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Projet • By Coburg University - Faculty DesignLogement des étudiants

Circular Tiny House CTH*1

Circular Tiny House - CTH*1 - Straw.Clay.Timber.Light How to build sustainable? A very current question - that moves a lot of people, as well Master students of the course „DESIGN and MAKE sustainably“ guided by Prof. Dr. Rainer Hirth at Coburg University of Applied Sciences and Arts. The project started with a number of seminars about problems coming from the building sector. According to an UN report from 2020 [1], the construction sector is responsible for 38 % of all CO2 emissions globally; for an immense and constantly growing consumption of resources and, for example, in Germany for around 55 % of all waste[2]. The constantly increasing demand for living space per capita - the average is currently 48 qm in German... En savoir plus

Projet • By BergmeyerMagasins


Do we like to partner with socially conscientious brands that are raising the bar in the retail industry? Yes, we do. Everlane, known for exceptional quality, ethical factories, and radical transparency, has begun to selectively open more brick-and-mortar locations. When invited to work with their team on several new retail stores, our response was, “when do we begin?” Caption Initially brought on as Architect of Record, we also collaborated with Everlane on design decisions, executing their brand identity and aesthetic at new locations in Seattle and Georgetown. While there is recognizable brand consistency at every store, aspects of each location are also woven into the experiences. Both stores, for instance, were uniqu... En savoir plus

Projet • By WY-TO GroupPatrimoine

Good Food, Good Life

“Good Food, Good Life”, the first Southeast Asia Winner of the international C40 Reinventing Cities, by global climate leadership group, C40 Cities, is our masterplan to repurpose Singapore’s heritage fire station. It is envisioned to be a community node that reconnects Human to Human relationships, as well as with Nature through Virtuous Food cycle. Guiding this is the reignition of the fundamental essence that has united Singapore’s multi-ethnicity during her founding years: Kampung Spirit (“Village” in Malay), which has defined a distinctive way of life that taps into the altruistic side of humanity - Good things are shared, and burdens are carried. This then laid the foundation of Singapore’s ur... En savoir plus

Projet • By A.J ArchitectsAppartements

Aura, Bangalore

Bangalore’s central areas are faced nowadays with fast and somewhat chaotic densification. While we believe that density can, and many times must be seen as a form of sustainability, we also admit that the relationship between habitation within an old urban fabric and the increase of its density is often a fragile one, as places might lose their character. Our project seeks an appropriate answer to this problem by mediating between different sizes and densities in a central neighbourhood of V.V Puram with small streets, long, narrow plots, and a puzzle of old and new buildings of all types and scales. A.J Architects The volumetric proposal seeks to partially open the building to the street, in the depth of the plot. Because of t... En savoir plus

Projet • By Koichi Takada ArchitectsAppartements

Norfolk Burleigh Heads

Drawing inspiration from local Norfolk pines, the latest mixed-use residential project by Koichi Takada Architects is a sculptural and sympathetic addition to its coastal location in Burleigh Heads (Queensland, Australia). The organic, overlapping architectural curves and linear screening form the basis for this responsive building with passive design principles at play.  Scott Burrows   Designed to appreciate the 1,012 square-meter beachfront site on Goodwin Terrace at the southern end of Burleigh Heads Beach, the north facing 10-storey structure provides 15 unique apartments, two dual level penthouses with private rooftop pools, and impressive ground floor wellbeing amenities for residents to enjoy the prime location year... En savoir plus

Projet • By A.J ArchitectsLogement des étudiants

Blend with Nature -Hostel

Bangalore being an educational hub, the organization “JITO”, Bangalore envisaged a modern approach hostel, for the girl students, in heart of city, with all necessary amenities, security and safety measures to provide comfortable living at affordable price. The hostel was proposed as a linear solid built mass as the hostel is located in densely populated, Central business district of Bangalore. The design team visualised to create a socially active and environmentally sustainable space. The design team planned for timeless, eco-friendly and sustainable architecture with brutalist style. Caption The key factor in the design process was to enhance student interaction, within the indoor spaces that percolates outward and inte... En savoir plus

Projet • By ANA DESIGN STUDIO PVT LTDUniversités

Kashmir University Career Planning, Main Campus

Design ObjectiveTo create a campus for learning and interaction between students and faculty, in line with the best practices globally, and, to create a template for highly energy efficient building construction, Design for flexibility of space usage and adpatbiltiy for future growth. Suryan//Dang Design FeaturesBuilding designed for formal and informal coaching, mentoring and training to civil service aspirants. Building designed around an all weather atrium space.  Informal interaction and activity planned around the atrium, the first building on campus to have a student centric all weather space. Suryan//Dang Passive Heating & LightingAtrium used as a passive heating device for the building.Windows designed strateg... En savoir plus

