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Projet • By Marc Thorpe DesignLogement

Edifice Upstate

Edifice Upstate is a Design & Build agency in the West Catskills focused on the design and development of affordable ecologically sustainable homes. Founded by New York based award winning Architecture and Design studio Marc Thorpe Design in partnership with local builders and sustainable technology companies. The intention behind EU is to provide a turn key solution in owning an affordable contemporary home with integrated sustainable technology. We believe that we need to take responsibility for our energy consumption by taking control of our own power. Tomorrow will be less so we focus on quality not quantity. Our goal is to build a future systemically integrated with nature for ourselves, our children and future generations. Capt... En savoir plus

Produit • By Tejas BorjaSOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic roof tile

SOLAR FLAT-5XL ceramic roof tile

SOLAR Flat-5XL ceramic roof tiles are the only large ceramic tiles with an integrated solar energy system. They are ideal for providing a reliable supply of solar energy. Thanks to the integration of the solar panel into the tile, the tiles provide all the benefits of a roof made from ceramic tiles in terms of watertightness, without any risk of deterioration or oxidation.The perfect integration is completed with the FLAT-5XL ceramic roof tiles andtheir clay accessories in the installation of the roof or facade. En savoir plus

Projet • By Openbox ArchitectsCentrales électriques


After many success OPENBOX design interventions for large scale projects, B Grimm Power send us a brief to help creating an awareness of the importance of sustainable energy to the public. The brief was to create an iconic piece of landmark at their Headquarters Office, that can send a strong message.   OPENBOX design team studied the headquarters layout and proposed to create two multi-function objects at the office parking areas, at the most visible location from the main road. We will create a parking roof, complete with solar panels in the form of a stunning sculpture.   B.Grimm Power is the leading professional firm in solar energy, the company's headquarters emphasis is using the solar panel and solar farm. The design is... En savoir plus

Produit • By ElemexSolstex - Solar Facade System

Solstex - Solar Facade System

The Solstex Facade System by Elemex is made from high-efficiency photovoltaic panels that are engineered to be weather-resistant and lightweight. Each large-format, code-compliant panel generates up to 16.9 W/sq.ft., reducing your building’s dependence on fossil fuels, earning LEED credits, and generating savings that cover installation costs within 10-12 years. Designed to seamlessly integrate with other Elemex products, Solstex provides an unlimited range of design possibilities. En savoir plus

Produit • By MechoMecho/5x


Mecho’s newest manual window shade solution, the Mecho/5x, is the latest innovation on the clutch that started an industry. The Mecho/5x "super-powers" our industry-leading Mecho/5 clutch enabling you to lift larger, longer, and heavier shades with less effort. With the Mecho/5x, you can now control exponentially larger shades with less effort providing a better experience for building occupants. A greater angle of chain pull allows for greater versatility when there are furnishings or other obstructions in front of a window. En savoir plus

Produit • By Lubi Solar50 KWp Solar On Grid Rooftop System at St. Thomas Senior Secondary School

50 KWp Solar On Grid Rooftop System at St. Thomas Senior Secondary School

Lubi Solar Successfully Completed & Installed 50 KWp Solar On Grid Rooftop System at St. Thomas Senior Secondary School including Engineering, Procurement, Commissioning.Location : Bhilai, ChhattisgarhSolar Panel : Lubi 315Wp Solar PanelsProjects Executed by: CREDA(Chhattisgarh State Renewable Energy Development Agency). En savoir plus

Projet • By Hyperlocal WorkshopBars

Sol Coffee

Built on the frame of a 1979 Toyota Dolphin Camper Sol Coffee is a mobile espresso bar that can operate autonomously. Utilizing a hybrid espresso machine and 1.4kW solar array the truck provides a clean and quite environment for coffee patrons to enjoy a cup in almost any location.The massing evokes the Rocky Mountains where the truck is located and provides significant angled roof area for the solar array. The skin is composed of polycarbonate panels which are both light weight and illuminate from the interior or exterior to add depth to the volume. The rear opens to allow a congregation of guests and by lowering the main floor patrons are near eye level with the barista to foster a more intimate human interaction. A shelf adjacent to... En savoir plus
Auckland University Atrium
Auckland University Atrium

Projet • By Kaynemaile LtdUniversités

University of Auckland Atrium

Installed to the atrium of a busy inner-city campus Kaynemaile Armour connects two buildings and transforms a previously underused space into a beautiful vibrant meeting area. Spanning three floors and installed as single screens of mesh Kaynemaile Armour gives protection from wind, rain and sun.Spanning three floors gives protection from the wind, rain and sun, creating a beautiful, breathable space in a previously under-used area. En savoir plus

Produit • By RENSONFixscreen


Vous voulez bien sûr un maximum de lumière naturelle à l’intérieur. Grâce aux grandes baies vitrées avec un châssis minimaliste, c’est aujourd’hui parfaitement possible. Mais que faire si les températures intérieures deviennent insupportables en été ? Les stores sont alors la solution la plus efficace pour arrêter les rayons du soleil avant qu’ils n’atteignent le vitrage. Et bonne nouvelle, le tout nouveau Fixscreen Minimal vous permet de ne pas avoir à sacrifier le look moderne et minimaliste de votre maison. Avec des coulisses d’à peine 2 cm de large et un caisson encore plus fin, vous le remarquez à... En savoir plus

Projet • By MYD studioRural

Energy Lab | Solar Structure

The original program was to create a solar structure to house an 8-panel photovoltaic array. Taking aesthetic cues from the agricultural nature of the site, the design consists of open wood-framing, meeting at an asymetrical gable, at an angle located for optimal solar exposure. MYD also proposed the incorporation of a modular green roof system, as an additional feature and educational resource for the intended use of the space as an outdoor classroom and exhibition area for sustainable events and programs. Upon contacting regional vendors, contractors and construction professionals, we discovered a shared, enthusiastic desire to participate in this community-oriented project. The Energy Lab was made possible by donations of services fr... En savoir plus

Projet • By Strindberg Arkitekter ABCentrales électriques

Boiler building II

A simple box rises up from the ground, angled to face the sun. This second Boiler is a development of ideas that came up working with the first one in 2008. Continued use of mesh fence, this time as the outer layers of the facade. Getting closer you feel the textile character underlined by the buttons keeping the distance from the basic facade. All technologies have been compressed and moved indoors.
The roof of solar cells is responsible for all the energy necessary to run the plant, except for pellets and ever "padding" with oil. En savoir plus

Projet • By Elemental ArchitectureBureaux

Department of Environmental Conservation Regional Headquarters

This new 30,000 sf, $9.5 million high-performance office building will provide an expanded regional administrative center for the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC). The building is the DEC’s first project designed under New York State’s Executive Order 111 and is projected to achieve a LEED “Gold” rating. The building makes extensive use of day lighting, direct solar gain and air stratification with automated shading integrated with lighting controls. Long span steel trusses allow for an expansive open workspace, flooding the main space with natural light. In addition, the new building is also DEC’s first building to implement its new storm-water design regulations for New York State. The site design takes advan... En savoir plus