 875-square-foot innovative indoor playground located in Brooklyn, New York. The space hinges on a series of plywood structures that playfully abstract elements of nature, recalling movement through woodland forts, dappled light streaming through trees, and the glow of the sun reflecting off of snow.   The playground was commissioned by a Brooklyn-based wellness professional with expertise in yoga and childcare who desired an indoor environment for creative, collective play for a small group of children. Architensions looked to the natural world to create the framework for the space, as well as to influential precedents i... En savoir plus

Projet • By Runa WorkshopÉcoles primaires

One of The Kids

We believe in designing for all and designing for a cause. Located North of Austin, this special campus for children with Autism is a safe haven where kids are encouraged to grow through learning, creating, and playing. Inspired by the idea of intentional and playful wandering, our design aimed to celebrate unique ways that each individual child learns to wander through life. With a tight budget, we knew we had to get creative. We did so with great honor and care in order to bring this local family’s passion project to life.   Sensory well being was at the forefront of all design conversations, ensuring every element encouraged children to explore surroundings while not feeling overwhelmed. To achieve this, we utilized biophili... En savoir plus

Projet • By Abramson ArchitectsLogement

Cohen Residence

With an established Hollywood career and a busy family, Etan Cohen looked to create a space that served both as a creative home office and as a playful refuge for his wife and kids. Author of screenplays for Tropic Thunder, Madagascar, and Get Hard, Cohen’s comedic and approachable personality served as inspiration for the design team. Upon entry, one is greeted by an impressive three-story atrium, accented by steel-framed glass floors and topped with pitched roof ceilings. A living tree is stationed on the ground level, sprouting up through the multi-tier stairwell. The space is configured as a loft-like modern treehouse with an inverted floorplan, positioning the primary living spaces on the top floor for maximum light exposure.... En savoir plus

Projet • By CallisonRTKLBureaux

Appian Headquarters at Tysons Corner

En tant que leader mondial reconnu sur de multiples marchés technologiques d'entreprise, Appian avait besoin que son siège en Virginie du Nord reflète une approche nouvelle et collaborative du travail de bureau tout en reflétant sa force en tant que leader de l'industrie. Les équipes agiles d'Appian, composées de 6 à 8 personnes, travaillent en "sprints" de deux semaines pour résoudre des problèmes ou des tâches spécifiques, chacun participant à des réunions "debout" le matin. Toutes les deux semaines, les équipes se reconfigurent pour travailler sur de nouvelles solutions. Tout cela exige une flexibilité extrême dans l'aména... En savoir plus

Projet • By Gardner Architects LLCMaisons privées

Tree House Shed

Treehouse Shed is part of a masterplan that manages stormwater, creates habitat for indigenous species, and selectively embraces trees thereby preserving the quality of the community. Our strategy saved the existing building, preserve the site and the existing trees contributed to the preservation of the neighborhood history.   The Shed itself augments the existing building. Built without a garage, and without an amenity such as a walk-out basement, the house lacked the means for practical storage of maintenance equipment and other items.   The homeowner desired a freestanding shed that would accommodate equipment such as garden hoses, tools, a wheelbarrow, and bicycles. The zoning restrictions on the site were strict; combine... En savoir plus

Projet • By he und duÉcoles primaires


Originally the plan was to build a treehouse with the pupils. After disussions with the mayor of the village, he ment that something 'proper' should be built. The Mayor offered a plot behind the existing school. The whole scholars and some volunteers helped together, to build this external class. This building project had been part of the curriculum and was ment to be part of their personal future development.    Material Used: 1. Timber (from local forest) / Construction and walls, floor and ceiling En savoir plus

Projet • By Sneha Divias AtelierBars

La Petit Treehouse Cafe

The clients are a collective of young parents who have lived in Dubai since the 1980s, and who are proud to call this city their home. Passionate about spaces that engage, educate, and empower children, that spark creativity, trigger imagination and growth at the same time. Their mission is to create a destination for children and their parents that commences as a medium in order to be happier, more creative, more imaginative, better informed, more inspired, more aware, more balanced, and more amazed.   The task at hand required Sneha Divias Atelier to envision and create a space where children can gather and harness creativity while deriving inspiration from a sculptural tree house, in an environment that is conceptual and entices c... En savoir plus

Projet • By MATA ArchitectsMaisons privées

Collector's flat

Extensive refurbishment and interiors fit out of a central london flat in a mansion block originally constructed at the turn of the last century. The works included substantial structural modifications altering the flat's layout and introducing new services.   Questions and Answers What was the brief? The flat had been vacant for some time, with the last owner having lived there for almost 40 years, during which time no discernible works or modernization had occurred. The flat was in need of extensive works including new services (electrical & plumbing).   Our client, a couple with two teenage children (both at or starting university) were downsizing from a large house. They wanted to transform the existing 4 bed flat in... En savoir plus

Projet • By Inglis Badrashi Loddo (IBLA)Maisons privées

Ply-lined play room

This plywood-lined loft extension housing a child’s bedroom is conceived of as a ‘Treehouse’ - a perfect hideaway in which to rest and play, atop this north London family home. IBLA were asked to add a new bedroom and shower room in the roof, to accommodate the needs of a growing family. Childhood memories of hide-and-seek games in the attic, long sunny afternoons making dens in the trees, and secret spaces with views over treetops were imagined as part of the design process. Plywood lines the walls and ceilings in the loft - secret nailed into the substructure rather than screwed - giving a sense of playful ethereality and an informal character to the space. Combined with the seamless rubber floor, the pale poplar plywo... En savoir plus

Projet • By Villa VerteHôtels

Villa Verte, Hout Bay, Cape Town

Comme la Villa Maison Noir, la Villa Verte - ainsi appelée pour son cadre densément boisé - devait être une vitrine pour la conception de meubles, d'œuvres d'art et d'artisanat passionnants. Mais il fallait d'abord concevoir la structure, et pour y parvenir, le duo a fait appel au talentueux architecte local Thomas Leach.    Faisant écho à la structure "villageoise" de la Villa Maison Noir, avec ses cinq toits en crête qui symbolisent les cinq éléments, la Villa Verte combine harmonieusement les espaces privés et ouverts. Ce fil conducteur se poursuit avec force tout au long de la structure, les pièces privées en porte-à-faux dans les... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ayutt and Associates designMaisons privées

Shade House

Part I – Introduction: housing role and its individual ecosystem Living amidst the rapid growth of urban population and high rises in Bangkok, a critical question is raised: how can we adjust ourselves to live peacefully and privately in this speedily changed environment? In doing so, how can we avoid losing contact with the amenities that megacity provides us and accessibility to the greenspace? A Bangkok-based well known architectural firm, Ayutt and Associates design (AAd) proposes an alternative design solution to mitigate this urban-dwelling problematic issue by crafting a Shade House, a self-sustainable residence, implanted with an individual natural ecosystem that planned to become a part of a larger urban ecology and a soluti... En savoir plus

Projet • By Christoph Hesse ArchitectsTerrains de jeux

A House for my Niece

Every child dreams of a tree house where to read, where to play, where to hide and space to imagine.All those childhood fantasies are materialized in the project “A House for my Niece”. It is a small construction made out of concrete and wood realized in the family’s garden, where the children can retreat.The upper level is accessed over a ladder and through a small door. Thanks to the height and a window, the room opens up towards the natural surrounding landscape.  En savoir plus