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NouvellesNouvelles • 25 nov. 2020

Natalie Dionne Architecture blends wooden house into its rugged natural surroundings

Known for their contextual approach, Natalie Dionne Architecture carefully inserted an elongated wooden house in between rock formations. Roughly 100 kilometers southeast of Montreal, Forest House is the result of a client’s wish to reconnect with nature. Raphaël Thibodeau To achieve a minimal footprint the structure is elevated from ground and placed parallel to a ridge. The chosen materials reflect Natalie Dionne’s desire to promote ecological use of renewable materials. Raphaël Thibodeau Wood is abundantly present throughout the 215 square meters home. The facades are clad with eastern white cedar pretreated to accelerate the greying process. This was done to blend the building into the rocky landscape a... En savoir plus

Projet • By Surfacing SolutionCentres de bien-être

NE Wellness

Designed by Studio Vice, NE Wellness in Minneapolis, MN incorporated solid wood tambor panels by Surfacing Solution in all aspects of its design.  A tambour reception desk is flanked by tambour full wall treatments and accent walls. Arched tambour panels frame in wall openings and doorways.  Living Green walls and other plants are complimented by the light natural tones of maple tambour panels.  En savoir plus

Produit • By Surfacing SolutionSolid Wood Tambour

Solid Wood Tambour

Solid Wood Tambour is a flexible grooved decorative surfacing material. The grooving is visually attractive and allows for the panels to have flexibility for ease in designing curves and angles, inwards and outwards. Available in 30 unique standard profiles. Custom Profiles are welcome. Wood Species include: Poplar, Red Oak, Maple, Ash, Red Grandis, Cherry, White Oak, and Walnut.  Common applications include full and accent walls, wall to ceiling transitions, bar fronts, column wraps, reception and boardroom desks, etc. En savoir plus



Artistic wall globe made with wood and  various engraved art metals En savoir plus