Projet • By ANA DESIGN STUDIO PVT LTDUniversités

Kashmir University Zakura Campus

Design ObjectiveTo create a campus for learning and interaction between students and faculty, in line with the best practices globally, and, to create a template for highly energy efficient building construction, Design for flexibility of space usage and adpatbiltiy for future growth. What really won for us was the non-cookie cutter approach to the design of different campuses. Each location had a different climate, a different traditional visual language of architecture. Suryan//Dang Because of our initial experience of research in the northern hilly regions in Kashmir and Leh, we also had a first hand experience of how that particular place wanted. So, we created the designs of these institutes with an architectural language rooted... En savoir plus


ITC Welcome Hotel

The planning follows the existing contours of the hill. There was very little cut/ fill carried out, and the road gradients were also created by mapping the contours of the existing hill terraces. ITC Hotel Group The building is laid out to receive maximum south facing sun, and all guest room windows are designed at very specific angles, to receive sunlight from early morning to sunset time. The windows also allow local ventilation of each room, so comfort conditions inside the rooms can be maintained with very little electro-mechanical energy. ITC Hotel Group Building planning has been done to have protected entrances and exit points, so there is minimum loss of conditioned air from either guest areas or service areas. Low mai... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 3 juin 2021

Innovative development with community and sustainability at its core comes to Mexico’s Riviera Maya

This development of 8 family homes with community and sustainability at its core is part of an evolving masterplan for Tulum on Mexico’s Caribbean coast. The project by Holland Harvey Architects sets a new standard for environmentally conscious design on the Riviera Maya. Studio Archetype The footprint of the development is minimized with 60% of the site retained as permeable landscaping or natural jungle floor. The ground floor comprises singular stacked stone walls that support the upper levels. Made primarily of local limestone, the stacked stone walls include construction waste material from other developments in the area. Studio Archetype Traditional boundaries between inside and outside are reworked. The ground floor... En savoir plus

Projet • By MBA - Matteo Belfiore ArchitectureBureaux


Cybernet Systems Co. Ltd. is one of the world-leading companies in manufacturing support using CAE (Computer-Aided Engineering). The company headquarter is located in Fuji Soft Akihabara Building in Tokyo. Inspired by the traditional Japanese architecture’s flexibility, the new Cybernet office is a modern space designed to promote employees’ wellbeing, encourage dialogue, and improve productivity. A simple and minimal design approach – paired with great attention to the details – has been adopted in this project. Thanks to the open-plan and transparent partitions, the office is bright and sunny for most of the daytime, minimizing the need for artificial lighting. This project aimed to create a bright and innovative o... En savoir plus

Projet • By IMK ArchitectsBureaux

Auric Hall

The Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC) is one of India's most ambitious infrastructure programs. Its goal is to develop new industrial cities as 'Smart Cities' and converge next-generation technologies across the infrastructure sector. Aurangabad Industrial City (AURIC) is one of the Greenfield & Smart industrial cities, being developed as part of DMIC.  Auric Hall is the landmark District Administrative Building within the Central Business District of the industrial city. It has been planned as the face of the upcoming development in the area, complementing the vision of AURIC. The building is both the monitoring and the administrative nerve center for the smart city, housing the main command control room to manage all the c... En savoir plus

NouvellesNouvelles • 9 mars 2021

A unique succession of interior and exterior rooms unfolds at the Arts Centre nOna in Mechelen

Embedded in medieval urban fabric, the new extension to the Arts centre nOna in Mechelen is a succession of interior and exterior rooms, each with a unique materiality and atmosphere. Sergio Pirrone Responding to a patchwork of garden walls, sheds and medieval alleyways, three patios conceived as urban ‘rooms’ have been created by dmvA Architecten around a new theatre hall and a forum, which offers experience similar to that of a covered market hall. Sergio Pirrone The first patio is situated between the alleyway and the front desk, connecting the main street to the inner area. The large patio is an extension of the forum and the long patio gives access to the artists’ foyer at the back. Wide openings blur the... En savoir plus

Projet • By Design for Human Nature GmbH (feldmann+schultchen)Supermarchés

tegut... teo

Fully automated mini supermarket tegut... teo with modular design and wooden construction complements the store network in hyperlocal format Fifty square metres – that is the size of the unmanned mini supermarkt tegut... teo designed by the Hamburg-based studio design for human nature for the grocery chain tegut.... The digitalised self-service local shop is the physical answer to online shopping. Grocery stores are the shops that many people visit most of all. With tegut... teo, the daily shopping experience is once again being brought closer to people. The fully automated mini supermarket enables people in urban quarters and smaller communities to shop easily and conveniently in the immediate vicinity. It is set to appear in p... En savoir plus

Produit • By GreenCoat by SSABRoofing


Roofs have to deal with Mother Nature´s every mood. Therefore, the material you choose for a roofing product must be able to stand strong against the toughest requirements, look great day after day and offer benefits that can give you cost-savings. GreenCoat® products for roofing are characterized by their high quality offering excellent formability, high scratch resistance and long lasting appearance. GreenCoat® products are UV-resistant (up to RUV4), energy efficient, scratch resistant, have good formability and offer color stability over the years. En savoir plus