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Projet • By RT StudioMaisons privées

Bathroom Renovation

The project consisted on renovation a small guest bathroom. The space was minimal so we had to use a lot of architectural elements and materials that will produce a felling of a bigger space. In that order we used big size ceramic tiles in the walls and floors, a mirror in front of the entrance and a transparent sliding door in the shower. The client was interested on use green features, so we used water saving plumbing fixtures, like dual-flush toilet. En savoir plus

Projet • By Badkamer & tegels magazineMaisons privées


A bathroom with an interior space of 260 x 289cm with a sloping ceiling and two smaller windows that provide a remarkable light and with it a very spacious feeling. The dark tiles runs at multiple sites until the middle of the wall by the exception of the high-wall, which is entirely covered with a light tile. A cosy and comfortable bathroom with all necessary amenities. The countertop is a onsite built construction which is then tiled with the same dark tiles that were used on the walls and floor. The sink is 120cm wide. The cranes are Italian design and, like all the used fittings in the bathroom, including the control panels for the toilets, finished in Brushed Nickel. A bath with a special design because of its side by side layout... En savoir plus

Produit • By Mary Dekker InterieursStock4Rolls®


Stock4Rolls® is an innovative built-in dispenser for your reserve toiletrolls. The dispenser can be built into any unused hollow space in the toilet or bathroom. Mary Dekker, designer, specialized in luxury and exclusive bathrooms, uses Stock4Rolls® in almost all her designs. The enthousiast reactions of her clients have encouraged her to patent and produce Stock4Rolls®. Starting Februari 2010 Stock4Rolls can be bought at the better retailers in the sanitary branch and at the webshop. The usual applications for the storage of spare toilet rolls, e.g. a separate stick on a stand or a wall-mounted holder, are functional but do not contribute to a design finish of the toilet or the bathroom. Dirt and dust have free ac... En savoir plus