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Projet • By Dietrich | UntertrifallerMaisons privées

House SCH Wolfurt

The single-story, barrier-free building forms a courtyard and embraces the old pear tree forming a private protected zone in this residential area. Visitors are welcomed into generous open living spaces with differentiated views. Bedrooms and bathrooms are separated and form a more private zone within the building. An office and wellness area completes the courtyard to the west; the attached garage shields it to the east. Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller Dietrich Untertrifaller   En savoir plus

Projet • By Cartelle DesignBars


COLLIDER is a coworking space, event-hall and bar located on the territory of the former silkworm factory of the 19th century in the center of Moscow. The seating area in the shade of artificial trees is the first thing that catches the eye upon entering the bar. This is the perfect place to reboot during your working day. You can chat with friends and colleagues or just smoke a hookah, stretching out in a relaxed position on the sofa. In this area, we used an interesting technique - parquet boards were installed in a self-leveling concrete floor. Caption Caption The space uses many round shapes - a reference to the idea of a collider - neon tube lights, circular decorative panels, gold brass tube lights. Server room is decorat... En savoir plus

Projet • By MEEKO ArchitectsMaisons privées

Single family house in Kobylany, PL

The house was designed on the southern slopes of the Upland near Krakow. This area is included in the area of ​​the Landscape Park. The context of charming and natural landscape values ​​has become the background for the project. The plot has a trapezoidal shape and a topography of very different heights. Access to the plot is located on the west side. The existing location conditions and investor's requirements influenced the design process and the functional and spatial composition of the house. Access to the house is provided by a closed yard with a maneuvering square, which is also a buffer between the road and the house. From this space you can directly get to the underground part of the building and through the field stairs... En savoir plus

Projet • By Equipo de ArquitecturaBureaux


Dreams + Necessity + Available resources = Project Solving the basic equation of materializing dreams through a bounded Budget, we initiated the construction process of our architectural office. The exercise begins with the experimental transformation process of materials, such as earth, Wood and glass, configuring them between two existing trees: a flame tree, that stays outside but framed, and a guavirá tree, that stands in the middle of the space to share our company.The 30-cm rammed earth walls hold the weight of the roof, resting in only 20 cm of its width, exploiting the structural qualities of this material. All of the furniture and doors are made of recycled wooden forms used in the concrete slab that covers the offic... En savoir plus

Projet • By BoysPlayNiceLogement

Two Houses, Deers and Trees

The rising interest in countryside houses is mostly linked to the attempt to balance the rushed city life and also to a desire for something authentic and traditional. But paradoxically this desired character of vernacular architecture is often removed by an overly precise reconstruction and standardized building solutions. Generally it is a challenge how to provide the current level of comfort and at the same time to preserve the original feel of the building. Furthermore, what if the former house must be almost all replaced due to its bad technical condition - does it make sense to repeat it and in what extent? At the end it's not so relevant to distinguish the old and new, the essential is the resulting mood of the whole... In this p... En savoir plus

Projet • By Ghezzi NovakMaisons privées

Kitchen bungalow in Lima

The project began with the subdivision of a 1600m2 plot of land in Miraflores district, Lima, Peru. Once so divided, the construction proceeded over one of the halves of the subdivision, comprising 800m2, which had a large garden with trees, a swimming pool with a terrace and a wooden-structured bungalowwith a living room, bedroom and bathroom. However, this halve required a new street’s mainentrance with parking accessibility and an intercom, as well as to rebuild a kitchen/laundry-room,in order to be made once again habitable. The new kitchen was placed where an old open-roof storing-room used to be; the existing walls and the tree inside worked as basic, pivotal elements guiding the proposal for a new kitchen. The project thus became... En savoir plus

Produit • By 21st LivingartWintertree _ Bookshelf

Wintertree _ Bookshelf

Lacquered tree-shaped bookshelfThis stylized form of the tree holds objects, books and memories in an original shape that is not limited by its surroundings and is equally at home in both usual and unusual contexts. Wintertree is a sculpture with a function. En savoir plus

Projet • By Metcalfe Architecture & DesignParcs

Morris Arboretum, Out on a Limb

Metcalfe worked with Morris Arboretum to craft a unique treetop experience - a place to learn from nature. The exhibit extends along 450 feet of elevated pathways within the arboretum’s forest. Our design balances perceived danger, actual safety, beautiful materials, and real trees. A visitor favorite is the “Squirrel Scramble,” an open-net climb suspended 50 feet above the ground where visitors can play and lounge in the forest canopy. “[Out on a Limb] makes you see the world in a new way... [Metcalfe applies] time-honored architectural tricks to enhance nature’s drama—opening up a wide vista here, compressing the focus over there, while frequently testing our fear of heights. The result is a space that exerts an irresistible allure, t... En savoir plus